5 steps to creating your best business year ever

5 steps to creating your best business year ever

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5 steps to creating your best business year ever

5 steps to creating your best business year ever

What if I told you it will only take 5 steps to create your best year ever? Would you believe it’s that easy? It is! I’m going to share with you the 5 things I do at the end of the year to help me create a life I love in the new year. These ideas and practices may seem simple. But there is power in simplicity and there is power in these practices. I know that if you spend the time to do these 5 steps, you’ll be amazed at the results you see in the new year. Are you ready for the 5 steps to creating your best business year ever? 

Reverse Bucketlist and goal settings for www.IamMichelleGifford.com

Step 1- Reverse Bucket List

What is a reverse bucket list? I’m sure you’ve heard of a bucket list–a list of activities or goals you want to accomplish within a certain time period. Well, a reverse bucket list is simply writing out what you’ve already accomplished and experienced over the past year instead of writing out what you hope to accomplish in the year ahead. Look back over your year and take a moment to be amazed at all you’ve done! Write it out and sit back in amazement at what has happened over the past year. There will be hard times and good times mixed together. There always is. Be sure to take a few minutes to show gratitude to God for all of the things He has given you this year. When we show gratitude for what we have, it helps us to remember how much we have to be grateful for. 


Step 2- Take an Honest Review of Where You Can Improve

Now that you’ve got your reverse bucket list, take stock of what didn’t go as well as you hoped over the past year. What could have gone differently? Where and how would you like to change things for the coming year? Did you struggle with getting up earlier than the kids? Do you wish you had taken the time to train for that 5k like you wanted to do last January? Write out what you want to improve on. Be honest with yourself so you can improve these areas in the coming year. 

5 steps to creating your best business year ever. How to set goals for 2020

Step 3- Write Out What your Dream Year Looks Like

Step three is where the fun happens! I want you to dream. Dream big. What does your dream year look like? Where will you be in one year? In your family? In your business? What does it feel like a year from now when you’ve accomplished your goals? Who will you be? Make sure to include big dreams. Even impossible dreams. You never know what could happen. God will surprise you with things to help you make your dreams a reality. I know I never thought I’d be living in a larger home that is perfect for my large family, or that I would have shared the stage at a business conference with Rachel Hollis! Check out my podcast to hear why I moved and how I got to share the stage with Rachel Hollis.


Step 4- Show Gratitude Daily– As if Your Dreams are a Reality

Now that you have those big goals and dreams, every day I want you to write them down as if they’ve already happened. This will take you from a fear mindset to a trust, gratitude, and faith mindset. It helps you remember that God has put you exactly where you’re supposed to be. I know that when you put your trust in this, that God will continue to put you right where you’re supposed to be. 

5 simple steps to creating your best business year ever with www.IamMichelleGifford

Step 5- Break it Down! 

Break down your goals and dreams into daily, weekly, and monthly to-do’s and actionable steps. 

I really believe in this. You need to go through the activities you have planned out for the year and break them down. What needs to happen when? If you want to have a podcast by the middle of the year, then you need to be learning how to podcast before June, right? So break down your goals and then break them down further. Break them down until you have goals you can accomplish daily, weekly, and monthly. Don’t forget about the things on your list that only occur a few times a year, too! Not everything needs to be done daily. If you want to do a monthly content strategy, then make sure you write it down monthly so you don’t forget! 

5 steps to creating your best business year ever business goals with IamMichelleGifford.com

I’m a very holistic business owner. I know that if I’m taking care of my body, and my mind and my spirit, then my business is better. I also know when I’m taking care of my home, my family, and myself, that I’m a better mom. And I believe that I can be a good mom and a good business owner. I believe it’s all connected. And I know that when I do these 5 easy steps for creating the best year ever, that I can actually have my best year ever. Will you do me a favor? When you complete your reverse bucket list, will you post it on your social media feeds and tag me in it? I want to cheer you on!


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