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How To Create A Customer Journey Map

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I’m excited to share how to create your customer journey map and I’ve even included my free templates to get you started!

Do you know how your customers are finding you, interacting with you (and making sales from you)? This is called your “customer journey” and is key to understanding how you can best serve your customer, find your customers, connect with your customers and build your business. 

However, in today’s world there are so many ways that this can happen. Maybe they found you on social media, maybe they were referred by someone else, maybe they found you through a Google search. 

Understanding Your Customer Journey

So how are you going to understand your customer journey since you aren’t your customer? Well the best way is to ask them. This does not have to be difficult, you can do a quick poll on social media, send out an email, ask for feedback at the point of sale. 

One of the best ways to understand this journey and make it a useful resource is to create an actual map or diagram. You will be able to visualize what your customer needs, what they want, what drives and motivates them, and how YOU can best serve them. 

How Are People Interacting With You

People don’t usually just have a first-time contact with a business or brand and then purchase. Instead they will look, interact with, come back, think about it, come back again, etc. 

YOU are a customer. Think about how you interact with brands and businesses online. A friend recommends something great. You check it out. You think about purchasing it. Maybe sign up for the newsletter or follow their social media. Wait for a discount code or a holiday sale. Or until you are ready to make your first purchase. You continue down the customer journey. 

How Do You Create A Customer Journey Map

First, you want to gather as much data from your customer as possible. Google analytics help, the analytics of your website and social media platforms and asking your customers as mentioned earlier. 

Next, you want to break down each step of the customer journey and create a goal for each step. This will help you measure how each of the steps are doing and where you can improve, what people are responding to, etc. This in turn will help you deliver more of what they want and better serve, them which is the ultimate goal. 

By creating a customer journey you will also understand your demographic more and attract your ideal customer. Since you are delivering what they need and want, it is authentic and natural. 

Now for the fun part!

Time to make it into your visual customer journey map!

  1. Decide what you want to gain from your map
  2. Assign the steps
  3. Create goals for each step
  4. Identify each place in the journey your customer interacts with you
  5. Decide how you want to display your map
  6. Give your journey a try, invite others you can get feedback from
  7. Make any changes needed.

To help you visualize this process I have included to free customer journey templates for you to print and use. Both have a slight variation in the customer’s needs so choose the one that fits your customer journey the best or use these examples to make your own.

Just click the image to download

Or click on this image to download

Creating a customer journey map is a great way to serve your customers better and make sure your business aligns with their needs. Creating a win-win situation. The map is a great tool to keep you focused and breaking every step of the journey down so that you are able to really rock your business model! I hope you give it a try with these templates (or create one of your own).

I would love for you to share in our Facebook group or tag me on Instagram. It is so awesome to see what you are doing in your business so let’s support each other and cheer each other on- you got this!

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