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5 Reasons to Invest in Your Business

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5 Reasons to Invest in Your Business

Are you ready to go “all in” with your business? If you’re wanting to take your business to the next level, but you’re feeling a little unsure, this post should help. I chatted with Brittney Hanks from Home and Kind where she shares her journey of going “all in” with her business. She has seen so many benefits since investing in her biz, and I want you to experience that too. So, here are 5 reasons to invest in your business. 



If you haven’t heard of Brittney, or her business Home and Kind, she and her business are both absolutely amazing! She created her business back in 2016 and decided to turn this hobby into a full-time business in 2020. Yes. Right in the middle of the pandemic. Scary, right? But it worked out so great for her and her family! 

Home and Kind’s mission is to offer tips for practical homemaking so you can find joy in a chaotic life. It can be tough to keep it all together, let alone enjoy everyday moments when you’re surrounded by so many different people pulling you in different directions. But most of the time these “people” are your family and/or kids, so Brittney wanted to create something that will help you enjoy more of that time together! 

Can you see why I love Brittney and her business so much? If any of this sounds like something you need more of in your life, you can follow Home and Kind on Instagram here. OK, I could go on about Brittney, but I promised you 5 reasons to invest in your business. So, let’s get to it!


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What Does it Mean to Invest In Your Business?

First of all, what does it mean to invest in your business? Basically, it means to stop treating your business as a side-hustle or a hobby and start treating it as something you show up for every single day and make a steady income from it. Maybe this looks like hiring a virtual assistant or a nanny or subscribing to some systems to help make your business run more smoothly. Whatever it is, it’s important to think of your business as a legitimate company and not something you “just do on the side.”

Brittney said her biggest obstacle to overcome when she invested in her business was making that mindset shift. To stop thinking so little of her business and what it could accomplish, and start talking about it as what it really was–a six-figure business that was helping thousands of people.

No matter where you’re at with your business, make sure you are giving yourself credit where credit is due. Even if you want to take your business up another level, but you’re not sure exactly how to do it, it’s OK to fake it til you make it. 

If you’re ready and serious about investing in your business, showing up every single day and treating your business for what it’s worth is what will bring you success. You could even come up with mantras to tell yourself every day to help you make that mindset shift and stay focused on where you want to go.

(Plus, you don’t have to do it alone! Have you heard of my Money Makers Coaching Group?) 


5 reasons to invest in your business. www.iammichellegifford.com


Invest in Your Business | Reason #1: More Time to Grow Creatively

Brittney said as soon as she hired a few people she was amazed at the time she had to grow her business creatively. Meaning, she had way more time to think about where she wanted her business to go and how to get it there rather than that time being filled with tedious tasks like writing blog posts or editing videos. This is something I’ve definitely noticed too. Brittney and I both agree that we actually feel less stressed now that our businesses are a bit bigger and have the extra help. We’d even say that we felt more stressed when we had smaller businesses and had to do everything on our own!

So, if you feel like too much of your time is spent on creating Instagram Reels or editing podcast episodes (or whatever your tedious tasks are) maybe it’s time to consider hiring a few people. It can be scary to think about hiring someone and paying them, but it’s also exciting! It means your business is growing and investing in it by hiring help is only going to make it grow even more.


Invest in Your Business | Reason #2: More Mental Energy to Focus on Your Vision

This reason kind of goes along with reason #1. With more time, comes more mental energy. When you’re an entrepreneur, you can feel burnt out pretty quickly. But if you share some of the workload and invest in different software programs to help automate some daily tasks, it could make your brain work less, giving you more energy to focus on what really matters–your vision for your business. I’ve changed my vision for my business so many times, and there’s no way I could’ve done that without the extra help of my team. 

Another way to invest in your business is to attend business conferences. This is something Brittney did right away when she first invested in 2020, and it was there that she met 5 other women who have now become her best friends. She found a support group that was going through the exact same thing as her. Along with the support, she was able to bounce ideas off of them as well. It’s always nice to talk about your ideas because it helps turn them into something even greater. (Another reason why you should join Money Makers, just saying!)


Invest in Your Business | Reason #3: Ability to Connect with More of Your Audience

Brittney said while she has hired people to help with her blog and other things, she is still the one to post and reply to comments on Instagram. This is important to her because it helps her get to know and connect with her audience members. It also helps her with content ideas because she can see what people respond to and what questions they are asking on certain posts. 

So, if you have other people running other parts of your business (e.g. blogs, emails, etc.) you will have more time to send replies to your audience and build that trust with them which is crucial to a thriving business. 


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Invest in Your Business | Reason #4: Feeling Joy for Answering Your Business Call

You’ve heard me say this before, but my passion and why I work so hard in my business is to find the women who are ready to stand up and do what they feel called to do. This is what Brittney has done and she is reaping the benefits of it. Don’t let the excuses hold you back anymore. Brittney was able to grow her business with kids at home and in the middle of a pandemic. If she can have this success, so can you!

There’s almost nothing that feels better than knowing you are using your talents in a way that you feel called to do. There’s something magical about serving others through your talents. (And yes, it’s still considered serving even if you are making money from it! This brings me to reason #5…)


Invest in Your Business | Reason #5: Increase in Income

This is an obvious reason to invest in your business, but I included it here because it’s important to not feel weird about money. (Remember, when women make money, they make magic!) You don’t need to feel awkward whenever you think and talk about the money your business makes. Just think of all the things you have been able to do (or will do) from the money you make in your business. That is a wonderful blessing! 

Remember, you are in control of how much your work. What kept Brittney from going all-in with her business at first was her idea of what “all in” looked like. She didn’t want to work 60-hour weeks, hardly spend time with her kids, and have sleepless nights. But then she realized she was in control of every single one of those. She didn’t have to grow her business more than she wanted to or was ready for. Growing your business is a gradual process, and there will be pivots for you to make all along the way. 


the best ways to invest in your business. www.iammichellegifford.com


5 Reasons to Invest in Your Business

OK, what did you think of these 5 reasons to invest in your business? Let me know over on Instagram @iammichellegifford. If you have any questions about these, feel free to send me a dm too! Don’t forget to follow @homeandkind for tips on making your home life the best it’s ever been. And I’m serious about Money Makers! It is such a fun coaching group and one of the best investments you can make for your business. Hope to hear from you soon.



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