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Find the perfect gift with an awesome Black Friday Deal from these small businesses. www.iammichellegifford.com

Black Friday Deals You’ll Love


If you’re a fan of supporting small businesses this list has the best gifts for your Christmas shopping this year. Here’s a list of Black Friday deals with Michelle’s Money Makers. These products are so fun, creative, and literally handmade with love.

All of these companies are from my Money Makers group–a group of business women who I’ve worked with over the last several months to help support their business goals. I’m so proud of them! We have all grown so much together. They’ve learned a ton in what it takes to build a successful business. Help me celebrate them by purchasing some of their amazing products!

If you’re interested in joining Michelle’s Money Makers group, you can add yourself to my waitlist here. Enrollment will begin again in January 2021. 

Black Friday Deals with Michelle’s Money Makers

Find the perfect gift at an affordable price this holiday season with Michelle's Money Makers. www.iammichellegifford.com

Deal #1- BOGO Free Cotton Plaid Blanket Scarves; 50% off Scrunchies; 30% off All Kids’ Christmas

This deal is offered to you by Annie, owner of Yarn and Suches. It will run through Nov. 24-30. The scarves have a fun oversized feel and are cotton woven with colors on both sides! The kids’ Christmas pajamas are machine washable and have a cotton knit fabric with many fun prints to choose from. The pajamas also come with a matching hair accessory for mom. How cute! 

To take advantage of this deal, visit Annie’s website and follow her on Instagram too!  


Deal #2- 25% off Hybrid Machine Brows; 25% off Lip Blushing; 25% off Soft Combination Brow

This deal is available to people local to Samantha and her business, Samantha Williams Beauty Services. Schedule your appointment on her website, here. She helps you feel more comfortable, confident and beautiful permanently. You can just wake up and go with your brows and/or lips already done for the day! With Samantha’s services, she can save you time in the mornings and there’d be no more lipstick smudges on your mask! Sounds like a done deal for me. 

Check out Samantha’s website here to see if her services are available to you and follow her on Instagram for her beauty tips and tricks. 


Deal #3- 15% off the Entire Site. Free Shipping for Orders Over $100

This deal is running Nov. 27-30. Krista, owner of Glory Collective, features small batch, artisan made items for your home, including bowls, baskets, trays and candles. She ensures all items are ethically sourced from small non-profits or local co-ops rather than large wholesalers. You can feel good about your purchase by supporting an artisan while adding a unique flare to your home decor. 

Visit Krista’s site here to catch the Black Friday deal, and follow Glory Co. on Instagram too! 


Deal #4- 20% off Mugs (30% off if on Email List)

Andrea, owner of Hope and Happy Designs features products that fill your minds with hope and happiness. Hope and Happy Designs favorite product is the mug collection. The website has a number of small businesses featured so you can have a one-stop, support-the-small-business, gifting area. These items are cozy and are perfectly paired with the mugs. 

This deal is running through Nov. 27-28. Click here to access the deal and use code HOLIDAY20 at checkout. There will be a 10% discount on Cyber Monday. Use code CYBERMONDAY at checkout. 

To add some hope and happiness to your life, follow Andrea’s business on Instagram. 


Deal #5- 20% off Entire Site (25% off if on Email List)

Amy, owner of My 4 Tees, features customized shirts, holiday hats, and cancer collections. To find your favorite product, visit Amy’s site here to shop! Use code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout for the deal. It will run through Nov. 20-22.

Be sure to follow My 4 Tees on Instagram to keep up with the products and deals!


Check out Michelle's Money Makers and their Black Friday deals! www.iammichellegifford.com


Deal #6- 25% off the Confidence in Who You Are Guide

Britney, owner of Color My Happy, created this amazing 65-page guide that dives into 27 ways to have confidence in who you are right now. The guide walks through nine tips divided into three categories–Know You, Be You, and Love You. Many of the tips come with journaling sheets, action plans, or other printable goodies to help you implement what you learned. This guide doesn’t just tell you WHAT to do, but shows you HOW to do it!

To get this guide follow this link and use code NOVEMBER25 at checkout. This deal is good through Nov. 25-30, so don’t miss it! Also, click here to follow Britney on Instagram.


Deal #7- $100 off Entire ‘Rock Your DSLR’ Online Photography Course

Amie, owner of Rock Your DSLR, will be pre-launching her online photography course ‘Rock Your DSLR’ on Black Friday. The course includes 12 modules. It includes everything she’s learned to become a professional photographer. 

This course is designed for anyone that owns a DSLR camera! You’ve spent the money to get a good camera, but what good is it if you aren’t using it to its full potential? Whether you’re a mom who wants to catch precious moments of her kids, a teen who got an awesome birthday gift who now wants to know how to use it, or someone who wants to pursue a photography career, this course is for you. 

Visit Amie’s site here to catch this Black Friday deal. It’ll be running Nov. 27-29. Also, follow her on Instagram here to keep up with photo tips and tricks! 


