how to stop caring what people think about you and your

3 Big Secrets of How to Stop Caring What People Think

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3 Big Secrets of How to Stop Caring What People Think

Do you ever find yourself not posting something because you’re afraid of what someone might think? Not caring what other people think isn’t just a switch we can turn off (unfortunately). Instead, it comes from learned skills and putting those into daily practice. I had the chance to talk with Lisa Funk, founder of Hand Lettered Design, on this topic. She shares 3 big secrets of how to stop caring what people think.



If you haven’t heard of Lisa Funk, she is absolutely amazing!! She is my personal life coach and one of my best friends. She also runs a brilliant business, Hand Lettered Design. Her biz is actually the coolest thing! All of her courses and workbooks that teach you hand lettering also teach you how to be more mindful through the uplifting words and quotes you are writing. With that being said, she is one of the best people I know who can talk about how to stop caring what people think about us. 

Lisa has done quite a bit of mindfulness work (things like mantras, affirmations, meditation. etc.) and has learned that when we take the time to love ourselves and believe in the work we are doing, what other people think doesn’t weigh as heavy on us anymore. Sounds so good, right? Let’s dive into the 3 big secrets of how to stop caring what people think.


how to stop caring what people think about you.


3 Big Secrets of How to Stop Caring What People Think

The truth is, we all want to not care what people think about us, but we all do. We know the feeling when we go to post something and we just feel scared that we will get embarrassed from it. But there is a way to stop this cycle. These 3 big secrets will cover how to not care what other people think, how to create thoughts that serve us, and how to act from our center and not outside influences. 

(Tune in to the podcast episode if you can! There’s so much more goodness on the episode than what’s covered in this post.)


Secret #1: How to Stop Caring What People Think – Normalize this feeling.

It is totally normal to care what people think! It’s just not helpful to care what people think. So, don’t beat yourself up for thinking this way. There are two things that help normalize this thought pattern and not let it overpower you. 

1. It’s not about you. It’s about them.

People’s thoughts and comments about what you do completely comes from them. It has nothing to do with you. There are so many reasons why people comment what they do (good and bad) and it has nothing to do with who you are or what you did. 

2. Realize that you can never actually know what someone is thinking.

Even if someone tells you from their own mouth what they think about you or your biz, they really could be thinking something completely different. We will never really know what people think. So, we cannot make life decisions based on what other people “think” when we aren’t even sure if it’s true. All that does is hold us back from doing what we really want to do.

We all need to realize that most of the time, this fear of being embarrassed by what other people think about us doesn’t really come from what people think. It comes from what our minds project A.K.A what WE think THEY are thinking. Haha, so many layers to this, but it’s true!

It all comes down to the stories we tell ourselves. We need to write our stories that build us up and encourage us to be our true selves. That’s when we will really shine and resonate with the people we are meant to serve.


how to stop caring what people think about you.


Secret #2: How to Stop Caring What People Think – Get comfortable with who you are and what you do.

Have you ever chatted with a group of “friends” and heard them talk about the work you do in a doubtful way? Or have people question if your business is a legit thing and can have success from it? It’s not a very good feeling. And if you’re not sure about who you are and the why behind your business, then moments like this could really confuse you.

Take time to get comfortable with who you are, what you do, what you want, and why you want it. Spend this time on your own and figure out what you really think and believe. This could look like you writing it down, saying it to yourself every morning, or just taking a minute or two to think about it every day. That way when people say things about you or your biz that could cause doubt, you can come back to these core beliefs.

A lot of times we just rush through every day from one thing to the next, but it’s important to take the time to know and be comfortable with your beliefs about yourself and your business. These core beliefs will carry you through any outside influence that challenges you. 


how to own who you are no matter what others think.


Secret #3: How to Stop Caring What People Think – Intentionally change your thoughts to ones that serve you.

Your brain has a conscious and subconscious part. Your subconscious is running all day long whether you notice it or not. If you train yourself to slow down and realize what thoughts are passing through your subconscious, you can start to quiet the thoughts that don’t serve you. And then you’ll have more room to think thoughts that DO serve you.

Let’s apply this skill to what we’re talking about. 

Example: You are about to post a reel that makes you feel vulnerable. You have the thought, “People are gonna think I’m so weird for posting this.” Pause. Recognize that thought, and then reframe it. Because the truth is, people probably won’t think you’re weird for posting it AND if they do, then they aren’t the people you should be worried about anyway.

This is when you bring it back to your core beliefs about your business. Think about why you created this biz in the first place and the passion you have for making your dreams come true. Those beliefs should be what drives you, not the fear of what people could or could not believe about you.  


what i think about myself matters more than what others think of me.


3 Big Secrets of How to Stop Caring What People Think

I’m so grateful for Lisa and her wisdom on these 3 big secrets of how to stop caring what people think! And I have to share what my mom always told me growing up: No one thinks about you as much as you think they think about you. 

And truth be told, we can never just stop caring what people think altogether. BUT we can shift to a new mindset. What we think about ourselves matters more to us than the potential thoughts of what others think about us. There is power in that. 

If you want more mindfulness tips like this, follow Lisa on Instagram @handlettereddseign. And you can follow me @iammichellegifford for all the tips and tricks on running and growing a successful biz! And if you really loved this post and want more, you can join my Money Makers Coaching Group where we are building each other up all the time! You’ll have access to all of my courses, coaching, and be a part of the most amazing community. 

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