How to get our of the writing rut3 ways to get out of the writing rut.

It is getting to be summer and the thought of staying in doors and writing for your business may get you down. Well, my friend, let me help you get out of the writing rut and back on the road to feeling like a writing wiz.

1. Set a time and write.

My guess is that you didn’t want to hear that. You don’t feel like writing and I’m telling you to write. Yep! Sorry, that is the mom in me. Sometimes you have to be uncomfortable to make amazing things happen. So sit down and get ‘er done.

Michelle quote sometimes you have to be uncomfortable

2. Take away the distractions.

Usually when I am supposed to write, Facebook starts calling. I mean I haven’t checked my FB groups in 15 minutes, I better stop typing and make sure everything is okay…
Sound familiar? Yep, there are a million ways to distract yourself. Close the tab, put your phone on airplane mode, hide in the closet if you can’t get away from your 5-year-old (not that I ever do that;). Do what you have to do to think.

3. Set your timer.

I lived with my Grandma Fish for a few months during college. As I prepared to move out, she asked me to vacuum her whole downstairs. I told her I didn’t have time because I had finals to prepare for and bags to pack. She told me, “Things don’t take as long as you think. Time yourself. You will be surprised.” Sure enough, I did it and it took me a whole of 1 minute 14 seconds. I definitely had that amount of time and you have enough time to write, but you do have to do it.

If you have kids, you know how effective a timer can be during clean up. What would take them 2 hours to do on their own, if I set a timer it is done in 15 minutes. This is true for us.

Set aside a time that you can write, free of distractions and set your timer for 15 minutes. You will be amazed what you get done. And like Grandma Fish said, “Things don’t take as long as you think.”.

And those are my 3 tips on getting out of the writing rut. I know, you were hoping for some magic answer, but the real answer is to write and write a lot. You can do this and when you do, I want to cheer you on! Come be a part of our Writing for Creatives Facebook group by clicking here.

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3 Ways to Get Out of the Writing Rut

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