How I Sell My Courses with Ontraport-

How I Use Ontraport to Sell My Courses

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How I Use Ontraport to Sell My Courses

How I Sell My Courses with Ontraport-

There are a variety of apps and software programs that are designed to help with marketing. I want to share Ontraport with you because it is a one-stop shop for all of my marketing needs. For boss moms and creative entrepreneurs like us, it is such an asset! To give you a peek at what this app offers, I’d like to show you how I use Ontraport to sell my courses.

Let’s Begin!

First things first! I need somewhere for my viewers, followers, or customers to learn more about the services I offer. Ontraport has a fully customizable design platform that lets me create a beautiful, branded landing page. It’s as easy as drag and drop, yet advanced enough that I can:

  • change elements
  • add new elements
  • personalize content

This gives me brand continuity across all of my communication platforms. There are beautiful pre-made templates, or I can start from scratch and design my own page.

How I Sell My Courses with Ontraport- Landing Page screenshot


Finding My People.

I’ve got my content, and a landing page for interested viewers. Now I want to know who my interested viewers are and how they are finding me. Ontraport let’s me integrate a contact info form—fully customizable—so I can collect the information I need. With a simple drag & drop, I add my customized contact form to the landing page and start collecting info. I can also import my contact lists from other programs too, so I don’t have to worry about losing that valuable information. Ontraport can also track how visitors found me, letting me know where my best leads are coming from! This helps me hone in on marketing that’s working, and marketing that isn’t—investing my time and effort where it’s going to do the most good.

How I Sell My Courses with Ontraport-Contact List Screenshot


Create Targeted Contact Segments

Can I tell you how much I love the advanced segmenting options Ontraport gives me? I can personalize my communication to the specific needs and interests of my clients. The sky is the limit here. I can have several different segments based on the criteria I designate. So, if I have a group of clients that are interested in learning how to manage their social media accounts more efficiently, and another group of clients who wish to learn more about improving their MLM sales, I can send customized emails and SMS text messages for each group—with just a couple of clicks!

How I Sell My Courses with Ontraport-Segment Contacts


Make Commitment Easy

Here is where Ontraport really steps up! When the bill comes due, as it always does, I want the experience to be quick and easy for my clients. No hassle! Ontraport removes the need for third-party providers with a full e-commerce suite. It’s one-stop payment processing. In addition to smooth transactions, Ontraport offers secure order forms, one-click up-sell forms, coupon codes, payment plans, and more. It’s simple, secure, and awesome.

How I Sell My Courses with Ontraport- All in One Ecommerce Suite


Follow Up!

I want my clients to feel valued and appreciated. Ontraport helps me do that with fully customizable emails and SMS Text messaging. Using the same design platform as I did when I designed the landing page, I can create beautiful and branded welcome emails, thank you messages, secret sales promotions, etc.

How I Sell My Courses with Ontraport-Follow up Email


Automated Campaigns Take it From Here

Now that I’ve got everything created and set up, Ontraport brings in the automation. I can set up campaigns to be carried out automatically. If a new customer subscribes on my landing page form, Ontraport will automatically send them a personalized welcome email. If a customer leaves something in their cart, a custom reminder message can be sent. After a purchase has been made, an automatic thank you SMS message could be sent right to the customer’s phone. Automated campaigns make it so easy to provide great personalized customer service while saving so much time! They are totally customizable and dynamic.

How I Sell My Courses with Ontraport-Automated Campaigns


Be Smart. Be Safe.

One last feature I want to highlight because it’s important to protect my data, is the ability to have my team members each have their own unique login. This allows me to limit accessibility to various parts of the system, so that only those members who need access to confidential information have it. Mistakes can happen at any time, and Ontraport strives to protect me and my customers from security breaches.

How I Sell My Courses with Ontraport-Data Protection Feature


And that wraps up the highlight reel of how I use Ontraport to sell my courses.

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