tips and tricks to having a healthy boss mindset.

4 Tips to Help Think of Yourself as a Boss

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4 Tips to Help Think of Yourself as a Boss

Would you describe yourself as a boss babe? Personally, I don’t mind being called a boss babe because it’s true! However, I think of myself as a boss. That’s it. No other words are attached to it. And that’s what you are too. In this post, I’ll share why this is so important for you to have this mindset and 4 tips to help think of yourself as a boss. 



I recently had an experience that inspired me to share my thoughts on the whole “boss babe” phrase. I was asked to be a virtual guest on the Utah morning show, Studio 5 KSL with Brooke Walker as the host. 

In my interview, I shared some tips on how to work from home with kids around. At the end of the TV interview, Brooke called me a boss babe. When she did this I just giggled to myself and thought how that was funny timing. 

Just a few days before I created a reel saying how we are not boss babes, lady bosses, etc. We are a boss. So, in between me being interviewed by Brooke for that TV segment and it being aired, I posted that reel. 

Brooke thought I posted in response to her calling me a boss babe but I assured her that was not my intention. I went on to say how I don’t mind her calling me a boss babe and she can honestly call me whatever she wants, haha. 

The thing is, I don’t care if other people call me a boss babe or a mom boss, but for myself, I think of myself as a boss. Having this mindset is what helps us show up the way we want to for our growing businesses.


tips and tricks to having a boss mindset.


4 Tips to Help Think of Yourself as a Boss

This whole boss babe thing is such a big deal to me because I want to make sure I’m talking to myself in a way that empowers me. It really comes down to how you are looking at yourself and the words you use to describe yourself and your business. 

I know you have big and beautiful dreams. And I know when you’re sitting on the other side of the dream, it feels like it can’t happen. And you feel like you have to apologize for the big dream that you’re dreaming. Do you feel this way? I’ve been there! 

I have audacious crazy dreams and saying them out loud makes me nervous. It may seem easier to diminish our current business rather than telling people exactly where we want to be and how big we want our business to grow. 

But we are done with that! And here are the 4 tips to help think of yourself as a boss which will help you become the person you need to be to turn your business into what you’ve dreamed of. You can get there. And I will always be the first one to tell you that you can do this. I know it! But what really matters is if YOU know it. 


you are a boss, not just a boss babe.


Boss Mindset Tip #1: Receive the message that you are a boss.

The first tip revolves around mindset work. You must believe you are a boss and see how amazing you are and the business you’ve created. So, I created a mantra for you. You can record yourself saying it and listen to it every morning if you have to. Do whatever you need to do to receive the message that you are a boss. 

Mantra: “You are a boss. What you’re doing matters. Your business is important. It is special. It is helping and serving and changing the world. And you are a boss.”


Boss Mindset Tip #2: Change your language.

What’s your typical response when someone asks what you do? Does it start with “I just…” First of all, take “just” out of the sentence altogether. Boldly respond with what you do and give off that positive energy that you feel when thinking about your work. Because you have created something amazing! There needs to be no shyness or shame heard when explaining that to people. 

Also, stop apologizing for your business. It’s like what I mentioned earlier. Sometimes it’s easier to apologize for what your business is today or who you are as a boss today than to own your future goals and state them to the world. But I promise you once you take that scary step, it’s so much more fun and exciting! 


how to see yourself as a boss.


Boss Mindset Tip #3: Track your income.

Keeping track of the money you make in your business will help you see that you are an actual business that is making money from the services/products you provide. Celebrate every win–big and small. 

Have you been a part of my community’s race to a million? If you haven’t heard we are tracking our money this year to see how fast we can make it to a million! Every month you submit your gross amount and I add it to the tracker. This is a fun way for us to bond as a community and see how fast we can get there together! Click here to help us reach our goals. 


Boss Mindset Tip #4: Act and show up.

I want you to start taking yourself more seriously. What are you doing to talk yourself down from your business or from reaching your goals? Identify those and start shifting your thoughts into ones that serve you. And then act and show up based on those positive thoughts.

If you have big goals such as having 100K followers on Instagram, start showing up as if you are already there. Apply this mindset to any of your goals. If you want to achieve something bigger, start acting like you are already there. You’ll be amazed at what you accomplish and how much faster you’ll reach your goals!


how to keep a boss mindset.


4 Tips to Help Think of Yourself as a Boss

Alright, biz sister, I hope you enjoyed these 4 tips to help think of yourself as a boss! If you want continued support and tips on running your business, you can join my Money Makers Coaching Group. We have so much fun together and are learning so much! If you’re ready, we are ready for you! You can also send me your thoughts on this post over on Instagram. Follow me @iammichellegifford for all the biz tips and tricks you need!

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