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7 biz lessons i learned at the gym. www.iammichellegifford.com

7 Biz Lessons I Learned at the Gym

Business Tips, Coaching

7 Biz Lessons I Learned at the Gym

Alright, friends, this post is going to invite you to reflect a little bit. Normally, I am full of tips and tricks and things you can do right now to grow your business, but I’m going to slow this one down a bit–and even get a little personal. Here are 7 biz lessons I learned at the gym.



For the past year, I have been going to the gym just about every day to work out with a personal trainer. I bought myself a gym membership for my birthday last year and I was finally ready to commit to this. I’ve been active my whole life, and in my adult life I would go on runs and do workouts through free apps and things like that, but I was ready to switch it up. 

I had a friend who had been going to the gym and I saw how going just completely transformed her body. She looked healthy and strong. And that’s when I realized I wanted that too. So, I joined the gym and it’s been so amazing!

DISCLAIMER: This post is NOT about weight loss or a fitness journey. This post IS about the growth I’ve made and the successes I’ve had with going to the gym and how I’ve applied what I learned to my business.

I know what I share in this post will help you and your business too. I hope you find your golden nugget from this post and hold onto it! And then come tell me on Instagram what it is. I love when you send me DMs!


apply this lessons to your small business right now. www.iammichellegifford.com


Why I Joined the Gym in the First Place

One of the main reasons I made the commitment to go to the gym is that I wanted to become stronger. I noticed how my abs would ache any time I’d stand for long periods of time. E.g. after a photography shoot or standing in the kitchen and meal prepping. 

I am a mom to five kids, so my pregnancies have definitely caused my abs to stretch out. This is otherwise known as diastasis recti. Every time I went to the doctor I’d always bring this up and ask if there was anything I could do to help this. And the doctor would always tell me, “You just need to have stronger abs.” And I’d always think, OK that’s not helpful. 

But it got to the point where I decided to take control of my body. I was too young to deal with weak abs, so I did something about it. About 7 months after consistently going to the gym I realized that my body had completely changed. 

I figured this out when I was living in Utah during the summer and I was waking up early every day to work out. I was way more committed to working out, even when I was out of my normal routine and home life. If you’ve added a new habit into your life, you know how hard it is to fight for that consistency. So this was a big deal for me!

The other reason I knew my body changed is that I could now do all the ab workouts that I could not do when I first started working out, and my abs don’t ache. I can stand for a long time in my kitchen or do a photo shoot and my abs don’t ache. Woo! I am getting stronger! 


7 biz lessons i learned at the gym. www.iammichellegifford.com


7 Biz Lessons I Learned at the Gym

Now that I’ve seen this transformation in my mind and body, I’m making even higher goals for me to reach at the gym. For example, three months ago, I told my trainers that I want to do a pull-up. I’ve never been able to do one my entire life despite all the sports I did and working out I’ve done throughout my life. 

So, I’ve been working on that and I’m so close to doing a kipping pull-up! This type of pull-up is where you swing forward and back and then using that momentum, you pull yourself up. This is the step that leads to doing a straight pull-up. I’m so proud of myself!

This type of commitment, stamina, and consistency that I’ve grown while going to the gym every day can totally be applied to your business and how you show up for it. These 7 lessons are exactly what you need to hear to recommit to going all in with your business and choosing to work on it every single day.


Small Biz Lesson #1: Commit to doing it. 

The first step is just committing. Don’t make excuses. If you really want to change your life, your business, health, body–whatever it is–you have to make a no-nonsense commitment to show up. I know things get hard. Every day is not perfect. But if this is something you really want and you feel called to do, and you know this would make your life and your family’s life better, then you need to commit to doing it. 

Yes, there will be days when it’s not easy. There will be days that you’re sad. However, pushing through those hard times has such a compound effect on your life and your business in the long run. There will be so many things that try to knock you off your course, but you have to commit and do it anyway. No one else is going to do this for you. You have to commit, no questions asked.


Small Biz Lesson #2: Remember this is your journey–no one else’s.

If I looked at all the people in the gym with me every morning I would probably feel really bad about myself. There’s this one lady who goes with me and she is completely ripped. She has this teeny, strong body, six-pack, all the things. She can do pull-ups with ease. If I compared myself to her, I’d feel really down about myself. 

However, I don’t compare myself to her or anyone else in the gym. Why? Because I know how much I’ve grown over the past year and I am so proud of myself and the goals I am accomplishing. I mean, I can almost do a pull-up! That is a big deal! 

There are so many other women out there who are older than me, younger than me, who can do more than me, but we’re all in different stages of our lives. We are all on different parts of our journeys, so it really doesn’t work to compare ourselves in one spot of our lives to someone else’s spot in their life, right?

If you get stuck looking at how someone else is growing or how they are running a successful, money-making business, you’re only seeing part of the equation. You haven’t seen what they’ve done in the background. You don’t know how long they’ve been working to grow their business, if they’re actually making money, etc. 

