7 Easy Steps to Increase Your Sales on Instagram

Do you have a ton of followers, but not a lot of sales? How do you exactly turn your followers into dollar signs? The truth is you don’t need more followers in order to make money, you just need to know how to convert your followers into buyers. And that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about today. Here are my 7 easy steps to increase your sales on Instagram.



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I have people come to me all the time who say they’ve done the work to build a following and they will have thousands or even tens of thousands of followers, but they are hardly making any money. So whether you’re just starting out in growing a following or you’ve been at it for a while and have a solid following, the tips I share in this post will be super helpful for you in increasing your sales. Let’s get started! 


7 easy steps for increasing your sales on instagram. www.iammichellegifford.com


7 Easy Steps to Increase Your Sales on Instagram

First of all, give yourself a pat on the back for working so hard on your business. If you are doing the work to create content and post online then you should be getting paid. You just have to be really smart and strategic about what and how you post to make the money. Unfortunately, you can’t just post and hope that someone is going to pay you. There needs to be a content marketing plan in place that leads people to buy your products. 


How to Increase Sells on Instagram | Step #1: Be clear on what you are selling. 

What product(s) are you selling in your business right now? There are four different types of products you could sell. Influence, physical, digital, and service. Think about what type of product you sell and how you can advertise it to make it worth buying right now to your target audience. (I share all my secrets about relating to your target audience HERE.)

If you have a significant following, but do not have any product yet, I recommend selling your influence. This could look like using affiliate marketing, partnering with brands, and things like that where you are selling products through your influence to your followers. 


How to Increase Sells on Instagram | Step #2: Assess how you want to make money and then create a strategy.

Really think about what products you are selling and how you can sell more of them. Do you need more followers within your target audience? Do you need to create a different content plan? Having a clear and consistent content plan is key to making posts that lead to sales. 

For example, if you want to get more brand partnerships then you need to figure out if you have enough followers and then start reaching out to brands in order to partner with them. That’s it. 

You just need to be willing to pitch yourself to brands and that’ll get the wheels spinning in your business. Even if you don’t get responses at first, or if you get a no, as you keep growing and posting content, there will be brands that will partner with you. It’s one of their favorite ways to sell their products! 


tips for selling products to your instagram followers. www.iammichellegifford.com


How to Increase Sells on Instagram | Step #3: Post with purpose.

This goes into your content planning and strategy. If you know you are launching a new product soon, start talking about topics that relate to that product in your stories, posts, etc. This will help prepare your audience to want to buy your product when it comes out. 

For example, I am about to release a physical product–my Business Mom Day Planner. I will be showing up in my stories multiple times a week showing how I am using it in real life and talking about how it makes my life so much better because I have it. 

Another way for you to post with purpose is to show before and afters. For example, if you are a designer you could post the before and after of your client’s website (or whatever you’re rebranding for them). This is what my marketing agency often does so people can see the process from start to finish of what we can do for them. 


How to Increase Sells on Instagram | Step #4: Understand what problem you are solving.

If you feel scared to sell your products in your stories and other places, think of it as you thinking about your people and solving their problems through your product. Meet your people where they are and give them the solution to their problems. That’s actually what selling is and will cure any “salesy” tone you could ever have. 

When you really care about your people and want to help them solve their problems through your products, people will see that and will naturally want to buy from you. If you want more tips on how to get to the point of really understanding the problem you are solving through your products, click HERE


How to Increase Sells on Instagram | Step #5: Ask for the sale. 

I know this is shocking, but a lot of times we think people are just going to absorb what we’re saying and then automatically take action without us asking them to do anything. That’s just not how it works. 

People are busy and their minds are everywhere. We need to focus and let them know that it’s time to buy. Instagram stories is a really great place to sell. Tell them to “swipe up” to get your product and then answer their questions.

DMs is another good option to use when selling because you can get interaction with people and see their real problems. Instagram lives are great for getting in front of new people. Did you know if you are doing a live on Instagram your story gets boosted to the top of people’s stories list? It’s a pretty cool feature that will help you reach more people! 

I’ve had so many people tell me that they are afraid to ask for the sale. They don’t want to bluntly offer their products because then people will think they are selling to them! Haha, well you are a business and businesses sell things. So, stop worrying about being too salesy and start worrying about how you can help your people via your products. 


easy ways to sell products on instagram. www.iammichellegifford.com


How to Increase Sells on Instagram | Step #6: Get people on your email list. 

Listen, friends, Instagram is awesome, but it is not yours. You do not own those followers. You need to get them on your email list. This can be super easy to do. You can create something of value that you can offer them in exchange for getting on your email list. 

Them joining your email list gives you another way to sell to them in their email. And guess what? There’s no algorithm in your email! The Instagram rules don’t apply to your email. And it’s in a place that you own. I’d be sold on just these two reasons alone to set up my email marketing! I always try to get people on my email list on a regular basis so that when I’m ready to push a product, I have a surefire way to reach my people. 


How to Increase Sells on Instagram | Step #7: Train your people to buy from you. 

One of the smartest businesswomen I know is Jansen from Everyday Reading. She trains her followers in her stories and in her email to click the link to her website to get the answer they are looking for. A lot of the revenue she makes is from the traffic she gets on her website, so this is a great strategy that is working for her. 

And the best part about this is when she’s ready to sell a product, her followers will already be trained to click the link to her website, so it won’t be a big ask to get to her website to view/purchase her new product. 


7 easy steps to making more money on Instagram. www.iammichellegifford.com


7 Easy Steps to Increase Your Sales on Instagram

Alright, friends, I hope this post helped you. I know these 7 easy steps to increase your sales on Instagram will work for you! Just keep moving forward and you’ll see it all come together piece by piece. And now I have a challenge for you.

Think about the one product you want to sell today. Go to your stories and tell people about it. Talk about the problem it solves and the promise of transformation you can give them after they use your product. And when you get that sale, DM me and let me know! I am one of your biggest cheerleaders! I want to know about your wins (and help you through your losses).

You can find me @iammichellegifford. And make sure to give me a follow too! That way you can stay up to date with all the best tips and tricks on running a successful business online! 

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7 Easy Steps to Increase Your Sales on Instagram

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