4 tools to make your reels filming 10x easier. www.iammichellegifford.com

4 Tools to Make Your Reels Filming 10x Easier

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4 Tools to Make Your Reels Filming 10x Easier

Do you want to create better videos faster? Of course, you do! I put together this video and list of my absolute favorite filming tools that you can use all from your phone. These 4 tools to make your reels filming 10x easier will have you filming and posting videos like a pro in no time.



Short-form videos (e.g. TikToks, Youtube shorts, Instagram reels) are on the rise and will only keep getting more popular. These types of videos are super effective, people love them, and it’s a great way to market your content and sell products. 

With that being said, investing in tools that will create high-quality videos should be one of your top priorities as someone who depends on social media to grow and market your business. Taking a few extra steps to make sure your content is super valuable and filmed and edited at a professional level can completely change how your business grows. 


four tools to make your reels filming 10x easier. www.iammichellegifford.com


4 Tools to Make Your Reels Filming 10x Easier

I’ve tried tons of different gadgets and tricks to improve my video content and I’ve discovered a few that I cannot live without. These products make my filming an absolute BREEZE and I always love how well they turn out! 


Best Phone Filming Tool #1: FlipStik

I LOVE my FlipStik. It’s this plastic piece you can stick to the back of your phone and when you flip it open, it has a sticky surface that will stick to just about anything. It’s really simple to use and makes filming so much easier. This product would be good for filming content when you are out and about. 

For instance, I often use my FlipStik for filming content at the gym. I just stick it to the side of a weightlifting bench and record my video! So easy and gets the job done. Plus, it beats having to carry around any extra filming equipment other than your phone. You can buy the FlipStik HERE. Use code “michellegifford” to get 20% off!

Biz Pro Tip: Make sure you stick the FlipStik to the back of a phone case and not directly to your phone. Once you stick it on, it stays on for a really long time and when it comes time to take it off it may leave a little bit of residue. 


use these 4 filming tools to make your videos 10x better. www.iammichellegifford.com


Best Phone Filming Tool #2: Desk Tripod

I use my desk tripod all of the time! It just sits on my desk and it’s ready to hold my phone any time I’m ready to record. I love all the different sections on the arm that make it super easy to maneuver the best position for your phone to record your video. 

This is a great product if you’re wanting people to see something you’re working on like cooking, hand lettering, or something else that requires an overhead view. Having a desk tripod that can capture your work from the best angle will immediately make your reels, TikToks, etc. look more professional and engaging. 


Best Phone Filming Tool #3: Portable Tripod

Probably my favorite thing about my portable tripod is how compact it can get, so it makes it easy to travel with. It can shrink down to such a small height but can stretch out to be as long as I am. I use this when I’m wanting to film a full-body video where you need to see a good amount of my surroundings in order for the video to make sense. If you’ve been thinking a tripod is something that would make your filming process easier, go grab this one because it’s only $20!!


top 4 filming tools you can use all from your phone. www.iammichellegifford.com


Best Phone Filming Tool #4: Ring Light

The ring light is a must-have for your filming! I love it because I often have to film videos at night since I’m with my kids during the day. The ring light makes it so I can film any time of day I want and it still looks bright and warm in the video. I also use my ring light for Zoom calls when I’m doing my coaching sessions or team meetings. 

I love this specific ring light because it comes with a tripod and you can change the temperature of the light to give off brighter or warmer tones. It also has a spot for you to slip your phone right in the middle of the ring and start recording your video from there. That’s a great feature to have if you are a makeup artist or something similar where you want your audience to see your face really easily and clearly. 


my top 4 tools that will make your video and filming process 10x easier. www.iammichellegifford.com


4 Tools to Make Your Reels Filming 10x Easier

Alright, those are my 4 tools to make your reels filming 10x easier! And the best part is that it won’t only make your filming process easier, but your videos will look so much better. If you’re taking your business seriously then you need to make sure your marketing content is reflecting that. So, invest in the equipment and in other places where it matters the most and you’ll have a long-lasting business. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford for the best tips and tricks for marketing and growing your biz online!

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