the secret to creating a brand message that sells.

The Secret to Creating a Brand Message that Sells


The Secret to Creating a Brand Message that Sells

Do you ever wonder how you can start creating content that speaks volumes to one specific person? Well, it comes down to your brand messaging. I am so excited to share the secret to creating a brand message that sells with you! In my marketing agency, I always start with brand messaging with my clients because this can change everything for your business. Alright, let’s get started!



This is actually the first lesson in my Business Mom School! Are you signed up yet? Make sure you join HERE, so you can get all the resources you need to take your business to the next level. It’s totally free to join, you just have to show up and do the work. I am going to guide you through a step-by-step process to make sure the foundations of your business are set up correctly. It’s going to be great!

Before jumping into your brand messaging, you need to know about my Iceberg Principle first. This principle does a great job of illustrating what the foundations of your business should look like. There are 5 levels in this principle and the base level is “making your mark” which is your brand messaging. This is what we’ll be talking about in this post.

Check out my post HERE to learn more about my Iceberg Principle. (Psst..just open it in a new tab and have it saved to refer back to because you’re going to want to remember this one!)


the secret to creating a brand message that sells.


The Secret to Creating a Brand Message that Sells

You may be wondering why you even need a solid brand message because you may not be very big on Instagram, or whatever. But Donald Miller always says that marketing is a practice in memorization. So that means we have to say things over and over again in order for our audience to really understand what we’re saying and why we are saying it. 

And the other important thing to remember is we cannot put the burden of our message onto our followers. If we are just showing up and saying random things without a brand messaging strategy in place, then our audience will have to sift through all of our words to try and grasp onto something that actually resonates with them. They are not going to do that. They will eventually leave.

So, we are not going to have any more of that! Once you learn the secret to creating a brand message that sells you are going to feel much more confident with how you show up for your audience. OK, let’s start with the 5 P’s of a solid brand message.


5 P’s of a Solid Brand Message

Brand Message P #1: Person

Who is the person you need to talk to? This is where you will learn how to niche down to serve one specific person. A lot of people are worried about only talking to one person, but the truth is if you talk to everyone, no one listens because it doesn’t resonate with them.

So, think about that one specific person you are trying to serve. Where do they spend their money? Their time? Maybe they spend their money at Target and Nordstrom Rack. Finding this out helps you pinpoint a very specific type of person, right? And that’s exactly what you want.

The whole reason you are here is to solve your person’s problem and help them become better, so we have to know them personally. So, the more specific you can get on this, the more effective your brand messaging will be.


Brand Message P #2: Problem

What problem does your person have? If you’re a plant shop, then your ideal person’s problem is wanting to buy plants. If you’re a photographer, then your ideal person’s problem is wanting professional photos taken. So, it’s quite simple to figure out, but you need to make sure that you have this specific person in mind with the problem they are facing. 

Having this outlined will paint a picture of your ideal person and how you can do a better job at serving them. Now, you may still have people who follow you that may not fit this specific type of person, and that’s great! I know I focus on business moms for my brand messaging, and I know I have several who are not moms and I welcome you all the same! 

But it’s better to speak to a specific audience so it resonates better. And you’ll know it’s resonating with them because there will be a lot of comments on your posts, DMs sent to you about your content and other things like that. 


Talk, Think, Feel Formula

So when I think about the problem I break it down into my “talk, think, feel” formula. This formula has made millions of dollars for me and my clients. This really changes everything because it all comes down to knowing how your people talk about their problem, think about their problem, and feel about their problem. 

Walking through this formula will help you get to the root of how your person is feeling about their problem. They are talking about their problem in one way, but how they are thinking and feeling about it is at a much deeper level and you want to resonate with them in that place so they know you can really help them solve it. 

So, how do you find out how they are talking, thinking, and feeling about their problem? Pay attention to the words your audience is using in messages to you, on the comments in your post, on client calls, etc., and take note of it. These are the words you will be using in your brand messaging because you know they will resonate with your audience.


brand messaging for beginners.


Brand Message P #3: Product

The product, what you’re selling, is the solution to their problem. I like to break this up into two groups–free and paid products. For example, my free product is my Business Mom School where I’m giving away free content teaching you how to build a business. And then I also sell products that you can purchase where I offer more specific services like branding, graphic design, content strategy, etc. 

So, write down what products you offer–free and for sale–and see how these products are solving the problem that your specific audience has. And you can even take it a step further and write down how these products (especially the free ones) are making you money. This exercise will help you pivot if you need to and reflect on how you can better serve your audience through your products.


