How to batch a month’s content in five steps

I see you.  You are leaning over your phone or staring at your computer screen wondering what to write.  You know you are supposed to create content, but what content should you create that will be impactful AND make you money? In today’s podcast episode, I’m diving into how to create a month’s content in five days.  This plan helps you know the process to decide what to create and I break it up into five days so that it doesn’t seem too overwhelming.

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Day 1: Plan and Outline Core Content

Now, before you plan your core content, you need to know what your goals for the month are. Look ahead and make some decisions about where you want to be in a month in your business and also determine if there are any sales or events you will be participating in. Write down these goals and events. After you have done this, you need to come up with 1 piece of core content for your month-long focus. Then, out of this one piece of content, you will decide on 4-5 different headlines to focus on. You will use one headline per week. If there are 5 weeks in a month, you will need 5 headlines. These headlines are what you will use to create individual blog posts, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc. I don’t want you to actually execute any videos, blogs, etc. on day one, I just want you to plan out what you’re going to do.

(For more information on creating your core content, check out my core content challenge HERE.)

Day 2: Create Your Core Pieces of Content

For day 2, I want you to actually create your core content. Take your headlines you outlined the day before and write the blog posts, film the videos, and/or record the podcasts. Remember to do all 4 (or 5) today! Get them all done while your mind is in the creative zone. Don’t worry about making your content pretty today. Just create your month of content.

Day 3: Take Your Core Content and Make it Pretty

When I say, make your core content pretty, what I’m talking about is getting your content ready to be published. So, for a blog post, today is the day you’ll work on your SEO and graphics. If you’re working on podcasts or YouTube videos, today is when I want you to edit the recordings you did yesterday. Get them all ready to go, so when it comes time to publish them throughout the month you don’t have to do anything to them. This is the beauty of batch content creation. You do all of the tweaking ahead of time, which frees you up to be more present in your business later!

Day 4: Stretch Your Core Content

Now that you have your 4 pieces of core content, I want you to go back to the work you did on Day 1 and figure out where in the month you will use each piece of content. Once you do this, plan out your posts for your social media channels. Don’t go into too much detail today, we are merely planning the posts so we can take pictures and create graphics for the coming month. Take an hour or two and take all your pictures for the month.

Day 5: Schedule Your Month of Content

Now that you have all of your core content created, your pictures have been taken, and you are ready to hit publish on your month of content, it’s time to schedule your posts! Open up your favorite scheduler or planner and input your posts for the next 30 days. Write your social media captions now, too. I always like to leave a few blank days to allow for spontaneity in my social media feed, but for the most part I plan my whole month of content ahead of time.

Once you’ve done this, you can sit back, smile, and take a deep breath. You’ve created a month of content in 5 easy steps! Congratulations! Something to remember, the first time you do this, you may have to take a step back from your regular postings to work ahead for the next month. But! Think of how much time and energy you’ll save every month by following this process. By creating your content ahead of time, you will be able to more easily create content that converts.


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How I batch a month's content in 5 simple steps
How I create one month of content in 5 easy steps.
How you can use 5 steps, plus 5 days to get 1 month of content!
How you can save time by batching your content creation

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