Have you heard of Instagram Reels? It’s a new and fun way of sharing content on Instagram. Think TikTok, but on Instagram! Now, you might wonder why you should try it and how it can build your business. I’ve got the details on what Instagram Reels is, how to create and share your first Reel, […]

Content marketing is everything right now. I’m really passionate about content marketing. You might think that you aren’t doing content marketing, but I have to disagree! If you are creating content for Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, a podcast, Twitter, you are creating that content to build a following which is how you are building your business. […]

I have been in business for over 13 years now. In that time, I’ve used a lot of apps, websites, and products to grow my businesses. Some products and companies worked well for me, and others did not. To help you as you build your business, here is my ultimate list of my favorite products […]

How to use Tailwind for Instagram why I made the switch Being a content creator and a mom to five kids, planning my content and scheduling it out is a game-changer for making sure that I show up for my audience and for my family.  There is nothing worse than having a kid get a […]

How to Use Planoly to Schedule Instagram Ever wonder how others manage to keep their Instagram posts updated and fresh all week? Let’s face it. It takes a lot of work to plan, prep, and produce your Instagram posts, and many of you are posting several times a week. What if I told you there […]

Get Started with Planoly As entrepreneurs, influencers, and business leaders we are perpetually on the lookout for time-savers that still enable us to produce the quality work our clients and followers have come to expect. Planoly helps me do just that with my Instagram content. If you haven’t heard of Planoly yet, it’s an app […]

  Ever wonder what to post and when on Instagram? Michelle is tackling the REAL question behind content creation. In this episode, you’ll learn: -what to post -when to post -the real reason your content creation isn’t working Come comment on Instagram: instagram.com/iammichellegifford Join the Business Academy: iammichellegifford.com/businessacademy


How to batch your Instagram content Ready to save you time, well I’m going to be teaching you how to batch your Instagram content.  Did you know that you can look at your phone and see just how much time you are spending on Instagram?  Well, you can and it is terrifying.  Just knowing that […]

How to use Instagram Lives and Stories to grow your business The other day, I hopped on Instagram and did and Instagram Story all about my new sunglasses. I asked my followers if they were ridiculous or fun. And guess what, they answered.  70% thought they were fun and 30% said ridiculous. That isn’t the amazing […]

How to do Stories and Lives on Instagram How to do Stories and Lives on Instagram Instagram is fun but when you start using it for business, it can get confusing.  In this post, I’m going to be breaking down how to use Insta stories and Insta lives.  This step-by-step guide will help you get […]

How to do a Live Video for Maskcara or any other small business One of the easiest and most effective way to get your product out to your audience is to show them how to use it.  Facebook live and Instagram live have made this very easy to do.  In this quick post, I’m going […]

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