How to Make More Money in Your Small Business 

I’m not weird about money. This is a mantra I’ve told myself over and over again for the past few years. It has helped me have a healthy mindset about money, especially as a mom and small business owner. The more you improve your mindset about money, the more money you can make and use for good. Here are my tips on how to make more money in your small business. 



Sometimes talking about money can make people feel a little bit weird. I used to feel that way too, but I’ve worked on this a lot and I am finally to a point where I can talk about money and how much I love making it because I know that when women make money, they make magic. 

And I want to point out that this magic and money-making talk isn’t referring to only those who make six figures or who hustle day in and day out. This magic can be seen and felt by all of you, no matter how much money you’re making. 

I think I made $300 the very first time I made any income from my small business and I was able to buy Christmas presents for my family that year. That was magic! No matter where you’re at in your business, celebrate right where you are and know that you are making magic and sharing it with others in the world. 

how to talk about money without it feeling weird.


How to Make More Money in Your Small Business 

I really do believe when women make money, they make magic. Recently I did a poll on my Instagram, asking all of you what the money in your business has helped you do. Reading all of your answers gets me a little bit teary and only makes me believe my mantra even more! When women make money, they make magic. (You can tune in to my podcast to hear some of the answers.) 


Money Making Step #1: Make Goals

This is a pretty basic step. Making goals is what helps us know what direction to go next, but it can get tricky when we make too many goals at once. In my Money Makers group, I will help you focus and prioritize your goals, so you can stay focused and actually see your business make more money than it ever has. 

how to stop feeling weird about money once and for all.


Money Making Step #2: Track Goals

Take that extra step of tracking your goals after making them. Tracking your goals will help you know where you’re lacking and what you need to tweak in order to meet your goals. You can text “money maker” to 951.309.7885 to get my goal tracker sheet


Money Making Step #3: Celebrate Goals 

Celebrating your goals makes making money so much for fun! In fact, celebrating makes everything more fun. And we will be doing a lot of that in Money Makers as we are cheering each other on and giving away prizes and more each month! 

why you should stop feeling weird about money.


How to Make More Money in Your Small Business 

You’ve probably heard these 3 steps to making more money before, maybe even a few times. But how many of us do these three things consistently? I am declaring 2022 the year of the Money Maker, and these three steps are what will take us there. I am ready to take you there and have some success with money this coming year! Are you ready for that too?

If you join my Money Makers group, I will be there right alongside you the entire year, coaching you and cheering you on in your money-making journey. We will all be doing that for each other. I also thought it would be fun if we anonymously submitted how much money we make from our business each month and see how fast we can hit a million dollars as a community! 

If you want in on this fun and motivational community, click here to join Money Makers. I would LOVE to have you there and I promise you will love it too! If you’re not quite ready to join, you can follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford to get tips and tricks on running and growing a business built to last. 

when women make money, they make magic.

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How to Make More Money in Your Small Business 

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