4 Steps to Accomplishing Any Goal

I can give you a lot of tools about running a business, but unless you believe that they’re going to help, or that you can do it, then we’re sunk before we start. Mindset Coach Ceri Payne shares 4 steps to accomplishing any goal in all roles of your life–from motherhood to running a business and everything in between. 



Ceri Payne works with women who have ADHD, run a business, or sometimes both. No matter the area of life you want to improve, Ceri has the secrets to shifting your mindset to where it needs to be in order to accomplish your goals and become who you want to be. 

I especially love Ceri’s 4 steps to accomplishing any goal because–as you know–I am all about building a business built to last. These 4 steps help you create a mindset ready to take on that notion and to believe in yourself no matter the bumps you have along the way. 


4 Steps to Accomplishing Any Goal 

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Step 1: Creating a Positive Mindset

Creating and maintaining a positive mindset is key to having a business built to last. If you don’t believe in yourself, who else will? When we believe in ourselves and in the work we produce, our actions are a lot different. 

For example, someone who doesn’t believe in themselves may spend a lot of time “buffering” watching Netflix or stalling to send that email, etc. On the other hand, someone who believes in themselves keeps taking the next small step that is leading them to their overall goal(s). 

One thing to remember is to not judge yourself for dreaming big. Don’t let all the reasons you shouldn’t do something overpower the ONE reason why you should. If you feel good about it, especially if you feel called to do it, follow that dream and work for it. All things will work out for your good. 


Step 2: Identify Your Priorities

Identifying your priorities will help you stay focused. Ceri teaches that not only knowing what you want but WHY you want it will be the driving force behind your efforts. Reflect on the reason(s) behind your goals and if they align with the goals in the other areas of your life. 

What I mean by this is making sure your business goals align with your motherhood goals (or any other role you have). You want the goals in each role you have to complement each other, rather than conflict with each other. If this feels overwhelming, remember, just start with one thing and slowly add on more as you feel ready. 

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Step 3: Focus on Your Strengths

If you’re starting a business, lead with your strengths! Focus on what you’re already good at and keep going. If you aren’t sure what your strengths are, ask yourself things like:

  • What do people compliment me on?
  • What can I do for long periods of time without it feeling like work?
  • What do I enjoy doing? 

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you identify your strengths and become confident in what you’re capable of doing. Remember, don’t try to look and be like someone else! Just keep trying to be like yourself and really own who you are! 


Step 4: Don’t be Afraid 

Don’t be afraid to get help or even hire help in order to run your business. As a parent, most of the time it seems easy to invest in your kids. You sign them up for sports, music lessons, etc. But what if you spent the same kind of money and effort investing in yourself? Imagine how that would make you feel! 

If you know you are holding back from really going all in on your business (when you want to) ask yourself what you are afraid of. Knowing the answer to this will help you know what’s hindering you and you’ll be able to start that mindset shift that is so important to have when creating a business built to last. 

I hope you found some clarity with these 4 steps to accomplishing any goal! Are you ready to take on your business goals now? Just remember, even if your goals seem big, just focus on the next step and what you feel ready to do right now. You can check out Ceri’s website here. Give me a follow @iammichellegifford on Instagram and if you want some more guidance and support on this whole business thing, join Money Makers!

4 Steps to Accomplishing Any Goal

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