The reasons nodody is listening to your content and how to fix it.

The Real Reasons Your Content Isn’t Working

Content Creation

Are you ready for some straight talk? I want you to not create content just to create content. You need to see your content as part of a bigger business strategy. I want you to see that your content is not to get followers, but to grow your business. You are creating content to get you money. When good people have more money, good things can happen in the world. I’m going to tell you the real reasons your content isn’t working. Yep, there’s a few reasons why people aren’t reading, listening, or watching what you’re creating. 

The Real Reasons Your Content Isn’t Working

1-You’re creating content just to check it off your list

I see this the most on Instagram. You feel pressured to create content or put a post out, create a reel just because everyone else is doing it and you know you need to be active on Instagram. You heard it from an expert, probably me, that you need to be active on Instagram and put out content consistently. Now, this is mostly true. If you want to grow on Instagram, you do need to be active on the app. 

But if you aren’t putting out content that is helpful, educational, fun, or that allows people to relate with you and grow in some way, then you are just putting out noise. You’re just filling the void. I don’t want your content to fill the void with noise. Take a hard look at your content and ask yourself a few questions. 

Is my content:




Building my brand in some way?

If it isn’t these things, take a day off from Instagram and reassess your content that you are creating because you don’t have time to waste sitting on Instagram and posting stuff that doesn’t matter.

The Real Reasons Your Content Isn't Working For You.

2-Your content isn’t working to build your brand, grow your audience, or make you money

If you’re spending time to create it, your content better do one of the following things: build your brand, grow your audience, or make you money. 

If your content isn’t doing those things it’s not clear to your audience what you want them to do. Your content should be linked with brand building, an email list, and a way to make money. Too many times we just get on social media and just focus on serving and we tell ourselves that we just don’t even care about money. But I’ve been in business long enough to know that if you’re not making money, you’re not in business. You just have an expensive hobby. I know, it’s a hard pill to swallow sometimes. But it’s true. This is one of the real reasons your content isn’t working. 

I feel passionately about teaching women how to have a business that lasts. If you don’t have a clear way that takes people from content consumption to paying you money, then we have a problem. Your business won’t survive. Also, your content is just the entry to you and your products. It’s just the beginning point.

How My Content Works for Me

If you want to go deeper with me and have me serve you more, you’d need to join my Money Makers coaching group. It’s not open right now (October 2020), so you’d need to get on the waiting list for when it opens again in a few months. I show up in a different way for those ladies because they show up and pay me and the energy is there.  They are invested in what I’m teaching in a different way. And if you want to get even more from me, then you need to invest more and hire me to coach you personally. I can’t coach everyone personally. But, my podcast and blog are an entrance for my audience. Anyone can come and consume what I’m teaching here and decide if they want to go deeper with me and invest more into what I’m teaching. 

Your content is the door that lets people in to all of the cool things that you can offer them. It’s there to lead people to build something more with you.

3- You’re not creating content for your audience

This is the real reason nobody is listening to your content or purchasing from you. When we look at what other people are doing and just copy them, we confuse our audience. Why? Because what we are creating is not in line with our brand strategy. Your audience is expecting to eventually pay you or see a product come out because it makes sense to them. If you are not thinking about your audience and who they are and what they need, what happens is that your audience is confused and your followers aren’t going to grow and neither will your revenue.

Figure out your audience. What do they need? How can you help them? When you have this figured out, you can create a massive amount of value for them. If you follow what I teach in my podcasts and on my blog, then your business could change. I want people to show up and be amazed at what I give away for free and then want to pay to see what I offer to those that pay me. Your business changes when you are very specific with the content you create and for which person in the world you are creating this content for. 

Those are my 3 real reasons your content isn’t working. These reasons are why nobody is listening, reading, or watching your content. They might seem obvious now that I’ve pointed them out to you, and that’s great! I’m glad they are obvious to you. Now, what are you going to do to stop the cycle you are in so you can begin to make more money from your content? 

3 reasons nobody is listening, watching, or reading your content. And how to fix it.

Introducing, The Core Content Code

I’ve been thinking about how to help my audience, you, and what you are asking me for help with. Recently I did a poll on my Instagram account and asked my audience over there what they needed from me. From the answers to my question, I knew it was time to create a course that will show you how to create a content strategy. Now, this isn’t just any content strategy. My course will walk you through how to create a content strategy that will be easy to follow, easy to create, and that will easily make you money. I don’t want you to run out of things to post, I want your content to attract the right people, and I don’t want it to take you forever to get your content created.

Recently I was asked what the ratio should be for content creation to creating products. Your content should not take you forever to create. I want to show you my process and the tricks and tools to making content creation easy and also make a lot of sense. I’ve seen the cheap introductory courses lately that offer you all the Instagram or blog posts you need for a year, and you know what? There’s a reason those don’t work. The reason is that you’re just putting a bandaid on a gaping wound. Ouch. Sorry, I told you I was going to be real with you!

Those courses don’t work because your content isn’t attached to a strategy so it doesn’t make sense. You’re just posting content to gain followers instead of using your content as part of an overall strategy. This goes back to the 3 real reasons your content isn’t working that I shared above. To solve this issue, I’ve created a simple formula for creating a cohesive content calendar that is easy to implement and make you money. 

How Will the Core Content Code Help You?

First we are going to get really clear about your message. And then we are going to choose your core content and create a strategy. I will also be sharing tips for stretching your content so you don’t have to waste time creating content that isn’t effective. I want you to stop staring blankly at your cursor wondering if it’s this hard for everyone to create content and I don’t want you to frantically stay up all night trying to get your blog posts and podcasts done so they can be published the next day.

You need to be confident in the content you’re creating and feel peace about how effective your content will be at attracting your ideal customers. This course will be the foundation for how you can create content in a way that will give you your life back. It will show you how to create effective content that aligns with your content strategy to grow your business.  

This course will be available on October 22, 2020, here. I’m so excited to share this information with you and to show you how easy it can be to create a content bank and create content that works for you! Content creation should not take over your whole life. Instead, content creation should be a part of your overall business strategy. Find out how I make my content work for me in my new course, The Core Content Code, here. And catch up with me on Instagram @iammichellegifford for more business building tips, tricks, and lessons!


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