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How I Got 10 Million Views on Instagram in One Month

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How I Got 10 Million Views on Instagram in One Month

Are you tired of not growing on Instagram? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and you’re just not growing as fast as you think you should be? I totally get it. Creating and posting content is not for the faint of heart and you deserve to see results that excite you after all the work you put in. Maybe you just need a shift in your strategy and then the numbers will start rolling in. Here’s a sneak peek into my Instagram strategy and how I go 10 million views on Instagram in one month. (& how you can too.)



In November of last year, I was posting a ton of reels and they didn’t take off until a month later in December. This is something we are seeing all over Instagram right now. Content is actually lasting longer on Instagram than it has in the past. So, you may post content and not gain any traction on it for weeks and weeks, and then suddenly it explodes. 

This shift told me that I needed to create content ahead of when it would be valuable. For example, if a holiday is coming up, don’t wait to post content related to that holiday the day of or the day before, but a few weeks earlier. Doing so will give the algorithm a chance to pick it up and put it in front of the right people. 

Along with this realization, I noticed a few other things as well. And with these realizations came my new and improved Instagram strategy. I narrowed it down into 4 steps. And implementing these steps is how I got 10 million views on Instagram in one month. 


how i got 10 million views on instagram in one month.


Instagram Strategy | Step #1: Niche Down

For years I’ve been the Instagram influencer people know for tips on how to use social media to grow your business and then use that growth to grow long-term using email marketing, blogging, and Pinterest. As Instagram and its algorithm have changed, I realized that my niche was confusing to the algorithm, so my content wasn’t getting seen by as many people as I would like. I decided to niche down and only talk about Instagram strategy because this is what most people ask me about anyway.

Once I niched down to just talking about Instagram strategy, my content grew faster than it ever has before. So, look at what your niche is. Can you get more specific? If you feel nervous about niching down, I totally get it. I was nervous about only talking about Instagram because I don’t want to just be known as the Instagram girl. I run a marketing agency and we do much more than just Instagram. 

However, I recommend niching down to one specific piece of your industry and focusing all of your content on that. This will get rid of all the confusion and the algorithm will know exactly what to do with your content. Next thing you know, your numbers have skyrocketed. 

Instagram is trying to figure out 3 things:

  1. Who you are as a creator
  2. What kind of content you create
  3. What type of person likes consuming your content

The more specific you are with your content the better the algorithm will serve you and help grow your audience and influence on the platform. 


four-step strategy to explode your ig views.


Instagram Strategy | Step #2: Create Content for Each Phase of Your Customers’ Journey

People who come to your Instagram account usually go on a journey before they buy any of your products. They don’t usually look at one post and then are ready to buy. The people who follow you are in a relationship with you and healthy relationships don’t skip steps.

I’ve organized this customer journey into three phases:

Phase #1: Attraction

This is where you bring people in. 

Phase #2: Nurture

This is where you nurture your people by letting them know they can trust you and you’re the one who can solve their problems.

Phase #3: Selling

The selling phase is when you are going all in and advertising your products that may be about to launch or are on sale. 

Check out my post HERE where I go into detail about each phase and how you can use it in your Instagram strategy right now. (Plus, I share my secret on how I gained 10k Instagram followers in 6 weeks.) 

Biz Pro Tip: Use your stories to sell your products. Selling here is one of the most effective places because the people who are watching are those who already know you, trust you, and want to buy from you. Use your other content (reels, carousel posts, etc.) for attracting and nurturing. 


how to explode your instagram views in 4 steps.


Instagram Strategy | Step #3: Stay Consistent and Analyze

Reels don’t usually go viral after the first time you post something. And if they do, it’s probably for the wrong reason! So take some time to create a consistent content schedule that spends time focusing on each phase of the customer journey: attraction, nurture, and selling.

As you move through this content schedule, look at your Instagram analytics and see which posts are doing better than others. Compare the number of views each one has and the engagement you’re getting. This will give you an idea of what type of content your audience is more interested in. 


Instagram Strategy | Step #4: Adjust As Needed

After analyzing your content, make adjustments as needed. This is when you stop creating content that isn’t performing too well and add in more of the content that is. This step, along with following the previous three is a strategy that will help you grow on Instagram if you apply it correctly. 


the fail-proof instagram strategy to use right now that will explode your views.


How I Got 10 Million Views on Instagram in 6 Months

This strategy is exactly how I got 10 million views on Instagram in 6 months. Do you have any questions or want to know more? Send me a dm over on Instagram and I’d be happy to help! You can find me @iammichellegifford and give me a follow as well, so you can keep getting the best tips and tricks for growing a successful biz online.

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