The Secret to Having Explosive (& Meaningful) Instagram Growth

It’s time for your Instagram account to explode. Aren’t you sick of working so hard at posting regularly but not getting the results you want? I’ve got the secret to having explosive (& meaningful) Instagram growth. And it’s all in my Grow the Gram course. Here’s everything you need to know before you join! 



Grow the Gram is my signature course where I help you build a strategy on Instagram. Too many of you need an Instagram strategy. Not having one feels super frustrating, right? You don’t understand how Instagram makes you money and you are tired of wasting time creating content that doesn’t work. I’ve heard this cry from so many of you, and that’s why I created Grow the Gram. 

My course proves that there can be a strategy to explode your account, go viral, and even increase your revenue. It doesn’t have to be a random win the Instagram algorithm picks. You can hold the fate of your business and finally understand and use Instagram as a tool in your toolbelt. 


the secret to having explosive and meaningful Instagram growth.


Grow the Gram: Upgrades

I made an upgrade to my Grow the Gram course that I think you are going to love! Before, my course was an 8-week intensive course where I’d show up and teach the modules every week. Now, I’ve recorded them and once you sign up you will have access to all the modules and can take them in your own time. 

Now, your Grow the Gram experience will last for one whole year. I noticed with my previous Grow the Gram students that they needed more support after those initial 8 weeks, so I made it last longer and added more coaching sessions to make sure you are getting the help you need with that initial Instagram growth and then to sustain it afterward.

I’ve added a live coaching call where I show up every week. Each week we will focus on something different. It could be taking a deep dive into your Instagram account, auditing your Instagram content, a Q&A session, an expert session where I bring in a guest to answer your questions, or coaching specifically on your emotional intelligence

The last upgrade is what I like to call “fun runs” which will happen every quarter. This is where we will spend 60 days really focused on one goal. The purpose of this is to have extra accountability and focus on a specific goal in mind. It can feel really big to try and do everything all at once to explode your Instagram account, but if you focus on one goal for 2 months that is much more fathomable and doable.


everything you need to have explosive growth on Instagram.


Who is Grow the Gram for?

If you are someone who has grown a bit on Instagram in the past, but you feel like Instagram changed overnight and now all of a sudden you can’t gain any new followers, Grow the Gram is for you.

Grow the Gram could also help you if you struggle to know what Instagram wants from you in order to grow. Or, if you’re ready to commit to growing on Instagram fast and want to avoid all the trial and error to make it happen. This course could even be for someone who is a social media manager who is in charge of growing their CEO’s business on Instagram. My tips and strategies will help you explode the account and you’ll finally feel like you have more control over your growth rather than leaving it up to Instagram.

Grow the Gram isn’t for you if…

  • You do not have a product to sell
  • You don’t have a need to make money from Instagram
  • You’re not willing to create content consistently
  • You don’t want to change


3 key strategies to explode your Instagram account.


How I Grew My Gram

About a year and a half ago, I was like you. I was mad that I was creating valuable content what felt like all the dang time and my followers wouldn’t budge. I’d have new ones join but have just as many–if not more–unfollow me the same day. Then one day, I decided to stop being mad about it and instead do something about it. 


Content Funnel: Attract, Nurture, Sell

I am a strategist by nature, so my strategy brain was working to try and figure out what I needed to change in order to work in Instagram’s favor. I switched up my strategy to include content funnels. I know these are a big deal and I use funnels for other things, so why not Instagram?

At the top of our Instagram content funnel, we have “new people.” This is what I call the attract phase. This phase covers the new people coming in who have never heard from you and they’re meeting you for the first time. 

The next phase of the content funnel is nurture. This is where you take those new people and turn them into followers. You do this by creating content that gets them to know you better and trust you as a content creator and business owner. 

The third and final phase is selling. This phase focuses on the people who purchase your products. You are leading people into this phase by nurturing them and showing up for them in your stories, dms, etc. 

The trick is finding the balance of creating content in each of these phases in order to grow your account, connect with your audience, and make some money. This is what we deep dive into in Grow the Gram. I help you create a strategy with this content funnel as your guide. This strategy is what exploded my account, my clients’ accounts, and my students’ accounts. That’s how I know this strategy works–it didn’t just work for me but for so many others too. 


#1 Instagram growth strategy.


The Secret to Having Explosive (& Meaningful) Instagram Growth

Are you ready to experience the secret to having explosive (& meaningful) Instagram growth? If you are serious about growing your Instagram account and your business, Grow the Gram is for you. You can sign up HERE! I can’t wait to help you grow your account far more than you ever thought possible. If you’re not quite ready for the course but want to keep in touch you can follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford

The Secret to Having Explosive (& Meaningful) Instagram Growth

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