Did you know A LOT of people suffer from this thing called “imposter syndrome”? It’s true. What is imposter syndrome you may ask? It’s this psychological reflects belief that you’re an inadequate and incompetent failure despite evidence that indicates you’re skilled and quite successful. Ouch.

But there are so many high achieving mompreneurs, that feel this same way: Deep down they feel like complete frauds–and think they have just gotten lucky.

In episode 23 of the Michelle Gifford podcast I dig in to this “imposter syndrome” and break down the three steps to overcoming imposter syndrome.

Three steps to beat imposter syndrome

Step One: Find the truth

Whenever you start feeling imposter syndrome you need to stop and think about where this is coming from. There are so many times these negative thoughts are not true. You want to challenge these negative thoughts and find the truth.

Step Two: Fortify the weak parts

While there is a place to “fake it till you make it”, the best thing you can do is to get educated and be the expert in your business. You can attend a class, take a course, watch videos, attend conferences, ask others. Think about ways you can fortify YOUR business?

Side note: If you are looking for a course you can find some of mine here! 🙂

Step Three: Take action!

If you really want to get out of imposter syndrome you need to take bold action towards your goal. This will help propel you forward and take you out of the rut that imposter syndrome can create. If you are so immobilized by imposter syndrome and don’t make any decisions or take any action, you will never be able to learn from that experience.

Let’s review the 3 Steps one last time:

  • Find the truth (what is the truth behind the comment? Is it true or just a negative thought)
  • Fortify the weak parts (what do you need to learn or do to be better? education, mentoring, google)
  • Take action (be bold and take the next step big or small)

Remember, things will never be perfect. However, we are not striving for perfection here, we are striving for progress, striving to serve and striving to be our very best.

You have got this!


You can check the entire episode out here!



Episode 23: How to Beat Imposter Syndrome

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