how to find your why for your business.

How to Find Your Why and How it Will Change Your Business

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How to Find Your Why and How it Will Change Your Business 

Do you know your “why” for your business? The why behind what you do and what you stand for is the core of your business. It’s what drives every decision you make and moves your business forward. By the end of this post, you will have a clear idea of how to find your why and how it will change your business. Let’s jump in! 



If you missed my last post about declaring this year the year of the Money Maker, make sure to check it out–or you can listen to my podcast episode about it here. That’s where I explain my initiative to help you make more money for your business this year. (Believe me, it’s going to be magical!) I’m sharing all of my business secrets with you all throughout the year to help you get there too. 

And when I say business secrets, that’s really what they are. These are business tactics I’ve used for 15+ years for my own business, my bigger brand clients, and for the hundreds of women I’ve coached in helping grow a sustainable business. 

I believe God is calling women to stand up and speak out like never before, and I want to be one of the first ones who invite you to own that calling. That’s why I’m sharing my Money Maker Method with all of you, and even taking a deeper dive into each step to make sure you can get a firm grip on it and implement it into your business strategy. 


4 ways to discover what you stand for in your business.


How to Find Your Why and How it Will Change Your Business

Now that I’ve given you a little bit of background, it’ll make more sense when I say in this post we are talking about the first step of the Money Maker Method, which is “Make Your Mark.” This step is all about how to find your why and how it will change your business. 

I had some unexpected things happen last October that led me to revisit my deep why for my business. That’s when I created my manifesto. I made a list of the things I truly believe in and it helped me pivot my business to better serve those beliefs. That’s why I declare this year the year of the Money Maker and want as many women as possible to hear me when I say when women make money, they make magic. 

I want you to be so sure of your deep why that there’s no question in what you’ll do when obstacles show up unexpectedly. It’s time to make your mark. There are 4 things you need to know in order to know what your why is and what you stand for. They are:

  1. Your deep why.
  2. What you are fighting against.
  3. Your founding story.
  4. Your war cries. 

the secret to discovering your deep why for your business.


How to Find Your Why Step #1: Use the toddler approach to discover your deep why.

If you haven’t heard of the toddler approach, you can probably guess what it is. This is where you ask why repeatedly until you get to the root of your cause. While asking why over and over again may be annoying when it comes from your toddler, it can actually be quite empowering when it comes from yourself. 

This toddler approach is what gets you from thinking on the surface to digging deeper and discovering what’s rooted to your core. That why is the one you want and is what will keep you grounded no matter what your future holds. So, give it a try. Ask yourself why you do what you do three or four times (at least) and see what answer you find. 


How to Find Your Why Step #2: Identify what you are fighting against.

Identifying what you are fighting against will easily uncover what you are fighting for. Starting with what you are against gives you both sides without the extra effort. So, what makes you so heated and angry? What gets you so boiling mad or passionate that it gets you to act a certain way? 

Knowing the answer to these questions will help you know your values and what’s important to you. For me, I’m tired of courses or programs that are thousands of dollars because that limits access to a lot of women who maybe can’t afford it. 

My product is for women who are just starting out in their business, so it’s understandable if they can’t pour a ton of money into it right away, but still need and deserve the support. That’s why I’ve made my Money Makers Coaching Program SO affordable with absolutely amazing resources. And that’s also why I’m giving away so much free education through my podcast. I want there to be options for you who are new because the world is already better just because you showed up. 


what you can do for your small business right now to make it more successful.


How to Find Your Why Step #3: Write down your founding story. 

Most of us have started a business because of a story. It’s either come from something you’ve overcome or it’s come from something feel strongly about and started a business to help in that regard. When we share these stories we relate to our followers and remind them that we are a person too. It’s also really powerful that your entire business is founded on a why. 

So, what is your story? Have you written it down? Practice writing it in different ways, saying it in a concise yet powerful way, and using it on different platforms. I talk about my founding story all the time because it’s so relatable and there are tons of lessons in it. My guess is yours is a lot like that too. 


How to Find You Why Step #4: List your war cries. 

First of all, what are war cries? War cries are things you say all the time to rally your troops. It’s the things your audience can relate with you on because you say it over and over. Can you think of your war cries? Write them down. Maybe there are some new ones you want to start implementing too. 

Are there any war cries you’ve noticed from other influencers or people you follow on Instagram? Come chat with me on Instagram about some you’ve seen! I’d love to talk about it and get to know you better. You can find me @iammichellegifford


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How to Find Your Why and How it Will Change Your Business

I hope you found this post on how to find your why and how it will change your business helpful for you. Be sure to listen to my full podcast episode to get all the tips on this step of making your mark! While I did list the basics on this post, I share things on the podcast that you can’t get anywhere else. 

I’m so happy you’re here and I can’t wait to see what comes for us in this new year! If you want to get all the latest tips and tricks on my Money Maker Method, text “money maker” to 951-309-7885. If you text, you can expect to get monthly updates from me, so we can track how fast our Money Maker community can make a million this year! This will be such a fun way to cheer each other on and stay motivated in making money. (And maybe even overcome that weird feeling you have about money. Click here to learn more about that!) 

You’re also more than welcome to join my Money Maker Coaching Group where you will have access to all of my courses, one-on-one coaching with me, and a community of women who are right there with you on this business journey. 


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