how to become an instagram selling ninja.

How to Become an Instagram Selling Ninja

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How to Become an Instagram Selling Ninja

How do you feel about growing a brand or selling your products on Instagram? Hard? Takes up too much time? These are the type of answers I got when I asked all of you on Instagram the same question. So, I’m here to turn some of those negative feelings into positive ones! Here are 7 tips on how to become an Instagram selling ninja (a.k.a. sell on Instagram without being too “salesy”). 



I think you can agree that there are some things we need to come to peace about and some things we can get better at when it comes to growing a brand and selling our products on Instagram. For example, knowing how to change the numbers that matter most in your biz.

Yes, the number of followers on your Instagram account is exciting and makes a difference, but the real numbers that matter are the ones no one sees–and that is your income. I just had someone come to me recently who has a pretty substantial following on Instagram, but they hardly make any money each month. 

So, this just goes to show that you can have tons of followers but still not be sure how to use Instagram as a tool to sell your products and make a steady income through it. With that being said, let’s jump into these 7 tips on how to become an Instagram selling ninja!


7 tips on how to sell products on Instagram.


7 Tips on How to Become an Instagram Selling Ninja

How to Sell Products on Instagram | Tip #1: Get in the right mindset.

Everything starts with a mindset. Since most of the words I got from all of you recently were negative when describing your feelings about selling on Instagram, it’s important to take the time to work on your mindset specifically in this aspect. 

Think about what your thoughts and feelings are about growing a brand on Instagram. I’ve had people tell me it’s hard, it takes too much time, “the algorithm hates me,” and other similar things.

Now, think about what your thoughts and feelings are about selling on Instagram. I’ve heard that you’re worried about people judging you, it’ll feel weird, or people will think you’re trying to sell them something (shh, you are selling something!). 

If your thoughts and feelings resemble any of the ones I listed, I want you to ask yourself two questions:

  1. Are these thoughts universally true?
  2. Are these thoughts helpful?

After answering both of these questions, you can then change your thoughts into ones that serve you. Imagine if you switched your thoughts to “I can’t wait to help someone with my products.” or “If someone uses this product it will change their life.” 

That feels better, right? Talk yourself up and cheer yourself on! When you start selling your products with those thoughts in mind, your approach to selling will come off way more natural and genuine. Besides, you just want to help people through your products and there is nothing wrong with that! That’s how any business is run.


How to Sell Products on Instagram | Tip #2: Fall in love with your product.

Falling in love with your product will help you talk and share about it in a natural way that is almost easy! So, how do you fall in love with your product? You could start by listing all of the ways your product has helped people so far. Just remember your product is awesome and it serves so many people in so many different ways!

Once you realize that your product is changing people’s lives for the better and it’s being used on a daily basis, it doesn’t take much more for you to fall in love with it. Just believe in yourself and what your product is capable of. That is a really powerful thing!


how to sell product on instagram.


How to Sell Products on Instagram | Tip #3: Use your product and show it often.

This tip to use your product and show it often is really easy if you have a physical product. (However, it is possible with digital products too, and we will get to that in a minute.) But make sure you are talking about your product at least a couple of days a week and show how it is making your life better and easier because of it. 

Using your product and talking about it often will help you fall in love with your product, help you learn more about your product, and helps with the sales factor of you using your own product so much and how that will make people want to use it more too.

If you have a digital product, you could ask clients or customers how they are using it and how it is helping them and then share it on your social media. Or, you could talk about how your life was before you had the product and why you created it, and how it has helped so much since then.


How to Sell Products on Instagram | Tip #4: Get other people to talk about your product.

There are so many ways you could get other people to talk about your product. But the easiest way is to ask customers to talk about it and then reward them for it. I know a few companies who do really well with this. One example of doing this is to ask customers to wear your product and then make a post and tag you in it. Then, you can do a shoutout on your stories or even have a customer-appreciation roundup. 

This system will build your bond with those customers and it will encourage new customers to do it because they will want to get featured too. Then, on top of that, it’s a huge benefit to you because you are getting countless testimonials about your products and how it’s helping others!


How to Sell Products on Instagram | Tip #5: Have a Q&A about your product.

This tip connects a little bit with tip #3 about using your product and showing it often, but the Q&A is a key part here. You being so familiar with your product can sometimes lead you to believe that it will be intuitive for your customers on how to use it. But, with this Q&A you will be able to see which parts of your product could be explained better.

I will say people are hesitant to do this type of informative/Q&A post because it gets less engagement than a funny reel, for example. So, just be prepared for that. It’s still worth it to post this type of content because it could get you some sales (even just one makes a difference). 


how to sell products on Instagram.


How to Sell Products on Instagram | Tip #6: Teach and add value by using your product.

How could you teach and add value while using your product? I have a friend, Brittany, from Home and Kind (who I just interviewed recently) who does this really well. She sells smoothie cups. Instead of her saying the same thing over and over again (buy my smoothie cups.) she adds value while featuring her product.

She posts different smoothie recipes and sometimes shares mom hacks on how to prep breakfast ahead of time using her smoothie cups. She found ways to sell her product while adding value through recipes and hacks. How could you add value like this using your own product and putting your own twist on it?


How to Sell Products on Instagram | Tip #7: Ask for the sale, and then ask for it again.

This is the tip you may be a little (or a lot) uncomfortable with. But I want you to ask for the sale, and then ask for it again and again. If you have a launch coming up, you need to be talking about it every single day, multiple times a day. And after the launch, you move on to other products you can sell. 

Never apologize for selling “too much.” That’s why people are following you. They like your products and they like what you have to say. If there are people who do not feel this way then they can unfollow you and you don’t need to worry about them. It just means those aren’t your people, so you don’t want them on your feed anyway.

But the reason you want to sell over and over again on the same product is that people need to see it a least a few times before they buy it. I don’t know about you, but I know I’ve seen a product on Instagram before and I think I need it, but I keep scrolling. Then, I think back to it and decide I want to buy it but when I go to search for it I can’t find it anymore. So, you selling your product over and over again actually is a service for your customers!

Pro Tip: If you sell physical products, there is a way for people to buy your products directly on your Instagram account. I’ve seen a lot of businesses jump on this opportunity, and if you haven’t yet, you should too! Check out my YouTube channel to find videos on how to get your Instagram set up to allow people to buy your physical products directly on your account. 


how to make sales on Instagram every day.


How to Become an Instagram Selling Ninja

Alright, biz sister, now you know how to become an Instagram selling ninja. Just remember, you have a product to sell, a way to serve, and people who need their lives changed by you. If you want more small business tips and tricks like this post, subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford

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