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Women are being called everywhere to stand up and speak out in the world like never before.  Many of those women have found their calling in starting a business.  With the rise of social media and website and email technology getting more and more simple and less and less expensive, now is the best time in the world for women to start a business.

Starting a business can be hard and lonely and so I have created the Back to Business Summit and asked women with successful businesses of their own to share their goodness with you…for free!

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Back To Business Summit Speakers:

We have Lisa Funk from Hand Lettered Design.  She is a business genius and a licensed life coach.  She has changed my life with her coaching and encouragement and I can’t wait for you to learn more about her.

Kelli and Kristi from Lolly Jane are DIYers on a mission to help you create and decorate your home at a fraction of the cost.  They are OG bloggers and have a lot of wisdom for you if you are looking to get your own blog up and running.

Andrea from Tubby Todd. Andrea has grown Tubby Todd from an idea into one of the most amazing natural bath product companies in the U.S. She’s widely known for her gentle baby soaps and lotions, and she takes great pride in using natural extracts in each of the products in her rapidly-growing product line.

Kristen Ley from Thimble Press. Kristen is the CEO + Creative Director of Thimble Press, where you can find products that are guaranteed to bring fun, smiles, and love into your life! She is also an amazing coach and consultant on product based businesses.

Melanie Burk (find her on Instagram HERE). Melanie Burk is a mother of 5 little ones and an amazing graphic design artist.

Macy Robinson from Uplight Creative . Macy is an expert on teaching you how to tell a story with your brand. She is a Marketing Strategist and also a certified StoryBrand Guide. You’ll love her approach to finding your story and sharing it with the world.

Kim from Talk Wordy to Me. Kim not only runs her blog and website, she is also the co-founder of Loom Journals. She believes that writing is therapeutic and that you should be doing the things that make you feel happy and fulfilled, no matter what stage in life you are in.

Allie from Journey Five. Allie is a proud mother of 5 who saw a need for clothing that would be functional, fashionable, and make us all look and feel good. She has built Journey Five to fill this need, and her shop is filled with beautiful clothes that any woman would love to wear!

Bre Miller is an amazing YouTuber. Find her HERE. She shares her life with the world and is an inspiration!  She is going to help you discover the best way to create a YouTube following.

Becky Proudfit from Cultivate a Good Life Podcast. Becky has joined up with Becky Higgins to produce a podcast that is so encouraging, positive, and fun. They cover a whole range of topics that are all geared toward helping each of us cultivate our best lives.

Courtney from Cake by Courtney. Courtney is a self-taught home baker who has learned through trial and error over the past 9 years how to create beautiful, delicious cakes. She teaches in person classes in Salt Lake City, UT, and recently launched her first online cake class.

Summer Bellessa, from The Girls with Glasses. Summer is one half of the popular web series duo, The Girls With Glasses. She is known for her song parodies about motherhood on that platform, but she is also a successful curvy model and actress.

Michelle Gifford, from I Am Michelle Gifford. I guess I should include myself in this list, right? I am a Brand Strategist and Business Consultant who believes that women are being called to build businesses. Through my website, blog, and podcast, I teach you how to create content that converts into clients.

All of these amazing women are excited to teach you everything from Growth Mindset, to YouTube, to branding, to working with Influencers, and more. You won’t want to miss out on any of their presentations!

How to Register:

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  • Open the confirmation email so your email provider knows it isn’t spam
  • Get ready for the Back to Business Summit to start on March 2nd!

Starting on March 2nd, you will receive an email each day with a link to 2-3 training videos from the speakers listed above. Each day of the summit, you will receive an email with new videos from each of these amazing businesswomen. You will have until March 13th to listen and watch the videos.

That’s it! This whole Back to Business Summit is free to you, and I can’t wait for you to join us as we learn how to grow our mindset and our businesses! Are you coming?

Sign up HERE! I’ll see you there!

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