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3 Mistakes to Stop Making on Instagram & How to Batch Reels

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3 Mistakes to Stop Making on Instagram & How to Batch Reels

Ever wonder what you’re doing wrong on Instagram? Why aren’t you getting more followers? Where should you be focusing in order to grow your following faster? These are all questions I’ve had too, and my 30-day Instagram experiment is giving me–and you–all the answers we need. Here are my 3 mistakes to stop making on Instagram & how to batch reels. 



You may have heard of my 30-day Instagram experiment I’m doing this month. If not, there’s still time to join in with me! (Scroll to the bottom to see how to get free content for growing your Instagram account.) Anyway, I’ve noticed some mistakes I’ve been making during my experiment, so I’m shifting it a little bit to hopefully bring a more successful outcome! 

It wasn’t until I was giving some advice to one of my clients that I realized I needed to hear the exact same thing. It was the answer to my setbacks I was experiencing with creating my new Instagram account where I’ve only been talking about Instagram and teaching tips on how to use it as a tool to grow your business. 


3 Mistakes to Stop Making on Instagram


instagram tips and tricks for the entrepreneur and influencer.


Mistake #1: Scattering my efforts.

The advice I was giving my client (who I mentioned earlier) was to not start a brand new Instagram account, but to start turning her current account into what she wants it to be. It’s really hard (and can take a long time) to gain followers, so it’s better to start with what you have than to start all the way over. 

Then, I realized–I started a brand new account of @michelleteachesinsta for my Instagram experiment to teach Instagram tips and tricks when I already teach it on my original account @iammichellegifford. Why was I scattering my efforts??

I was posting on separate accounts, making double the content, but talking to the exact same audience. So I scratched the michelle teaches insta account and will be continuing my experiment on my original account. 

Learning from my mistake, are there places where you are scattering your efforts, but don’t need to be? Maybe you have an Instagram account and a Facebook group, but really only need one. (Personally, the day I deleted my Facebook group and told them to come over to Instagram was the best decision I ever made.) Just see where your audience is and do what’s best for your business. 


how to grow your business on instagram in a quick and successful way.


Mistake #2: Not planning ahead.

Now, this mistake of not planning ahead may seem like common sense, but just because we know something doesn’t mean we always do it. In the first week of my experiment, I had all my reels prepped and scheduled out for the entire week. It went great. Then, the next week came and I didn’t prepare my reels like I did last time. I was so behind that I started to feel overwhelmed. 

If you stay ahead, your content will be better because you’re creating it from a strategic place rather than from a desperate place. And, believe me, the more strategic you are about your content the better results you will have. Plus, you’ll feel more confident as an entrepreneur. You’ll feel like you are the one running your business rather than your business running you. 


Mistake #3: Breaking one of my cardinal rules for business–If it isn’t fun, it isn’t profitable, and it isn’t effective, stop doing it and change course.

How could I forget my cardinal rule of business?! Who knows, but I’m glad I remembered it sooner rather than later. It’s such a good rule to live by–your business should be fun, profitable and effective! 

My strategy in trying to build this brand new Instagram account did not follow any part of this cardinal rule. Suddenly, my content creation wasn’t fun anymore. I was just stressed about what all I needed to do. The content creation for this was even taking me away from some of the money making parts of my business, which should never happen. Making this shift back to my original account was the best decision!


values your business should be held by.


How to Batch Reels

Now that we’ve gotten things in place and we know that using our original Instagram account is what’s best, it’s time to start amping it up–with reels! Like I’ve said before, reels are the BEST way to grow your following because they can be seen by people who do not follow you. In other words, your reels is what helps new people discover you and become your new followers. It can be challenging at first to create reels, so here’s my 3 simple steps on how to batch reels to help ease that learning curve.


Step #1: Watch and save reels.

Set up a time to scroll through reels to find some of your favorites. You might like the audio, the idea behind the reel, etc. Whatever it is, save the reel so you can refer back to it later when creating your own reels. 


Step #2: Video all your reels in one day.

I devote one day a week where I film all of my reels. It helps if it’s planned for a day when you know your kids will be gone and your house is quiet. I like to do it all in one day because I can plan it out and have my hair and makeup done for the day before I start videoing. 

Pro tip: Be sure to change your shirt a few times in between videos, so you’re not wearing the same shirt for all your reels!

Once you’re finished filming, make sure you save all of your videos to your camera roll. I’ve heard of people who filmed all their reels and then couldn’t find them on their Instagram later! I also like batching the reels all in one day because it’s one and done! Don’t worry about finishing up the edits. You can do this later…which brings me to step #3. 


Step #3: Add words and captions. 

Add words and captions to your reels on a different day. You don’t need any prep for this part, so you can do this at random times. (Like waiting in the carpool line to pick up your kids from school.) Then you have all your reels done for a good chunk of time! It feels so good when you’re done! Plus, it’s pretty fun to make them too and see how they turn out. 


why reels are so important for your instagram account.


I hope you got some valuable insight for your business from these 3 mistakes to stop making on Instagram & how to batch reels. Sometimes we might feel like we are trapped in a decision we’ve made. But I’m here to show you that instead of failing in the spot you’re in, adapt it and turn it into something better. 

I’m still keeping my commitment to my experiment, I’m just changing it so it can be more successful and I can feel like what I’m doing is more worthwhile for myself and my business. So, follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford for tips and tricks for running and growing a business! And, as promised, text “instagram” to 951.309.7885 to join in on this experiment with me and get free tips and encouragement for growing your Instagram account.

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