4 Reasons to Choose Flodesk Over Mailchimp

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Mailchimp, Flodesk, Convertkit, Mailerlite, and Constant Contact are just some of the email marketing platforms that are available to anyone starting a business. It can be overwhelming starting a business and making all of these big decisions, but don’t stress out. You can totally do this, and I can help you.  Choosing an email platform can be easier than you think, and it’s going to be great!  So let’s take a big breath, and discuss the 4 reasons to choose Flodesk over Mailchimp (two huge players in the email marketing game). 

When most people think of email marketing, they probably think of Mailchimp. Mailchimp has been around for a long time, and it does do some things really well.  Mailchimp is a robust system, and even though it offers so much, it can be difficult for novice email marketers. On the other hand, Flodesk is a newer platform that was created to be more user-friendly and design-focused. Personally, I think Flodesk is the best choice on the market for most online business creators.

In my opinion, the four reasons to choose Flodesk over Mailchimp are because it is user-friendly, has the tools for easy, beautiful email creation, has great customer service, and this is all provided for a great, flat-rate price that’s even cheaper when you use my code (yay!).  

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 Reason #1 to Choose Flodesk Over Mailchimp:

Flodesk is More User-Friendly than Mailchimp

Hands down, the best feature of Flodesk is its ease of use. According to Flodesk’s own website, they are the most “intuitive email builder” on the market, and I truly do believe that. Flodesk, unlike Mailchimp, is seriously user-friendly. They offer an incredible drag and drop feature that just makes sense. Mailchimp has its own learning curve with language that is all it’s own (and difficult to learn).  Flodesk was created so that beginning email marketers could have a tool that didn’t require extensive background knowledge. 

People that prefer Mailchimp to Flodesk are usually more knowledgeable with CSS and other coding languages, which make Mailchimp more accessible for them. So if you don’t code, I highly recommend Flodesk. 

Another user-friendly feature that I want to highlight is the easy-to-understand analytics that Flodesk offers. Although Mailchimp does offer analytics as well, Flodesk’s is simpler and easier to understand.   

Flodesk also has easy to use workflow set-ups and automations. Who doesn’t want to make money while they sleep? Although Mailchimp may offer similar features to their paying customers, Flodesk is known to be an easier learning curve for most users. Flodesk was designed for simplicity and ease of use, yet it still has everything you need to grow your email list and following. 

Reason #2 to Choose Flodesk Over Mailchimp:

You Can Create Beautiful Emails on Flodesk Easily

Emails are a way to connect with your followers more frequently, and ultimately, help you build your following and find those who need your services. It is important that your emails are beautiful to look at and also are branded. You want your customers to recognize it’s from you instantly! This is what Flodesk is good at.

Flodesk’s motto is to “design emails that people love to open,” and it’s true. Their email templates are stylish and modern. They have plenty of quality templates that make creating emails easy to do in minutes, which is valuable for busy people like business owners!  Their templates allow for their customers to stay on brand and stress-less about having emails that will look professional on both desktop and mobile. 

Although Mailchimp also offers templates, they are not as easily customizable nor are they as modern. If you want to create good-looking emails with easy to use, modern templates, then Flodesk is definitely the choice for you. 

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Reason #3 to Choose Flodesk Over Mailchimp:

 Flodesk Has a Responsive Support Team

Another big reason to choose Flodesk over Mailchimp is that Flodesk has a great support team. They are a relatively new company, and they are very interested in customer experience and suggestions. Flodesk even offers “Flodesk University” with several free video tutorials.  The Flodesk community can also interact with Flodesk’s Insider Facebook page to get help from the community and customer service representatives.  

Also, as a BONUS REASON to switch to Flodesk–I have several blogs that will walk you through how to work and operate Flodesk. It is pretty easy already, but my tutorials will make it even easier! Click here for instructions on how to set-up your first welcome email with Flodesk. 

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 Reason #4 to Choose Flodesk Over Mailchimp:

Flodesk Can Be More Affordable than MailChimp

Mailchimp lures users in with their free to use platform, but that free tier comes with stipulations. After only 2,000 subscribers, Mailchimp will start to charge you a fee based on how many subscribers you have. You can look up their pricing on their website, but it can add up quickly.  Unlike Mailchimp (or most marketing platforms for that matter),  Flodesk offers a fixed rate of $38, and with my affiliate code, you can be locked in for only $19/mo. For everything that Flodesk offers, this is seriously a great deal.  

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If you know me, then you know email marketing is one of my love languages. I strongly believe it’s an incredible tool for growing and marketing your business. I’ve said it many times, email marketing allows you to reach your customers and subscribers anytime–day or night–without depending on any social media platform. And friends, that is powerful. So, if you haven’t already, go over to Flodesk and check it out.  Flodesk was created with ease of use, design, and functionality in mind.  Now that you’ve got an idea of what to use for your email marketing and hopefully signed up for Flodesk, it’s time to start learning to effectively use Flodesk to grow your business (and start making money). If you need additional help, you can start here with my post on Email Marketing 101 or join me on my podcast for more tips to growing your business! 

4 Reasons to Choose Flodesk Over Mailchimp

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