Try my 30-day Instagram Experiment with Me

I love doing experiments with business. It’s a fun way to learn and grow as an entrepreneur and your business as a whole. I decided to try a brand new experiment and I want to tell you all about it. I even want you to try my 30-day Instagram experiment with me. Are you in?! 



I get it. You probably want a little more detail before you jump into this experiment with me. I’m planning to use three strategies to grow a brand new Instagram account I created, @michelleteachesinsta. But not just grow it casually–I’m planning for it to grow faster than my main Instagram account has in the past month. 

I’ll be using 3 strategies to make this happen. I’m so excited to see what will work and what things I will learn from the things that don’t. I’d LOVE for you to try this with me on your own Instagram account. Here’s the 3 strategies I plan to use to grow my @michelleteachesinsta account. 


3 Strategies for my 30-day Instagram Experiment 


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Strategy #1: Really Niche Content

I am planning to be SUPER niche with my content on this account. I will be talking all about Instagram. The tips and tricks to using the different tools, how to use the algorithm to your advantage, etc. This will be my only topic and I think it’ll be super effective. 

Having really niche content will make it so my followers will know what to expect from me and help them understand the value I will provide for them. My niche content will also train the Instagram algorithm to know exactly what content I create. Even my hashtags and alt text will be all about Instagram. 

Focusing only on one topic will also make my creation process a breeze. Since I know the one thing I’m talking about, it’ll be much easier for me to think of content ideas and then create them. I’m so excited to see what this will bring to my account (& to yours if you decide to join me). 


Strategy #2: Consistent Content Strategy

My new account will have complete consistency in my content strategy. I will have a carousel post in the morning and a reel in the evening, every day. This is important because all the content you post trains the Instagram algorithm AND your followers what type of content you post and when you will post it. 

The more consistent you are, the easier it will be for everyone to know what to expect from you. There will be no confusion in your content which will lead to people knowing for sure if they want to follow you or not. 


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Strategy #3: Reels Every Day 

I know reel every day falls into the consistent content strategy, but I wanted to point out how monumental reels are for your Instagram account. It has a lot to do with the Instagram Reel algorithm. (You can read more about that algorithm here.)

Reels have a similar algorithm to TikTok videos. Meaning, people do not have to follow you in order to see your reels. The algorithm makes it so your reel will show up for anyone that shows interest in that type of content. This is a big deal! 

Reels help grow your account more than any other tool on Instagram. It’s how you are discovered by new people and gain more followers. If you’re still a little nervous about reels, read this blog post about 3 reels you can do today. 

tips and tricks to growing fast on Instagram.


My Predictions for my 30-Day Instagram Experiment 

I predict two things will happen from this 30-day Instagram experiment. 

  • Prediction #1: I predict this account will grow faster in 30 days than my main Instagram account has grown in the past month. 
  • Prediction #2: I predict I’m going to get really good at reels. Haha. If I’m doing 10 reels a week, I hope I’ll get better at them! 

I know this experiment is quite a business sprint, but there is power in a sprint. I am super interested to find out if pushing it really hard for 30 days will bring greater results than it will for me to do a little here and a little there. 

I’d love for you to join me in this experiment! I want us to grow, and this experiment will be such a fun way to see if it’ll work. Are you in?

Reels is the best tool to growing fast on Instagram.


Next Steps to Try my 30-day Instagram Experiment with Me 

If you want to try my 30-day Instagram experiment with me, here are your next steps: 

  • Step #1: Follow both of my Instagram accounts: @iammichellegifford and @michelleteachesinsta
  • Step #2: Check out my Rock the Reels challenge.
  • Step #3: Text “Instagram” to 951.309.7885 to join my Instagram party! I’ll be sending tips and encouragement to everyone who joins throughout the 30 days! (Be sure to text this number even if you’ve texted it before in the past.)

I really want to grow this month. I want that for me and for you. It’ll be so fun to learn through this together! I’m planning to do a recap next month of how it went–what worked and what didn’t, so you can look forward to that! I hope to see you in my texts! 


Try my 30-day Instagram Experiment with Me

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