How to Unlock the Power of Emotional Intelligence as a Biz Owner

Did you and your business just go through a huge change? Maybe you just took some big steps in shifting your business and your the change is about to happen. If there’s one thing I learned this past year it’s that if you want to accomplish bigger goals for your business you have to overcome the things that are holding you back. But how do you do that? Through emotional intelligence. Have you heard of it? Here’s how to unlock the power of emotional intelligence as a biz owner. 



I have the most amazing emotional intelligence coach, Natty Lewis, and I recently interviewed her about all of her expert advice on things you and I can do as business owners to let go of what’s not serving us and accomplishing our business dreams. The reason why this topic is so important is that I can coach you on marketing strategies all day long, but unless you get to the root of why you’re not marketing or not taking control of your vision, then you won’t get enough action.

Emotional intelligence will help you get to the root cause of what’s holding you back and how to not be afraid of what you really want. Natty is a renowned expert on this topic, so get ready to learn a thing or two! The best part is that she doesn’t just motivate you but she teaches you the tools you need to coach yourself. 


how to unlock the power of emotional intelligence as a biz owner.


Where Business Women Tend to Hold Back the Most

After coaching hundreds of women business owners, Natty said most women have what she likes to call the Cruella Devil syndrome. It’s this belief that if you step into this powerful role as a business owner over this wildly successful business then you will somehow become this monster who loses herself along the way. This picture has been painted for women over and over again through movies and other media. 

You may not even recognize it as your fear, but it’s there. It’s the fear of losing yourself in the process of becoming something more in your business. You may not want to move forward because you think, “What about my family? My spouse? My home? My life?” And the truth is, yeah, what about it? You can have it all. 

However, you have to be intentional about having it all. You need the skill of building inside of who you are and owning your business that way. Doing so will open a path that allows you to see how powerful you truly are. 


The First Step to Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Business Owner

The first step is identifying the picture you hold in your mind when you think about taking your business to the next level. What does that look like for you? When you think about claiming the concept of CEO or running a multi-million dollar business, most women freak out just saying it out loud. 

Give yourself some time and space alone to really imagine what your life looks like when you claim that you are the CEO of a thriving, big business. Write down the image that pops into your mind. Doing this exercise will help you see the differences between reality, perception, and your emotional attachment to a perceived reality. 


how to maximize your business's potential using emotional intelligence.


Beware of Miserable Success

Miserable success is an unintentional consequence of unintentionally building a super successful business. Most women do not start a business with the foresight that it will become a multi-million dollar company. So when it does become that, women aren’t sure how to handle that. Natty has heard it from her clients time and time again who have built these amazing businesses–they feel stuck and wish they could just burn their businesses to the ground.

Why do they feel this way? They are off balance and have not been intentional with how they’ve been growing their business. If you build your business on purpose, you can define what you want your business to look like, how you want to show up for your family, and how you and your family become involved in the business. 

It’s a beautiful thing when you create your vision and see it as a collective whole. Lots of people will plan out what they want different pieces of their lives to look like. And very rarely do people plan out how all of these plans and goals work together. Building with an intentional and inclusive vision for what you actually want can change the entire dynamic of your life (everything included). 


what is emotional intelligence and why you need to care.


How to Become Emotionally Intelligent

Emotions underlie every single thing that we do. There is a lot of awesome research out there on how to retrain our mindset, but it’s impossible to do if we do not dial into the emotions that are underlying it. 

Everything has a base layer of emotions. Recognizing those emotions, understanding them, being able to regulate them, and then being able to respond to the situations around us in control is massive.

For the longest time, the world has been told to “suck it up” or “grow a thicker skin.” This is how we’ve been told to deal with our emotions and it just makes the problem worse. What emotional intelligence says is it is better for us to understand the emotion, actually recognize it, and work through it. 

Natty’s 12-week course on navigating emotional intelligence helps you bring thoughts out of your head and onto paper. This process helps bring emotions out of an intangible space and into something that you could actually understand and work with.

Bringing those things together to make something audible, visible, tangible, and applicable gives you the maximum threshold for something you can actually utilize in your life to transform a behavior. Isn’t that amazing? You aren’t just learning something that motivates you for a minute and then you forget about it. You learn skills and practices that you take with you for the rest of your life. 

The 12-week program is called the 7 Summits. Each summit has its own specific tool. In the course, you go through a process of mastery with each tool that creates an overall framework of wellness–including professional, physical, social, and spiritual. 


how to stop being afraid of what you really want in your business and life.


How to Unlock the Power of Emotional Intelligence as a Biz Owner

Natty had a client who is a business owner of 12 years. This client could not stop thinking about how much heartache, decision fatigue, and money she would have saved had she known the tools long before now. The tools Natty teaches you in her course will prepare you for all the things to come–not just in your business but in every aspect of your life. 

I promise working with her is how to unlock the power of emotional intelligence as a biz owner. And once you take part in any of her programs you will see growth and success in every part of your life–not just your business. It is the coolest thing to experience! 

If you want to save yourself from some of the pains you feel as a business owner, you need to invest in Natty’s course and/or various coaching programs. You can check out more about what she offers HERE. Like I said earlier, I’ve taken the course and it has completely changed how I look at myself and my business. I’ve been able to coach myself through some pretty challenging times. (One is how to stop the spiral when things go wrong.) We hope you keep in touch with us! You can follow Natty @natty.o.lewis and me on Instagram @iammichellegifford.

How to Unlock the Power of Emotional Intelligence as a Biz Owner

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