How to Create the Best Blog Post in 7 Steps 

You’re blogging. Now, what? Or maybe you aren’t blogging yet and you’re not sure where to start. Blogging doesn’t have to be this big scary thing. There are a lot of moving pieces, but once you get a grip on what they are you will feel like a blog queen. Here’s how to create the best blog post in 7 steps.  


Blogging is one of my favorite things because it has impacted my business so much. If you didn’t know, blogging is what helps you show up on two out of the three major search engines (Google, Pinterest, and YouTube). Plus, once you create a blog post it lasts forever and can even make you money years later! That’s why blogging is one of the best ways to make your business built to last

I’ve even put blogging to the test to see if it really works. A few years ago, I was a part of an MLM where I only used blogging and Pinterest to advertise my business. I quickly became top in sales solely through blogging! It was mind blowing. That’s when I realized how powerful blogging really can be in spreading your brand and ultimately growing your business. 

how to get your blog post more SEO friendly.

How to Create the Best Blog Post in 7 Steps 

If you’re new to blogging, it can be hard to know how to navigate all the pieces of your blog site. It’s not enough to just write the content and then hit publish. There are several things like SEO, hidden pins, tags, and more that will make your blog more searchable. 

Following these 7 steps will get your blog post seen by more of your target audience. If you’re interested in making your blog amazing, my blog course is on sale!! When checking out, use code “BIRTHDAY” to get $100 off! I never give deals like this, but it’s special for my birthday month! If you’re ready to take this next step, this is the best time to buy my blog course. 

OK, let’s jump into how to create the best blog post in 7 steps. 


Step #1: Answer questions your audience is looking for. 

The first step is to think about questions your audience is looking for. Think about what they are typing in their search bar. Most of the time it’s things that are just covering the surface of your niche. 

For example, if you own a plant shop, maybe your target audience would search for something like, “how to revive a dead plant.” Then you could write a blog post all about how to revive a plant and use that key phrase several times throughout your post to help with SEO (search engine optimization). 

Next, try to connect your solution to their question/problem through a product you are selling. (Just how I am connecting this blog post to my blogging course.) That way it doesn’t come off as you just wanting to sell your products. Instead, it comes off as thoughtful and something your audience is actually interested in. You are solving their problem and they are grateful for what you have. 


Step #2: Create a blog post full of value. 

Don’t create a blog post just to create one. You want your blog post to be packed with as much value as you can do without it being too wordy or complex. Google likes content that is longer and meatier, so the more value-packed it is, the higher up on the search results it will be. 

You want each blog post to answer a question your audience has. Make it so people leave with answers, along with inviting them to follow you for more content. You can do this by inviting people to follow you on Instagram, join your email list, or link to similar blog posts they can visit next. 

how to add your blog post to pinterest.

Step #3: Make your blog post searchable. 

It will help your blog post a TON if you do some keyword research first. See what words people are using to search for based on what your blog post topic is on. Also, using the Yoast plugin on WordPress is a game changer. 

The Yoast plugin goes through your entire blog post and lists ways you can make your content more SEO friendly. It’s super simple to use. Once your blog post is written in WordPress, your SEO will show up as red, yellow, or green. You always want it to be green before you hit publish. The plugin lists what you can change in your content to make your SEO turn green. It’s that simple and it makes an incredible difference in making your post seen by more people.


Step #4: Make your blog post easy to read.

Have you ever opened a blog post, scrolled through it and decided you weren’t going to read it? Me too. It’s because the paragraphs are too long. Be careful of making your content hard to read. Ways you can make your post easy to read is keeping small sentences and paragraphs, adding graphics/pictures throughout to break up the content, and using lots of headings to divide up your content as well. 

Most people scroll through and skim blog posts before they decide to actually read it. Making it easy to read will make it more likely for people to read your entire blog post, which is obviously what you want.


Step #5: Tell people where you want them to go/what you want them to do.

One of the main goals you should have for each blog post is for your readers to join your email list or buy your products. Be very clear and specific about what you want your readers to do after the blog post. 

Don’t be afraid to link to your products and write your invitations at least a couple times throughout the blog post. Sometimes it takes people a couple times of seeing things before they notice it or follow through with the invite. 

best ways to spread your blog post to more people.

Step #6: Use Pinterest to make your blog post last longer.

Making Pinterest a part of your blogging process dramatically increases your chances of your blog getting seen. Adding it to Pinterest covers more of your audience and helps more people discover you–people who are different from those on your Instagram or blog. (This is what you want!) 

It’s super easy to include Pinterest on your blog. Make a few graphics to go with your content. (I like to use Canva to create mine.) Then, scroll to the bottom of your WordPress blog post and find the section for Pinterest. 

Next, add your hidden pins there and include your Pinterest title and description. Then, add those pins to Pinterest. It’s that simple! This will make it so your blog post is more searchable and people can now save those pins and even send them to other people. 


Step #7: Share your blog post. 

There should be no shame or hesitation in sharing your blog post! Share it on your email list, talk about it on your Instagram, add it to Pinterest. It’s OK if your audience sees you talk about your blog post more than once. 

Like I said, repetition is how we learn anything and everything. Sometimes it will take people a few times to see your invitation to look at your post before they actually click on the link. If you’re worried about pushing people away, don’t be afraid of that. It will happen and in the end that’s what you want because it means you are getting more specific on who you serve and those people actually find value in what you have to say. 

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How to Get Your Blog Post Seen

I learned recently that 90 percent of our time is spent creating and 10 percent of our time is spent marketing. 90 percent! That is crazy. If we altered this balance just a little bit, I bet we would feel less tired and more productive. 

I’m all about creating content that serves you and your business. Writing blog posts definitely serves your business because they last forever and can make you money for years and years! Let’s make your business built to last.

If this post was a bit overwhelming, just take a deep breath. Pick one thing you can start now and implement it into your blog posts. Don’t feel like you have to perfectly do each step before you can hit publish on your posts. Just move forward at your pace and it will be great! 

I hope you found value in this post on how to create the best blog post in 7 steps. I promise following these steps will get your blog post seen! If you are interested in more tips like these, follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford or join my email list

Don’t forget if you want to buy my brilliant blog course, use code “BIRTHDAY” to get $100 off! The content I share in this blog course is the same content I use for my clients who have immensely grown their businesses through blogging. I promise it works! And I’m here to answer any questions if you need. Just send me a dm on Instagram or contact me here

How to Create the Best Blog Post in 7 Steps 

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