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How I Coach My Money Makers


Hey, biz sister!

Have you heard of Michelle’s Money Makers yet? In my Money Makers group, I give you a step-by-step plan on how to make money in your business for 2021. Doesn’t that sound like exactly what you’ve been searching for?

If the answer is yes, but you still aren’t sure enough to hit the join button, take a listen to my latest podcast episode. It’s a live coaching call with some of the business women in my Money Makers group. I share business tips with them on how to improve their company for 2021. In Money Makers, there are two live coaching calls a month where we talk about business–your business and your questions about how to make it better.



Business Tips in this Episode

Ever wonder how to make money as an affiliate? Or how to transition to your own content from being an affiliate? These are the questions I answer in this week’s podcast episode. I also cover how to bring more of yourself into your personal brand and how to market that on Instagram.

You don’t want to miss this one! I don’t just talk about these tips, but I’m answering the questions in a live coaching call with my Money Makers. If they have these questions, I bet you do too. Tune in to get my tips on how to be successful as an affiliate, how to really own your personal brand, and more.


Meet the Money Makers


Gain the resources and community you need in Michelle Money Makers. www.iammichellegifford.com


Emily: The Price Adventure 

Emily with The Price Adventure

Emily is an experienced traveler, a master DIY-er, and lover of all things Disney. She has experience with brand photography and other crafty things, which you can see on her Instagram account.  While she goes on lots of adventures, her greatest by far is her marriage with her best friend, David, and their baby girl, Blair.


Lindsay: Lindsay Weidner Yoga 

Meet Lindsay Weidner Yoga.

To say Lindsay loves yoga would be an understatement. She lives for it, breathes it in (and out), and thrives on it. Yoga is important to Lindsay because it’s improved her health altogether and wants that she wants for others too. When Lindsay is not doing yoga, she’s spending time with her three dogs whom she loves completely! Make sure to follow her on Instagram to check out her story.


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Join Money Makers With Us! 

Joining my Money Makers group will help get you where you want to go with the help you need to get there.  Along with sharing business tips for 2021, in my group I give you step-by-step plans and strategies to grow your business in the way you want it. I also provide plenty of opportunities to ask your business questions to me and to our community of business women. Click here to join my Money Makers group.

We are here for you. You shouldn’t have to do business alone. This is your year. Invest in yourself, work hard, and then reap the rewards.

Follow me @iammichellegifford for tips and tricks in all things business!



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