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How to Become a Real Money Maker


Are you ready to become a real money maker? This could be your money making year and I’m here to give you what you need to make it happen. 

I know you think you’re OK about being a money maker, but I bet you still have weird feelings about it. Money is awesome. It’s OK to make money and run a business all while being a mom. 

There’s a false statement that gets passed around and that is, if I want more it makes me ungrateful for what I have now. Not true! 

You can be grateful for what you have now AND want more. You can have these two ideas exist in the same place and feel completely at peace about it. 



My Story

I started my own business 14 years ago where I sold little girl hats on my Etsy shop. I worked when my kids napped and squeezed it in here and there, just doing it part time. 

14 years ago, there weren’t that many tutorials and there weren’t many people teaching you how to run a business. I had to figure it out all on my own. I knew I needed to take better pictures if I wanted to increase my sales, so I started looking to photography. 

With the little money I had, I signed up for a photography course. Just to give a little bit more perspective, my husband was going to medical school, we were living off loans, and we had a bunch of kids. 

Although it was scary to pay that money, that paid money completely changed me. I finally got the information I needed in a step by step process, so I was no longer endlessly searching for the information I wasn’t even sure if I needed. 

I could’ve kept searching for things using the free route and I never would’ve felt confident as a photographer. Because I invested in myself at the very beginning I saved so much time. 

Taking that photography course taught me how to take pictures, which led me to be a photographer, which led me to have a non-profit, which led me to teaching business and strategy, which led me to what I’m doing now. And I’m loving it! 


Are you ready to upgrade your business? Find out how in this blog post.


I had a brand audit call with a client today where I analyzed what was working and not working for their business. When I got off the call I was smiling ear to ear because I love finding out how to make a business better.

I want you to have these moments too, where you are working and absolutely loving it.


What is Money Makers? 

I launched my new group coaching program, Michelle’s Money Makers in April 2020. When the pandemic hit, I saw a lot of business owners scared and unsure on what to do with facing the effects of it all. Even though I had plans to launch my program a little bit later, I opened it early hoping to help business owners like you find success through it. 

In my group coaching program, I provide step-by-step action plans for your business, host Zoom meetings where we have question and answer sessions, and we dive deeper into your business strategy. 

One of my Money Makers, Crafting with Brenna, (Follow Brenna on Instagram here!) who joined in April last year recently reached out to me and showed me her sales statistics. From January to April the sales were pretty low, but from April on–right as she joined Michelle’s Money Makers–she had an incredible sales spike. She accredited this sales spike to joining my Money Makers group. 

My Money Makers group isn’t just about the coaching. It’s about the community. 

Another biz sister who joined my group, Lisa from Hand Letter Design, (Follow Lisa on Instagram here!) was interested in trying embroidery. She reached out to the group and found Ashley with Nel and Jo Crafts who specializes in embroidery. (Follow Ashley on Instagram here!) Lisa was able to get a starter kit from Ashley and Ashley gained some business. Connecting and collaborating with others is one of the best things joining Money Makers will naturally do for you!


Find out the step you need to take in becoming a real money maker.


How Does Money Makers Work?

Every month I release a master class. Each class is 30 minutes to 1 hour long. These master classes are held in my library on the Money Makers website where you can access them anytime you need it. 

If you have questions about the class we will have a live Zoom meeting where you can ask your questions and I will answer them. 

Later in the month we do a group strategy call. You can submit your business beforehand and on the call we will discuss it. Whether you’re listening to the analyses on your own business or someone else’s, it gives you insight on how to improve your business strategy and answer some of your questions you didn’t know you had. 

The community is hosted through the Channels app, powered by the makers of Marco Polo. This app has the same functionality as Marco Polo, but it’s specifically for group coaching, like Michelle’s Money Makers. 

On Channels, I post a daily video where I’m either diving deeper on the masterclass, giving assignments, sharing technology updates or breaking news, or hosting a question and answer session. 


Check out the newly created content for you to access with Michelle's Money Makers. 


Why I Want to Help

I want you to know I’ve been where you are. It’s hard to look at someone who is in a more successful place than you are and think they know how you feel. I created this Money Makers group because I know how you feel! 

I did a poll about a month ago to see where people were and the amount of money they were making each month with their businesses. Majority of them were making less than $1k per month. No shame in that. However, what if the majority was making $5k per month? How much better would the world be if the money were in your hands? And you had the confidence of running a successful business? 

I bet the world would be brighter, in fact, I know it would be because it did for me. I don’t want you to take 14 years like it took me, so let me shortcut that time for you. 

Joining this group will put away all the guessing on what to do next, all the chasing after what others say, and all the hesitation on really doing this business thing. 

You will no longer be looking at ten different experts and trying to do ten different things. This group will give you focus and purpose, which will help you put your energy where it needs to go. 

I want to see your business progress, spend more time with your kids, and be confident that your business is growing even if you’re not thinking about it and doing it all the time. 


If you're ready to grow, we want you here! Join Michelle's Money Makers today.


We’d Love to Have You! 

The right time to join Money Makers is right now, so click here to join! 

The price to join is at a discounted rate, but will go up again on January 19. You’re more than welcome to join after that, but you will no longer have access to the cheaper price. 

If you have a friend who needs this, please tell them about Money Makers! If you’re ready to grow, this group is for you. 




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