3 Changes to Make If You Want to Grow on Instagram

Have you been stuck at a certain number of Instagram followers and whatever you try, the number won’t budge? I’ve worked with many women who have been in this dilemma and if you’re anything like them, you can totally have that success you want if you’re willing to switch things up. Jenica Parcell is one of the women who fell into this category and no longer does. In this post, she shares 3 changes to make if you want to grow on Instagram.




If you have yet to discover Jenica, she started her business as a blogger back in 2014. It really took off when she started sharing her infertility journey. She kept her infertility private with her husband for about a year and then started talking about it to her audience. She now has 7-year-old twins and a 16-month-old! Currently, she makes money through brand deals, affiliate marketing, blogging, and email marketing. The brand deals and affiliate marketing are mainly done through Instagram, so she’s learned some strategies that have increased her followers and revenue.


Grow the Gram

Jenica is actually in my Grow the Gram program which has accelerated her business. If you haven’t heard of Growth the Gram it’s my 8-module course that will teach you everything you need to know to explode your business on Instagram. You can learn more about it HERE

Before joining Grow the Gram, Jenica felt a little lost with her Instagram strategy because she joined Instagram so long ago and today it is completely different than it used to be. She took a break from Instagram to get certified as a life coach and help women with infertility. When she was ready to jump back into posting on Instagram she wasn’t sure what to do because what she was doing before was not working. (A.K.A. wasn’t growing, getting the numbers she wanted, etc.)

Now, after learning the tips and strategies in Grow the Gram, she loves Instagram even more because she truly understands that Instagram is there to help people offer value to their followers. She’s learned how to niche down (& niche down again) and that has been quite the game changer for her. 


3 changes to make if you want to grow on Instagram. www.iammichellegifford.com


3 Changes to Make If You Want to Grow on Instagram

Before Jenica joined Grow the Gram she had 77.4 thousand Instagram followers. And she had been stuck at around 79.9 thousand followers for at least three years. She has two niches–infertility and fashion deals on a budget. She kept trying to mesh the two together which was confusing for her and her followers. After making some changes that she learned in Grow the Gram, she’s grown her following to 90.2 followers in a very short period. Crazy, right?

While she’s learned countless things throughout her Grow the Gram experience, there are 3 things that have stuck with her and have made the most difference in her growth. The good news is that they can work for you too! Here are the 3 changes to make if you want to grow on Instagram. 


Change #1: Prioritize posting reels. 

Due to how the reels algorithm works, Instagram shows your reels to specific people who are interested in that type of content. This is the best and quickest way to get your content out to people who do not follow you, but who would want to. Since your reels are mostly shown to new people, you want to create content that attracts them to you. How do you do that? By going to the edges of your niche and pulling them in. 

For example, if you are a fashion influencer, you could share a reel about “5 ways to style flare jeans.” This is something simple and fun that could pull people to look at your account and then see that you offer more value in something they want to learn more about and they’ll follow you. To learn more about this attraction type of content, check out my post HERE.

Jenica started posting the same type of reel twice a day. In the past, this would’ve sounded super overwhelming for her. But she knew she needed to try something different in order to get that growth, so she created a system with her team to make this doable. 

To make this reel schedule possible, Jenica makes a list of things that only she can do for the reel and a list of what she can outsource. (i.e. she films and edits the reel, but has someone else link products to include in the post.) This saves a ton of time without sacrificing the parts that she wants to do for her content creation. If you feel like it’s too hard to post reels twice a day, or even once a day, think about what system you can create to make it doable for you. 


tried and true strategies that will explode your Instagram following. www.iammichellegifford.com


Change #2: Create valuable content with great hooks.

There is so much value in creating content that is quick and easy to consume and provides value for your people. Plus, hooks are what make people stop and consume in the first place, so they need to be scroll-stopping. If you want a giant list of hooks, so you don’t have to rack your brain every time you make a post you can get my free 131 Hooks Guide HERE

Something that will make content creation easier for you is if you create a signature style for your reels. Jenica’s signature style is showing a high-end product and then showing a look-alike product to replace it for a fraction of the price. This is what is unique to her and now her audience knows what to expect. Think about what could be your “signature style” reel and create similar content based on that idea. 


Change #3: Look at things from an analytical point of view. 

Have you taken it personally when your content didn’t get a good reaction like you hoped it would? It can be hard to not get offended–especially when someone even comments negative things on your posts. However, the people do not deserve that power. When looking back to see what content performed well and what didn’t, put on your analytical glasses and make a plan.

Instagram has completely changed from what it used to be, so it’s important to post regularly and then analyze the results. When Jenica changed her perspective to be less personal and more analytical it allowed her to show up more authentically and confidently, regardless of the result. Overall, going in with this analytical perspective will help you make the mindset shift that it’s not that people don’t like you, you just need to switch up how you are presenting your content to them.


Bonus Biz Tips


3 changes to make if you want to grow on Instagram. www.iammichellegifford.com


Emotional Intelligence

Are you someone who is ready to take your foot off the brake and press on the gas for your business? It can be scary, but don’t let that fear stop you. Once you decide and commit the growth will come bit by bit. Something that will really help you grow is to be aware of the things that are holding you back.

What are the negative thoughts that pop into your head that you choose to believe? What are some behaviors that you are doing now that are keeping you from becoming the person you want to become? Take a pause and ask yourself what you want for your business. Knowing that answer will help you know what goals to make and what needs to happen in order to get there. If you need some guided help with this mindset shift, check out my post HERE


LTK Sales

It’s fun to see your Instagram following increase, but what actually makes a difference is an increase in revenue. Jenica’s Like to Know It sales have quadrupled since joining Grow the Gram. They’ve had such a dramatic increase because Jenica’s followers now have a clear call to action and know where to go to purchase the products she’s promoting. 

With that being said, don’t be afraid to post similar content or even have the same call to action in multiple posts. People like repetition and they actually need it in order to follow through with your invitation. Sell your product in your post and then sell it again. You will have positive results come from it, I promise!


3 things to try if you want to grow on Instagram. www.iammichellegifford.com


3 Changes to Make If You Want to Grow on Instagram

It’s time to commit to these 3 changes to make if you want to grow on Instagram. Are you ready?! I can’t wait to see what you and your business become once you figure out your rhythm on Instagram. Just know you don’t have to do it alone. Check out my Grow the Gram course if you’re ready to dive in and get serious about your business! If you’re not ready to sign up, but want to follow along, you can find me on Instagram @iammichellegifford. I can’t wait to chat!

3 Changes to Make If You Want to Grow on Instagram

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