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How to Make the Money You Want 

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How to Make the Money You Want 

Have you ever thought about why you’re doing so much work for your business, but you’re still falling short in your money making goals? You’re not alone. In this post, I’ll tell you all about how to make the money you want. 



I want to make sure the content you’re creating is actually making you money. In today’s world, depending on social media alone is not enough to create a sustainable business. That’s where blogging comes in. 

Blogging helps you gain more organic followers and organic sales. Can we all say, yes please!! Don’t worry, I’m giving you a freebie to help you in this blogging journey. It’s my blogging checklist. 

This blogging checklist will tell you everything you need to know before, during, and after you post. To get my blogging checklist, text “blogging” to 951.309.7885. 


Get my blogging checklist and learn how to make the money you want.


I talk to a LOT of entrepreneur women and a lot of them fall into a certain way of thinking. Tell me if you relate–you dip your toe into this business thing and make a little money, but what you aren’t admitting is that you want this business to be a bigger part of your life where it’s making you a lot of money. 

I’m right there with you. I was talking to one of my business friends about this just the other day. This friend tells it like it is (we all need a friend like this) and she definitely put me in my place! 

I was telling her about some of my doubts and concerns about my business and she said to me, Michelle, I think you’re scared to admit how big you really want your business to be. 

I sat there absolutely stunned, because I knew she was right. 

This leads me to the four mistakes we make when trying to make the money we want. 


Mistake #1 Not Accepting Our Dreams for What They Are

I help people run successful businesses for a living! But when it comes to me, I doubt how successful my business really is. 

It seems too scary and too audacious. Can I really pull this off? Is the success I help people find really working? Is the knowledge and skills I’m sharing with people really valuable? 

I’m sure you have some doubting questions of your own. I’m going to tell you two things that I had to remind myself of too. 

  1. Do you really want your business to succeed? If so, you need to act like it. 
  2. Accept how big your dreams are. 

We are fighting so hard against ourselves when we are doubting how big we can actually become! I will tell you what my sister told me. I bet the work it takes to grow your business won’t be any more work than what it takes to try and keep your business small. 

Woah. Read that again. 

We must overcome our limiting thoughts and negative beliefs. Just face it that it is you who is holding yourself back, so you can break free of that doubt and grow that big business you’re dreaming of! That’s what I’m planning to do, and I would love for you to join me. 


surround yourself with good smart people and you will go far.


Mistake #2 Being Short Sighted 

So often we think of completing the project right in front of us, so we can then think about the break we will give ourselves afterward. 

If I finish the master class, then I’ll get a break. If I finish the next batch of podcast episodes, then summer will be here and I’ll get a break. And the list goes on. 

You may still be getting success when coming from that mindset of taking a break every so often. However, what if you came from the mindset of running your business for at least the next 10 or 15 years? 

Of course, you will still have breaks in there. However, maybe you will have a better idea on how you want your business to look and how it can grow if you admit to yourself that it will be around for a long time.

You may run into a few negative thoughts when committing to this long term commitment like I did. 

Remember the friend I mentioned earlier who put me in my place? When she said what she did to me my first response was, will I still be a good person if I am that successful? 

What am I talking about?? That’s not what I actually believe! I tell my people all the time how they can be a good mom and a business owner. But when it comes to me, I doubt that. 

So, let’s practice this positive self talk together. 

  • If I’m a brilliant CEO, I will still be a great mom. 
  • If I’m a brilliant CEO, I will still have thriving friendships with people. 
  • If I’m a brilliant CEO, I will still have a husband who loves and supports me. 

Ahh, don’t you feel better? I definitely do. 


what to stop doing so you can start making the money you want.


Mistake #3 Focusing on the Wrong Numbers  

I often hear people talk about how many Pinterest views they have and how many Instagram followers they have–but these numbers mean nothing if they don’t convert into a sale. 

Don’t you dare fall prey to people telling you what numbers are important. What matters are the numbers you can convert into sales a.k.a. into revenue. 

This is another reason why I say not to depend solely on social media. Showing up on social media is just a handshake–it’s where you introduce yourself to your followers. Your social media sites should lead people to your website, or your home base, where they can purchase your products. 


Mistake #4 No Foundation

I want you to picture an iceberg out in the middle of the ocean, where most of it is underneath the water, but a small tip is sticking out of the water. 

What if that huge foundation underneath that tip of the iceberg was gone? Then it would just be an ice cube getting tossed to and fro throughout the ocean. 

Now imagine that tip of the iceberg is your content you put out on social media and your blog. If there was no foundation underneath your content, it would be just that small ice cube getting tossed wherever the ocean forced it to go. 

With the foundation underneath, you remain firm and have a stronger purpose in why you are there and the reason for the content you put out. 

Look at the graphic below to get a better idea of what I’m imagining. I divided it into six levels, five of them being your foundation, and the sixth one, on the very top, being your content. 


find out the six levels to a successful business and content strategy.


Level 1: Brand

This is where you find out who you serve and how you serve them. 


Level 2: Customer Journey Map

Your customer journey map is how you find people and how they find you. Then, you get those people to transition from the introduction phase to the buying phase.


Level 3: Email List

It’s imperative to have an email list because this is how you follow along with those who are purchasing and using your products. You can be a part of their experience which helps build a solid relationship. 


Level 4: Website/Home Base

Too many people only depend on social media and then they get burnt out from having to show up every single day in order to make money. Having your own website will give you more time away from your screen while still making an income.


Level 5: Content Strategy 

This is where you decide on your core content formula. This is the formula I came up with, so you are still spreading your content throughout multiple platforms without creating new content for each one. For example, you can turn a YouTube video into a podcast episode, blog post, and Instagram post. Now you’ve posted on four different platforms using one piece of content! 


Level 6: Content 

This is what people are actually seeing. Having the five levels below this is crucial in having effective content that is making you money. It’s fun to have followers and see numbers increase, but in the end what you want is your content converting into sales. 


launching my new bundle so you can start making the money you want.


You need a foundation underneath the content you’re posting, so you aren’t just a mindless ice cube floating in the ocean. Your foundation will help you know where you want to go and how to get there. 

To help you with getting your sturdy foundation, I’m launching my Built to Last Bundle. I’m so excited about this! It will be released on March 24th

My Built to Last Bundle will include:

  • Showit website templates
  • Core content code that gives you a content strategy
  • Blogging course
  • 14 day email list challenge
  • Pinterest course

All of this bundled together will save you over 1 thousand dollars! This is a big deal! I know this will be business changing for you, and it’s at an affordable price. 

I hope this post gives you some insight on how to tweak a few things in your business. And if you’re ready, this Built to Last Bundle will help you make the money you want! 

Follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford to see more about the six levels in my iceberg analogy! You can also check out my website to learn more about my Built to Last Bundle. 

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