5 Automated Tools That Keep My Business Organized

15 years ago I started my business selling little girl hats and dresses on Etsy. Facebook was barely a thing and Instagram wasn’t even around yet. Well, ever since then my whole business has changed. For one thing, I’m not a one-man show anymore. What I do has changed and the way to run and grow a successful business is different than it was all those years ago. Now I have a marketing agency and I work with Influencers and Creatives on huge projects. I’m also helping hundreds of women grow their businesses through my Money Makers coaching group. I had to get organized!  So I’ve honed in on the 5 automated tools that keep my business organized.

5 tools to organize your business iammichellegifford.com.

Tool #1 HoneyBook – Contracts, Payments, & Automated Onboarding

The first automated tool I use to keep my business organized is HoneyBook. HoneyBook was originally created by and started for photographers, which means the platform is beautiful! This is how I manage and keep track of onboarding and taking care of my clients, specifically their contracts and payments. It all goes through HoneyBook. If you do any one-on-one services where you need to collect payment regularly, I suggest using it. I use HoneyBook to set up my automation for monthly payments. I also use it to store all of my contracts in one place. Having a system set up for using contracts is important and shows that you are a professional. When you send a contract to a client, you’re communicating that this is serious, that you are a business owner, and you’re taking your transactions seriously.

HoneyBook also has a lot of customizable templates that you can use. You can set up email automation so that when someone fills out a service request form on your website they will receive an automated email with a questionnaire. HoneyBook will categorize each person you have contact with and keeps everything all in one place. So all the questionnaires, contracts, and payments that you have ever received from a person will all collect in one folder. I love it for managing my clients and it’s something that I use every day. You can use my link to get 50% off the first year, which is pretty awesome.

How to automate your clients onboarding process and organize your business iammichellegifford.com.

Tool #2 Monday.com – Client Content Organization & Management 

Number two is Monday.com. This is how I manage all of my client’s content. One of the things we do at my marketing agency is manage clients’ Instagram accounts, blogs, emails, Pinterest, TikTok, Facebook groups, and any other social media they need help with. We have a lot going on for a lot of different clients and we have to keep track of who’s doing what and when. This is where Monday.com comes in. Each of my clients has a board that is organized by month. On their board, I can assign different tasks and due dates to different people on my team.

Using Monday.com is the best way to keep me up to date on what each of my team members is working on. Which is a big deal when you’re working with several clients and you need to keep track of every detail of every project. The extreme organization that Monday offers is why it’s #2 on my list of the 5 automated tools that keep my business organized.

Tool #3 Davinci – Automated Email Marketing and Course Organization

My third favorite tool is Davinci. I use DaVinci as my email marketing platform and to manage my courses and products. Davinci keeps everything under one roof. The biggest reason why I chose Davinci is because of its capabilities to help with so many different parts of my business. And it’s a lot less expensive than Thinkific or Kajabi. It starts at $100 a month (I have the membership pro subscription) but, being able to have all your courses and whole email system in one place is invaluable to me. If you don’t have courses and you’re just doing simple email marketing, then FloDesk and MailChimp may also work just fine for you. If you’re new to email marketing and you want to learn more you can check out the ultimate beginners guide to email marketing here!

Are you more of a visual learner? You can watch a video all about the 5 automated tools that keep my business organized on my YouTube. And don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!

Tool #4 QuickBooks – Money Management

All right. The fourth automated tool to I use to keep my business organized is QuickBooks. Now QuickBooks is something that I love because once it’s set it up I’m almost able to forget about it. It’s always just kind of running silently in the background and it does a really good job. All you have to do is connect it to your different bank accounts for your business. Then it will automatically pull in any money that you’re sending or receiving. Then you just have to check in every month to settle your bookkeeping. Plus it also creates automatic reports! I highly recommend it to help you keep your finances accounted for and organized.

Organize and automate your business using these 5 tools iammichellegifford.com.

Tool #5 Slack – Organized Business Communication

The last tool that I love is Slack. Slack has been a really great way for me to communicate with my team and keep everything on different threads. It also has helped me with client communication! I have a lot of different team members who need to be able to communicate with and have up-to-date information from their clients. I used to use emailing and texting for this kind of communication but with employees and clients texting me all of the time it quickly became too messy.  It’s too easy to lose information and voice messages in a text thread.

This is why I love using Slack where it’s all in one place. You can easily send voice messages, audio, and links. Plus you can speed up the audio! I love Slack. It has really helped keep my business in order so that I can make the best use of my time, my team’s time, and my client’s time.

5 Automated Tools That Keep My Business Organized

Those are the 5 automated tools that keep my business organized. They keep my business running smoothly. I found that if I didn’t take my business seriously and set up systems, then I would lose money and would not grow as much as I could. I have 15 women on my team right now and that’s amazing! But things would not work if I didn’t have these tools. So, start with these things! You don’t have to do all of them, but start with one and figure out a way that you can make these systems work for you. If you have questions about whether one of these is right for you, leave a comment on my latest Instagram post. I would love to help you out! I am here to help you grow your business and I can’t wait to see what you create!

5 Automated Tools That Keep My Business Organized

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