Brand Message P #4: Promise of Transformation

The promise of transformation is actually what people are buying, right? People don’t take a course just to take a course, they take it because of the promise attached to it. For example, you wouldn’t take a course to learn how to use Pinterest, but you would take it to learn how Pinterest can grow your business. See the difference?

So, think about the transformation your specific person wants and how your product can promise that to them. What type of person do they want to become? Who are they going to be once they say yes to you? Write those answers down. Writing it down will help you know how to word it in your actual brand messaging which will make more people want to buy your products.


Brand Message P #5: Personal Authority

So, why should someone trust you over someone else? Think about your experience, your training, your personality, and your perspective. There are one or more reasons why people prefer you over someone else. (Just like you’re choosing to read my content instead of another business marketing expert. Thanks for being here, by the way!) So, just like there are reasons why you follow me, there are reasons why your followers prefer you as well. There are certain things that make you uniquely qualified to serve the people you are serving. Do not shortchange yourself because you’re worried that you’re not “expert” enough. 

There is always going to be someone three steps ahead of you, and three steps behind you. Do not waste your time comparing yourself to other people who do what you do. Because you are the only one who does it the way you do, and your people will find you and they will love you and buy into your business. By the time we are done here, you are going to be able to clearly and confidently say exactly why you’re qualified to do what you do. Period.  


you are uniquely qualified to serve your audience.


The Secret to Creating a Brand Message that Sells

Alright, now you have the 5 P’s of a solid brand message. What’s next? First, take a deep breath and smile because you probably feel a little bit of weight lifted off of your shoulders because you have a clear direction of where you need to go. Like I always say, clarity brings action.

The next thing you’re going to do is create your elevator pitch. This is just 2-3 sentences you use to talk about your business if someone were to ask you what it is. I know an elevator pitch isn’t necessarily and new idea in business, but I believe in this principle so strongly because we are so weird about this practice–especially as moms. 

You can probably think back to a time when someone asked you what you do and you probably answered something like, “Oh I have this little thing where I teach people how to do “x” and it’s great.” But you should have a quick few sentences that confidently and correctly explain what you do and how you are the owner of a business you created. That is a big deal and something to be celebrated! 

Your elevator pitch should include who you are, who you serve, how you serve them, and a call to action. After writing it down, practice saying it a few times so it doesn’t sound robotic. Get to a point where you can let it naturally flow out in a conversation. 

Speaking of, you want to write and talk about it in a way that sparks conversation–not create silence. Use words that people understand, even if they know nothing about your type of niche. That way you can invite them to either use your services or share it with a friend who would be interested.


Where to Use Your Brand Message

  • Instagram Bio

In your Instagram bio, you want to have what you do, why people care, and what you want them to do. For example, for mine, I’d say something like I’m Michelle Gifford and I help moms in business learn how to grow a profitable business online through my Business Mom School. Sign up here! 

So, go ahead and add your brand message to your Instagram bio and see how you like it. Leave it there for a couple of weeks and then change it later if you want. It’s normal to always tweak your messaging as you continue to learn and grow in your business.


  • Website Landing Page

The next place to put your brand messaging is on your website landing page. We do this for clients all of the time. We figure out their brand messaging and then we apply it to their landing pages on their website because we want that messaging to be so crystal clear and also completely throughout all of their content and website, so people can see it matches all across the board. (i.e. Instagram bio, podcast, sales page, Pinterest bio, etc.)


  • Content Creation

Content creation is another place you want to use your brand messaging. OK, we covered what type of person you serve and how to solve their problem. Now, you will be able to put in your content how your product can be that bridge to helping them get there.

Think about what steps your person needs to take and base your content around that. Your content should take them on a journey that leads them to buy your products which will solve their problem. Now, you have a clear path on what type of content to post! You won’t need to wonder what to post next. You’ll always know your posts should be leading your audience to solve their problem by purchasing your products.


brand messaging tips you don't want to miss.


The Secret to Creating a Brand Message that Sells

Alright friends, this post makes the first day of my Business Mom School officially in the books! Make sure you sign up because there are worksheets that go with this lesson that will make doing the work so much easier for you. I am so happy I got to share the secret to creating a brand message that sells. And I cannot wait to see what your new brand messaging looks like! 

If you have any questions or just want to reach out, send me a DM on Instagram, and let’s chat! You can find me @iammichellegifford and make sure to follow me so you can stay up to date with the best tips on growing a successful brand online! 



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