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13 Things You Can Send to Your Email List

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13 Things You Can Send to Your Email List

Do you wish you had a way to talk directly to your followers? Or a way you could take them on a customer journey with you? An email list is what does that for you. Having an email list now–no matter where you are in your business–is what will build your community of followers. I know it can be tricky coming up with valuable content for your people, so I created this resource list of 13 things you can send to your email list. 

An email list is what creates a way to talk to your audience on your terms. No restriction from Instagram or other social media sites who will monitor or regulate what or how you talk to your followers. I can’t tell you how important this is! You want to have a space that you control with what and how your content is seen by your people. This is the best way to build a strong community and provide a customer journey for each member of that community. 


Find what works for you when sending content to your email list.


Your email list can be really simple, so try not to overthink it. If you come up with an email list content strategy, the actual emails can be really quick to create. Remember, the emails can be quite short, but still attention grabbing. Here’s 13 things you can send to your email list that will definitely draw in your customers. 


Idea #1: Free Downloads

People love getting free things. Really hone in on your target audience, so your freebies can be useful to them. Plus, if your freebies end up being useful it’ll build trust with your followers and they will be more likely to stay and buy some of your other products. 


Idea #2: Behind the Scenes

This one really helps build a relationship with your people. People love to feel close to their influencers. Even if they don’t see you in person, they can still feel like they have a real friendship with you. This behind the scenes look at how you run things will create that. Plus, it’s educational for all those who are wanting to do the same thing. 


Idea #3: Recommendations

This one could be really simple with giving quick tips to topics in your niche. It will be valuable to your subscribers and improve on what they can expect to gain from you by being one of your followers. Just think of a product related to your brand, or products you use to help establish your brand and those are the products you can recommend. For example, if you were a photographer you could recommend specific types of cameras and other equipment. 


Own your community by using an email list.


Idea #4: Recap of Podcast/Blog/Youtube Video

I’m all about stretching content across multiple platforms. (Have you heard of my Core Content Code?) Sending an abbreviated version of your blog post, podcast, or YouTube video is always a good idea. It will send more people to your content and it will give your subscribers something they will enjoy. Don’t hesitate in sharing your content because if they subscribed to you, they must like what you have to say. 


Idea #5: A Quality Instagram Post

If there’s an extra special Instagram post you made, take that opportunity to spread the message to more of your followers. It could be a personal story that motivates and connects you to your followers or a deal you don’t want them to miss out on.


Idea #6: Surveys

Sending a survey to your email list is a perfect opportunity for you to involve your followers and learn more about them at the same time. The engagement of your audience means a lot more than how many are in your audience. The surveys can be really quick and simple. In fact, the simpler they are the more engagement your audience will give you.


Idea #7: Personal Stories

People love personal stories! People relate to personal stories because they realize they are not the only ones having that experience. Once they see they share the same thing as you, they’ll see you as their advocate. Personal stories are one of the best ways to take your customers on their journey with you and your business. 


Find your content ideas for your email list.


Idea #8: Remix Old Content

This is a great way to recycle your older content. With this one, you’re adding to what you’ve already created rather than having to come up with yet another new idea. We love stretching that content!


Idea #9: Industry News

This is an easy way to keep your readers up to date. This also builds your credibility because it shows you’re following the latest trends and updates in the area you claim to be an expert in. People love when they can get their news from a source they trust, which is super hard to find these days. Help them know you can be their trusted source by sharing the latest and being transparent about it.


Idea #10: Sales

Let your followers know when you have a new deal out for your products! Everyone loves a good deal, especially on products from the influencers they love. Once you hone in on your target audience, those people will want to spend their money on your products. Wondering how to find more followers who will support your brand? Click here for tips on how to get really specific on who you serve and how you serve them. 


Idea #11: Testimonials

This builds your credibility and also builds your community. Not only do you want your followers to get to know you better, but you want them to get to know each other better. Plus, seeing those testimonials is a good reminder for you that you can do this whole biz mom thing


Idea #12: Product Highlight

Highlight one of your products whether it’s new, useful for that season, or an older one you want to showcase again. Follow the trends of what your audience is into and find a product that will pair with that, either as an enhancement or solution to their problem. An easy start to this is to think about the season you’re in and what products would pair well with that season. What would people want to be using in that season? And then showcase that product while showing how it connects to that season.


Idea #13: Tutorials

Educational material is always a great idea. Your people naturally want to learn more from you, so this is a great go-to for your email content. There’s tons of quick tutorials you can video yourself doing and then turn it into a reference list for an email. (Another tip for stretching content!)


Use these simple content ideas to send to your email list.


I hope you feel prepared to start that email content plan now with 13 things you can send to your email list. I feel like this is the perfect opportunity for you to join my email list! I’d love to have you and help you turn your biz into one built to last. 

If you want even more encouragement and tips, follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford. I have a lot of fun on there with my community and I’d love for you to join in! I’ll be there waiting to welcome you with biz mom tips and tricks.

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