Deal #8- Buy 2 Get 1 Free & Free Shipping Over $50

Amy, owner of Fresco Chocolate, is a masterful chocolatier who specializes in pure dark chocolate. Using only three ingredients, Amy’s chocolate is dairy free, gluten free, soy free, and nut free. Click here to take advantage of this Black Friday deal running through Nov. 25-30. 

Among her many sweet options, Amy also offers online classes to make your own chocolate! For more information, visit her site here and follow her on Instagram. 


Deal #9- Free Shipping Over $35 & $10 off When You Spend $100 

Lindsey, owner of Lindsey Jane Co, specializes in well designed, excellent quality farmhouse signs. This Black Friday deal is running through Nov. 24-27. Visit her site here to shop every item of the week and see new signs available to order. All signs will be ready in time for Christmas! Use code SAVE10 for purchases over $100 to get the deal! 

Once you fall in love with her quality signs, you’ll want to follow her on Instagram too. 


Deal #10- Free Shipping Over $35 & $10 off When you spend $100 

Lindsey has another shop she owns, which is called Jane Thread Tees. This business features crafty t-shirts for the DIYer in your life. To get the deal with these tees, visit her site here and use code SAVE10 at checkout. This deal lasts Nov. 23-29. 


Support small businesses and check out these Black Friday deals! www.iammichellegifford.com


Deal #11- 25% off Entire Shop 

Andrea, owner of Andrea Schrag Designs, offers fun digital printables and art prints for your home and great stock photos for your creative business. Her Black Friday deal lasts Nov. 25-30. You can start shopping this deal by visiting her Etsy shop here and her website.  Also, follow her on Instagram here to keep up with her products and deals! 


Deal #12- 50% off All Digital Files

Tricia, owner of The Walnut Street House, specializes in digital files available for you to print on clothing, fabrics, etc. The digital files include SVGs, DXFs, JPGs, PNGs & DWG. This deal will run Nov. 26-30. To access this deal, check out her website here and follow her on Instagram!


Deal #13- 35% off Jewelry, Scarves and Bandannas, Pillowcases and Lavender Eye Pillows, Tote Bags and Cardigans

This Black Friday deal is running Nov. 27-30. Alex, owner of Borrowing Color + Behold, offers women’s accessories, and each one is made from eco-friendly and natural materials by being hand-dyed in small batches from dyes found in nature. As a result, this makes each product unique and one-of-a-kind. From wooden jewelry to silk scarves to lavender-filled eye pillows, you can find something you’ll love! 

Follow her on Instagram and, more importantly, visit her site here to check out the deals!


Deal #14- 50% off Self Love Meditation Course

This deal goes live Nov. 27 and lasts until Dec. 4. Sammy, owner of Oh There You Are, specializes in helping people find their happy through mediation and other guided practices. Her Black Friday deal includes a discounted price for her 21 Day I Am Enough Guided Meditation Course. These meditations and affirmations are designed to help you reconnect to yourself, grow through any limiting beliefs, and instill a truth that you can be your own light even if the world around you is dark. 

Sammy believes the repetition of positive words is a powerful tool. Moreover, they are proven to help break negative thought patterns and replace them with new neuropathways wired with positivity, compassion, and self-love.

Check out Sammy’s site here and use code ENOUGH21 at checkout to purchase her mediation course. Also, follow her on Instagram to keep in touch!


Deal #15- Discounts on Makeup Bundles

Dana sells easy to use, natural looking makeup with Seint, as well as, other products to help you treat yourself and feel beautiful. Check out her website here to find more information on the Black Friday deals. Don’t forget to follow her on Instagram here too! 

The deals will last from Nov. 17- while supplies last.


Deal #16- 20% off Entire Site 

Catherine, owner of Confidently Speaking, finds you and your family the best fashion deals so you don’t have to. Her Family Photos Style Guide takes away the stress of planning family photos by her planning it for you. Catherine’s Family Photos Style Guide is just an instant PDF download and it will help you plan out your family photo outfits. Therefore, your family photo planning becomes stress-free and gets you closer to those beautiful photos you can print and share. 

The Style Guide includes 10 pages filled with helpful tips, 15+ color schemes, and a list of great stores to shop for the whole family. More specifically, it includes: 

– List of what each person in the photo can wear

– Help with coordinating for small, medium, and larger groups

– Color schemes to work with

– List of stores to shop for the whole group in one place

– How to pick the right colors for your group

– What kind of patterns to wear

– How to coordinate, not match

– And more!

You have access to Catherine’s products at a discounted rate from Nov. 27-29, so check out her site here. Also, follow her on Instagram to stay in touch!


Check out these Black Friday deals through these small businesses. www.iammichellegifford.com


Let’s Shop Black Friday Deals!

I told you all these products were so cute and fun! There’s a wide variety to choose from and some special services too. All of these women work so hard and I am again so proud of them!! Support the small business women this Black Friday and find something custom made you, or a loved one, will remember forever! 

If you’re interested in growing your business with me or seeing the services I offer, check out my website here. Additionally, you can follow me on Instagram to get my tip and tricks on how to create a successful business! 




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Tune in to keep up with changes, trends, and the best online marketing strategy for businesses using social media to grow a thriving business, then this is the podcast for you.

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