My Top Podcast Episodes To Listen To When You’re Feeling Discouraged 

Today I have 5 more really awesome podcast episodes to share with you.  There are a lot of crazy things going on in the world right now which can very easily leave you feeling discouraged or stuck in your business.  Feeling discouraged about your business is going to happen.  Just as in all aspects of life, it’s not always rainbows and gumdrops.  There will be times you will feel stuck.  Times you feel overwhelmed.  And times you don’t know what decisions to make for your business.  But I’m here to assure you that there is always a way to turn things around.

How These Episodes Will Help You

In each of the following podcast episodes I provide you with the tools, habits, and formulas necessary to make lemons out of lemonade when you’re feeling discouraged in business.  And remember, after you listen to these 5 episodes, I have over 80 more episodes available to help you with your business over at my podcast, Content Creator To Money Maker.

A list of the top podcast episodes of 2020 to help you when you are feeling discouraged in your business.


5 Podcast Episodes For When You’re Feeling Discourage In Business

  1. What to Do After A Crisis: The Parable of The Purse
  2. 3 Tips On How To Have Peace In Chaos
  3. 11 Tips For Being Productive While Working At Home
  4. Making Good Decisions During A Crisis 
  5. How To Get Unstuck

A list of the top podcast episodes of 2020 to help you when you are feeling discouraged in business and need motivation and tools to turn it around.

  Episode #81:  What to do after a crisis:  The Parable of the Purse

We will be covering the parable of the purse in this episode. I tell you that this is an important time in your business. We are coming out of the quarantine after COVID-19. Businesses are starting to open up and things are trying to return to a new normal. Things are looking up. We are looking at our business and trying to figure out what the last few months means for our businesses. Some businesses are feeling good, they weathered the quarantine well and things are looking positive. Other businesses are struggling and don’t know how they will make it through the next few months or if they will have to close.  I will help you decide how to make the best decisions for your business right now.

Listen to the full episode HERE.


  Episode #72:  3 Tips On How To Have Peace In Chaos

There’s been a lot of crazy things happening over the past few months. This episode is for all of you who are in the thick of it. I want to share how to stay spiritually grounded and have peace in chaos. We have chaos all the time. Chaos occurs inside and outside our homes. Between our kids and our businesses, and the thousand other things we are usually dealing with, there’s chaos swirling everywhere. But, just because we are surrounded by chaos, it doesn’t mean that we have to have chaos within us, too. It’s been fun to think about how to stay peaceful no matter what is going on outside of you.

I am excited to share these tips with you episode #72. You can hear the full episode HERE.

 Episode #68:  11 Tips For Being Productive While Working At Home 

Working from home can be tricky. I have been working from home for over 13 years now, and have learned a few things! Feeling unproductive can lead us to feel very discourage in our business.  But don’t worry, if you listen in here I will be sharing 11 tips for being productive even when you’re working at home.

These tips come from a place of experience, love, and your business coach. I may tell you some hard things. But I promise they are all things that will help you be more productive while working at home.  

If you want to show up for your life and show up in the right way then you can listen to the full episode HERE.

A quote from a podcast episode to help you be productive while working from home.

  Episode #66:  Making Good Decisions During A Crisis

So, making decisions for our business can be hard.  If you listen to episode 66 I will teach you about the formula I use to make sure I am making the smart choice for my business. There are a lot of right choices in business and there are a lot of wrong choices in business.  But this one simple formula will help you to make smart decisions when you are faced with hard choices.  

Learn the formula by listening HERE.

  Episode #64:  How To Get Unstuck

I want to talk to you about that feeling of being stuck and 3 ways to get yourself unstuck. There are seasons of life where you just feel stuck. You feel like you need to make a change but you just don’t know how to get it done. There are times you just don’t know how to get unstuck. I felt this way recently. I knew I needed to make a change but I just didn’t have the guts to do it. It’s so hard because sometimes  you can just feel unmotivated. And that’s ok. But you shouldn’t stay there for very long.

Listen to the 3 methods to help you get unstuck HERE.  

Time To Go And Listen!

If you are feeling discouraged in your business I hope that these podcast episodes can help you to turn things around.  I want you to have success in your business.  And I want you to be able to find joy while doing it.  My challenge to you today is to go and listen to these episodes then apply them.  Use them to better your life and your business!

Do you want more business coaching from me?  Join my coaching group, Money Makers here.  I would love to help you change your life and grow your business!

Discouraged About Your Business? Listen up!

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