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4 Signs It’s Worth Joining a Business Coaching Group

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4 Signs It’s Worth Joining a Business Coaching Group

Are you overwhelmed with all the different pieces of advice you’re getting from business experts? Do you have a business idea you’re excited about but not sure where to get started? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it may be time to invest in a business coach. Here are 4 signs it’s worth joining a business coaching group.



I know I talk a lot about my Money Maker’s Coaching Group. It’s one of my favorite things ever because I get to interact with all of you on a more personal level! (So it’s hard for me NOT to talk about it.) If you haven’t heard of my coaching group, it’s a program where you get access to all of my courses, get twice-a-month coaching, and get to be a part of the best community around. 

I know it’s one thing to hear me talk about my coaching group and it’s another to hear from small business owners who are actually in it. So, this post is super special because you get to hear from three of my Money Makers who are in the thick of growing their businesses right now. 


money makers business coaching group. www.iammichellegifford.com


4 Signs It’s Worth Joining a Business Coaching Group

I interviewed three of my Money Makers about their experiences in the business coaching group and the goals they’ve been able to meet because of being in the group. So, these 4 signs it’s worth joining a business coaching group come from them–real live small business owners who are just starting out or who are just starting to scale.

Meet Ali Gowdy. She is a blogger and influencer who is learning how to turn her hobby into a business. You can learn more about Ali HERE.

Meet Brenna Powell. She is the crafting queen and has exploded her following on TikTok. She also has an Etsy shop where she sells SVG files for GloForge and Silhouette/Cricut machines.

Meet Sarah VanHoose. She is a coach for small businesses with expertise in personal finance. She does one-on-one coaching and also has a “Friends with Budgets” membership program.


Business Coaching Group Sign #1: You learn things you didn’t even know you needed.

Ali said she was on a Money Makers Zoom call and she remembers me telling everyone to be done with this silly business stuff and to get serious about their business. This helped her realize the potential of her business and helped her get more serious about her goals and doing the work to get there.

When Brenna first joined Money Makers she was an influencer and a blogger with no product. She was doing tons of work but wasn’t making any money. In Money Makers, she learned how to build a business that actually makes money by creating products and putting them in an Etsy shop. She now advertises them on social media and leads people to buy her products.

One of Sarah’s biggest takeaways so far is from one of my courses about content creation. It really helped her to learn how to repurpose her content. She was able to streamline how she was putting content on social media, which has given back so much more time! 

She said another huge help has been the mind work that’s constantly coached in our calls. She’s learned that it’s OK to change your mind. And to edit things along that way in order to grow your business. She even said just the ability to get an inside look at how I run and grow my business is an amazing benefit. 


how business group coaching boosts your confidence. www.iammichellegifford.com


Business Coaching Group Sign #2: It boosts your confidence.

Sarah said knowledge is power and action breeds confidence. She said being able to ask questions on the coaching calls–or even listening to others ask their questions–is super helpful. And then turning around and immediately starting to apply what she just learned has boosted her confidence so much. It also helps to know there are other small business owners who are having the same kind of challenges. 

Brenna discovered that her confidence goes in cycles. However, she’s found that it really helps her to know she has friends in Money Makers who lift her up and make her feel better on her hard days. Plus, knowing she can always rely on them is a huge comfort. Since they are all going through this business growth together, they can be there for each other in ways no one else can.

Ali said she is grateful for the connections and friends she’s made through Money Makers. She knows these are people she would’ve never met otherwise. And seeing these friends make really high goals and then meeting them really inspired her. Now, she believes she can do the same thing for herself and her business. 


Business Coaching Group Sign #3: You get quick access to resources and support you’d never get anywhere else.

Ali said she loves the support she gets from the coaching calls and the community. Because of it she now has the drive to do more and be better. There is a potential she sees for herself and her business that she did not see before joining Money Makers.

Brenna said the Q&A’s have been the most helpful for her. It’s so nice to have somewhere to ask questions and get answers back. That is so worth being in Money Makers for her.

Sarah loves how affordable Money Makers is. Not to mention how easily accessible all the resources and support is. This is extremely affordable for new business owners. And there are a lot of great resources to be able to get support quickly. It’s the best!


why money makers is the best biz coaching group out there. www.iammichellegifford.com


Business Group Coaching Sign #4: You can finally get serious about reaching your business goals (in the best community around).

Ali said she loves how there are so many people in Money Makers that have such different businesses. Having diversity really benefits everyone. So if you’re wondering if Money Makers is right for you, just know whether you’re juggling motherhood and working or starting your own business, or you are not in the stage of motherhood yet, or you’re an empty nester–Money Makers can work for you and help you be successful with what you want to become. 

Brenna said Money Makers is perfect for someone who has even just an idea for a business. She even said if you’re sick of the business experts giving you the same free tidbits over and over again, join Money Makers. There’s a nice benefit to paying for information that is more tailored to you because it’ll be way more valuable.

And Sarah summed it up perfectly for us. She said if you even just have this little infant idea of a business, it’s time to join. 


why a business coaching group is exactly what you need for your new business. www.iammichellegifford.com


4 Signs It’s Worth Joining a Business Coaching Group

If you felt even just a spark of interest in joining my Money Maker’s Coaching Group, registration will be open from Oct. 18-25, so don’t wait! I promise this is the best community around and it is full of the best tips and information you need to grow your business into something so amazing you may not have even dreamt of yet. 

(Join my FREE program in the meantime — Business Mom School. You can sign up HERE!)

I created this coaching group because I remember how hard and lonely it was when I first started my business. Business does not have to be boring or confusing. We have so much fun together and just as you heard from my Money Makers in this post, they love all the connections they are making and all the valuable info they have access to! If you’re not quite ready to join, come follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford so you can still keep getting some valuable tips on how to grow a successful biz online!

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