So. don’t waste energy on taking on other people’s pressure. Your journey is your journey, and no one else’s.


Small Biz Lesson #3: Remember an imperfect day of work is better than no day of work.

Today, I went to the gym and from the time my alarm went off to when I got in my car, I was fighting myself the entire time. I didn’t want to be up this early, go work out, and I was so tired. I actually fight myself almost every day. But I still go. 

I go because I know it is better to show up and be consistent, and do the work because that’s where long-term success comes from. This is true in your personal life, and it’s true for your business. 

I get so many people who say to me, “I’ve posted for three days and I’m not growing on Instagram.” Sister, I know. That’s not how it works. So many things in our lives just take time. So, don’t get discouraged when things don’t work out as soon as you’re hoping. Cheer yourself on, even when it’s hard to do it.

Always choose to think about how far you’ve come rather than where you should be. Focusing on your growth is what propels you forward. While on the other hand, thinking about where you should be only leaves you feeling stuck and discouraged. So, grow, baby, grow! 


lessons for your small business you don't want to miss. www.iammichellegifford.com


Small Biz Lesson #4: Don’t focus on vanity numbers.

When people talk about exercising, it’s usually surrounded by the desire to lose weight. So, people have their ideal weight/number in mind and gauge their success by it. But our bodies are so much more than that! We don’t need to waste time thinking about a number. Weight will always come and go. Instead, we should be focusing on being healthy and strong. 

This same principle applies in business. If all we did was focus on how many followers we have, then we wouldn’t make any money–or not nearly as much as we could be. It’s nice to have a lot of followers, but it’s necessary to know how to turn your followers into buyers. That’s where the money comes from–not the followers alone. 


Small Biz Lesson #5: Do what works for you in the phase of life you’re in.

Three years ago, there was no way I could be working out at the gym in the early morning every day. You have to do what works for you in the phase of life that you are in. 

We think that we have to start these things and this is what life is going to be like forever. But that’s simply not true. We are just riding the wave until it’s time to crash and then we start a new one. I’m working out at the gym because that’s what works for me right now. And if there comes a time when that doesn’t work for me anymore, that’s totally fine. I will adapt and I’m going to do it unapologetically because that’s just what happens. 

And this totally applies to your business too. What you’re doing in your business right now looks different than what you were doing several years ago, and will look different several years from now. When I first started my business, I was only working a couple of hours a day, usually during my kids’ naps. Now that my kids are all in school, I can dedicate more time to working on my business. 

I know you’re going through similar phases too. Adjust to what your life is right now and know that it’s not going to be like this forever, so make the best of it.


Small Biz Lesson #6: Get a coach or trainer. 

It will make a world of difference if you invest in a coach or trainer. Someone who is an expert in your field and has been down the path that you are on right now. They have the experience to know what you need to do next. Before I got a trainer at the gym, I had tried so many different things to make myself stronger and strengthen my abs, and I just haven’t been able to do it consistently. But including a trainer in my progress has made me work harder, stay committed, and see unbelievable results. 

And of course, this is a correlation with business. This is why I do my Money Makers Coaching Group. I’ve been where you are–starting and growing a business, not sure what to do first or where to go next. I know through my experience, I can save you time and make you more money.

I know you have so much to give and such big ideas that will not only change your life but change the lives of those who you’re serving through your business. That’s why I do what I do. I want to be that coach for you who helps you reach those business goals. The one who teaches you, holds you accountable, and cheers you on as you navigate what you feel called to do. 

I invest so much time and energy into my Money Makers Coaching Group because it is truly my passion. If you want to see huge results in yourself and in your business, join my group HERE.


Small Biz Lesson #7: Invest in yourself.

The gym I go to is more expensive than anything I have ever paid for to exercise. Thank goodness I’m able to afford it. This has not always been the case, so I’m so grateful I have it now. No matter where you’re at in your business journey, there are ways you can invest in yourself. 

There is a lot of power and growth that comes when you invest in yourself. It’s time to finally take yourself seriously and say with your money that what you’re doing is important. When you invest in yourself, you show up in a different way than you ever have before–and the reward is way better than you’ve ever experienced. 


7 lessons for your small business. www.iammichellegifford.com


7 Biz Lessons I Learned at the Gym

Alright, friend, I hope these 7 biz lessons I learned at the gym have inspired you! I really do believe in you and your business endeavors. I want you to have that long-lasting success and I know how to help you get there. Please, join me in Money Makers and I’ll help transform your small business into the one of your dreams! And the best part will be that YOU did it. All I did was give you the tools and principles you need to get there. 

Remember to follow me on Instagram and send me a dm with your thoughts about this post! You can find me @iammichellegifford, and while you’re there check out all the best tips and tricks for growing a successful biz online! 


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