How to Make Great Content Last Longer

Are you tired of doubling up on content ideas for social media posts and your website? Are you feeling burnt out of trying to come up with posts for Instagram every day? My simple system in learning how to make great content last longer will give you the plan to stretch your content and use it in multiple platforms without feeling worn out. 



Over the last few weeks I shared the 3 foundational principles that will bring you a business built to last. We talked about the Lighthouse Keeper Principle and took a deep dive into the Iceberg Principle. This week we are talking about the Core Content Code. 

These three pillars will give you the break you need without your business suffering from it. I want you to build a business that lasts–even when you go on vacation or have something unexpected come up. Integrating these three principles into your business will be the best thing you could ever do for it. You will be amazed at the results that come this year and in years to come. 

I have a whole course on my Core Content Code where I teach you how to create content that lasts and will bring you long lasting results without needing to show up on social media or your website every day. You can check out my course here, but I will share with you my 4 basic steps on how to make great content last longer so you can get started right now.


4 Steps in How to Make Great Content Last Longer


find out how to make your content last longer and benefit you in years ahead.


Step 1: Choose your core piece of content. 

Your core piece of content should be something you post at least once a week. Posting weekly builds your credibility and it also builds a trust with your followers. This core piece becomes something they expect and rely on on a regular basis. This naturally starts to create your community of followers. Your relationship with your followers will be most effective when your core piece is in an audio or video format. 

I recommend a YouTube video or podcast as your core piece of content. A YouTube video would be the most ideal because you can create so many other pieces of content from that video. You can take the audio from it and make a podcast, you can take clips from it and make shorter videos for Instagram and other social media platforms. Then you can take the content and turn it into a blog post. Look how many pieces of content that gives you without needing to come up with a million ideas. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a new idea on each platform. You can cover the exact same content in multiple ways on all platforms. This won’t make you look lazy, it’ll make you look smart and consistent. 

If you’re not ready to post a weekly YouTube video, a podcast will get the job done. My core piece is my podcast and I turn each podcast episode into a blog post and posts on Instagram. I’d like to be more present on YouTube and I’m slowly getting there. I share this because I want you to know it’s really OK to start where you can. 


Step 2: Choose your secondary piece of content. 

Your secondary piece of content will be something you post in addition to your core piece, weekly if possible. Mine is my blog. I recommend a blog because with your core and secondary piece of content you will show up on the three biggest search engines. A video covers the Youtube search engine and a blog covers Google and Pinterest. Having your content show up on these platforms will help it be viewed and useful for a very long time, I’m talking years. 

If you’re just starting out, perhaps your blog is your core piece of content. That’s OK too. At least it covers two of the three search engines. However, I’d recommend switching to a podcast or video as soon as you’re ready because a blog can help you become known but it takes longer to build a community through a blog. People want their influencers to be personal and relatable and it’s much easier to give that to your audience in an audio or video format.


Skip the guessing on content ideas and use these 4 steps to make your content last.


Step 3: Stretch the content onto social media.

This is where most people probably need to switch things up. I’ve met a lot of women who are using Instagram or other social media platforms as their core piece of content. This may be where you get most of your interaction and instant gratification, but it shouldn’t start here. Posting your content in the other platforms first and then stretching it onto social media is how to make it last longer. 

It’s tricky to have social media be your main hub for posting content because the posts do not last very long. A podcast episode will last a lot longer than an Instagram post would. You should definitely still use social media, but have it be part of your steps instead of the main one. Spending more time on a piece of content that is long term is a much better way to spend your time because it will be found and will benefit you for years and years. 

To stretch your content on social media, you could create a carousel post that highlights content from your podcast or blog in a quick form. You could do an Instagram live about it. Or, you could make a post with a story in your caption about why you made it. There’s plenty of creative ways to stretch your content and still get the views and feedback you want. 


Step 4: Start conversations on social media. 

This is where your content comes alive. Now that you’ve posted on other platforms and on your website, you can invite your people to talk about it through your Instagram posts, stories, etc. You can start the conversation on social media and then invite people to visit your website to see more about it. This is a natural way of getting more traffic to your website and other platforms.

I love talking to all of you on my Instagram posts and getting your responses to my lives and reels. I also love knowing it doesn’t end there. Social media is just the handshake (and I’m so happy to meet you there!) and my website and podcast is where we can really get to know each other. I love knowing I have a simple system set in place that brings more people to my business without me having to do any extra work. 



I want you to have content that lasts longer than your Instagram feed. I want your business to be built to last. I want what you’re publishing now to bring you traffic years from now. Following my 4 steps in how to make great content last longer is how you will get there. I hope you use the 4 steps and reap the benefits of it! Follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford and let me know how it’s going. 


use these platforms to make your content last and show up on people's search results.

How to Make Great Content Last Longer

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