Are you feeling stuck with your business and not even sure what's causing it? Check out Michelle's post on how to get unstuck.

3 Steps on How to Get Unstuck

Feb 8, 2021

Have you ever felt stuck? Feeling stuck is a horrible feeling! You feel trapped and you just don’t know what you should do to get out of it. I’ve felt this way too. Following my three steps on how to get unstuck can be a game changer! Keep reading to find out the three steps and how they can work for you.



How to Get Unstuck 


Find out the three steps to help you get unstuck in your business.


Step 1: Stop telling yourself you are stuck. 

The more you think you are stuck, the more true it’ll seem to you. You don’t have to choose to believe the thought of feeling stuck. You get to decide what is true for you and what isn’t. 

I start to feel stuck when I overthink things and second guess myself. When I don’t focus on how I am stuck, the easier it is for me to move forward and see the next right step. 

It’s hard enough to run a business, so you don’t need a dark cloud of stuck to hover over you the whole time. 

Not to mention running a business and raising kids at the same time. I must say, it’s quite the balancing act. It’s a constant battle between wondering if you spend enough time with your business and with your kids. 

It’s totally OK to have that question. Although it’s stressful, it’s good to be aware of it. I for one like to be aware of that feeling because it leads me to where I want to go. Even though it’s stressful to think about, I want to make sure I am spending enough time with my family and with my business.

Also, I want to point out that it is OK to have that awareness between the balance of your mom hat and boss hat, but it’s not OK when that same awareness is the cause for you to feel guilty or stuck.  (Check out my blog post here about how to balance these two roles.) 

Start believing you are exactly where you are supposed to be and that stressful feeling of stuck will slowly fade away. 

Setbacks are all part of the business process. It’s normal to feel stuck when running a business. I hope you know you’re not doing anything wrong. Remember, it’s all part of the process. Just continue to move forward the best way you can.


Follow these three steps to help you get out of the rut and move forward in your business.


Step 2: Find the sticking point. 

There is actually something causing you to feel stuck. It’s up to you to find that thing, so you can become unstuck. 

What I have to do to find my sticking point is write down all the things I have to do. As soon as I get it out of my head and onto paper I can see my next steps and think through all of them more clearly. 

Doing this huge brain dump allows me to objectively look at the things that are stressing me out and then identify what is keeping me from moving forward.  

Listen to my full episode to find out the one thing that I didn’t want to do and how I got myself to do it. 


Step 3: Take action. 


Learn how to take action and make the most of it.


Action brings clarity. Even wrong action brings clarity. Several years ago I created a Senior Prop Shop where seniors could rent props for their pictures. Want to know how many sales I made? 


Even though this business idea went up in flames, I gained clarity really quickly. Because I acted on this idea, I learned right away that this was not a success, but it led me to my business that is successful. 

Too many times we have an idea and then sit and stew on it for months. If we were to act on it, we would know very soon if that idea will work out or not. 

Building a successful business is all about taking action, learning from it, forming relationships, and creating what you want. 

Once you take massive action, you start snowballing in that direction. You start knocking things off your list left and right. You start to move forward using the momentum you’re gaining with each action you took just before. 


Learn how to move forward in your business and get out of that rut you've been stuck in.


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