My 4-Step Formula for a Powerful Content Strategy

Are you feeling like you are being stretched too thin when it comes to your content strategy? There are so many options out there and it’s hard to know where to spend your time and what will bring the best results. My 4-step formula for a powerful content strategy should help. This formula is also known as my Core Content Code, and it will make your life so much easier! 



My Core Content Code is something I’ve been teaching for a while, so I’ve had first-hand experience seeing it simplify content strategy without sacrificing its effectiveness. You can think of the Core Content Code as the framework for creating content. Once you figure out how to implement this formula into your content strategy it’ll stretch your content across several platforms, making your content last longer without you having to do a ton of extra work.

My Core Content Code is an actual course you can purchase, so this blog post will cover the basics. I’ll share enough for you to feel confident transforming your content strategy into something better that will work for you and even make you more money. 

If you join my Money Makers coaching group, you will get access to my full Core Content Code course, along with all of my other courses. There are some other perks as well, and this is seriously at a really affordable price. You can check out more about my coaching group here! OK, let’s jump into my 4-step formula for a powerful content strategy. 

The secret to having a powerful content strategy.


My 4-Step Formula for a Powerful Content Strategy

You have so much access to so many more things than anyone ever has in the history of the world. I’m blown away with how many resources there are, even compared to when I first started my business. I encourage you to learn about what resources are available to help you run your business and try some out!

While I love all the options and possibilities, I also know there is a huge weight of feeling like you have to do it all. But guess what, you don’t have to do it all. And things don’t happen all at once. Trust the process that you’re in and put in the work. 

My Core Content Code will help organize that work into a strategy that feels much more doable. It’ll also help you show up consistently, which is super important because the more regularly you show up for your audience the more they will trust you and expect things from you, which is exactly what you want. 

the best way to set up your content strategy.


Content Strategy Step #1: Choose a core piece of content. 

Your core piece of content is a really valuable piece of content you commit to show your audience on a regular basis. I say regularly basis because that could be interpreted in several different time frames. For example, I used to do my podcast (which is my core piece of content) weekly, but this year I’m trying it twice a week. So, your regular basis can change depending on your business goals. 

However, I do recommend your core piece of content be released at least once a week. This will set you up as an expert to your audience and help you grow quickly. If your core piece of content was only released monthly that gives your audience way fewer chances to get to know you and connect with you, and you want to give them plenty of opportunities to do both of those things.

Setting yourself up as the expert in your niche is one of the best things you could do for your brand. People are looking around, trying to classify which of the people they follow can actually help them. By putting yourself as the expert and niching down into one kind of topic, it allows people to easily say you are useful to them and then they will become a loyal follower. 

With that being said, think about what your core piece of content should be and what you could really commit to. As I just mentioned, my core piece is my podcast. But this could be an Instagram Live, a YouTube video, a blog post, etc. Choose what sounds most appealing to you and what would really help your people.


Content Strategy Step #2: Choose a secondary platform for your core piece of content. 

Your secondary piece of content is when you take your core piece of content and use it in a different way/in a different place without requiring much effort to do so. For example, my secondary piece of content is my blog. As you see in this blog post, I linked my podcast episode at the top and this post is a summary of what I talked about in my episode. I do this for every single one of my podcast episodes and it is one of my favorite systems I have set up in my content strategy. 

Just like your core piece of content, you can decide what your secondary piece of content should be. This could be an Instagram reel, a post, an email, etc. I personally like having my blog as my secondary piece because it makes my podcast show up on two out of the three search engines (Pinterest, Google, and YouTube), which helps more people find me. I also like it because the content shows up on my website, which is a place that I own, and a full representation of me and my business. 

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Content Strategy Step #3: Stretch your core piece of content to social media. 

This third step is basically taking bits and pieces of your core piece of content and putting it on social media. This could be through a reel, a carousel post, or a short video clip. There are tons of ways to repurpose your content. 

I recommend you share your repurposed content on social media at least once a week. You may worry that you’ll be repeating yourself, but that’s actually a good thing! Your words and content need to be repeated a minimum of 7 times in order for people to act or for them to comprehend it. 

Plus, if you’re repeating what was said in your core piece of content that makes it so you’re reinforcing what you believe in and represent in your business. This will help you be known for something, and when people can start associating you with a certain thing you say or sell, you will start becoming more memorable to more and more people.


Content Strategy Step #4: Start a conversation on social media about your core piece of content.

Social media is one of the coolest things ever because it allows us to communicate directly in real-time with our audience. Starting a conversation with your audience is something really simple you can do to help share your core piece of content, and get people actively engaged on the topic. This could be as simple as posting about it and asking a question on the post, or sharing something in your story and including a poll for people to vote on. 

Remember, your core piece of content is really valuable so you want to share it with as many people as you can, and sharing it on social media will not only help you reach more people but help you serve more too. 

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My 4-Step Formula for a Powerful Content Strategy

There you have it! My 4-step formula for a powerful content strategy. I must leave a disclaimer here to let you know this does not have to happen all at once. I hope you do not get paralyzed by this. This Core Content Code is something to work towards and it’s something you will have as you commit to showing up every single day. 

If you liked what you read here and want more, you can check out my Core Content Code course here. Also, if you haven’t joined my text list yet, you definitely should! This is where I send free resources and notes of encouragement to help cheer you on. To join, text “money maker” to 951-309-7885. You can also follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford where you’ll get all the tips and tricks on growing a successful biz!

My 4-Step Formula for a Powerful Content Strategy

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