benefits of pinterest group boards how and why to use them for I am michelle

Benefits of Pinterest Group Boards

Pinterest is where the party is!  Here are some amazing stats:

  • 87% of Pinners have purchased a product because of Pinterest.
  • 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to decide what to buy offline.
  • 93% of active pinners said they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 87% said they’ve purchased something because of Pinterest.

Do you see the power in Pinterest?  Unlike other social media, like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest users use Pinterest with intent to buy.  This is huge!  There are a lot of Pinterest growth strategies, but the one that we are chatting about today is Group Boards.

What is a group Pinterest board?

A group board works like a regular Pinterest board. The only difference is that along with the board creator, other people are also allowed to pin.

Group boards are called all sorts of names: shared boards, contributor boards, community boards, collaborative boards, etc…

How can you tell if it is a group board?

You can tell it is a group board by looking at the board in Pinterest.  If you are in the board, you will see more than one person’s picture at the top. Like this:

benefits of pinterest group boards how and why to use them for I am michelle

If you are looking at a group of boards, the group boards will have a circle in the bottom right corner with people’s pictures in them.  Like this:

benefits of group pinterest boards how and why to use them for I am michelle

Why is a group board the right move for your business?

Group boards help you grow your business.  Let’s take a look at how group boards actually work.

You have one board with more than one person contributing to that board.  Their followers and your followers can view that board.  If someone decides to follow your group board, they have the option to follow all contributors.  That means they will start following everyone that contributes to that board.  You just gained a follower.  Amazing, right?!  Also, those following your board will see what you pin and what the other board members pin, so you are helping each other reach more people by sharing your audience.  Group boards also give you content to pin.  You are supposed to be pinning content every day and being a part of a group board gives you a resource of content to pin from.

Let’s break it down in real life.  Julie and Martha have a group beauty board.  Julie has 200 followers and Martha has 300.  With their group board, both Julie’s and Martha’s followers will see the pin.  So instead of Julie’s 200 followers seeing the pin, 500  followers will see it (200+300).  Then, a Pinterest user named Susan finds their group board and chooses to follow all beauty board contributors.  They both gain a follower.

You are pretty excited, right?!  Group boards have a lot of potential for growth, but it is important to know exactly how to use them.  Let’s talk etiquette.

benefits of group pinterest boards how and why to use them for I am michelle

Group board etiquette

Group boards don’t work unless you do.

The rule: Pin 2, Repin 2/every day

If your group board has 20-ish contributors or less, then the rule is pin 1-2 of your pins to the group board a day and to repin 1-2 of someone else’s pins to one of your other boards (one of your boards that isn’t that group board).  Serving others is the best way to make friends, so don’t be stingy on your repins.

If you are a part of one of those giant group boards, the pressure to pin other’s pins is less of an issue.  Use these boards to get content for your pins.

For both kinds of group boards, be consistent.  Make Pinterest a part of your social media schedule. (There are ways to automate your pins, but that is a different lesson for a different day.)

Be on Topic

People who start group boards like to keep their boards nice and tidy.  Pin appropriate images that add value to the board.  The better the board becomes, the more people will want to be a part of it.  Growth is good!

Find the Right Crowd

Not all boards are for you.  That’s fine.  Find the boards that will benefit your business.  Look for boards with topics that are specific to your niche and that have nice clean and active boards.  So, if you are a home decorator, you probably don’t need to be a part of a golf instructors group board.  Join boards that your audience will enjoy seeing content from.

How to join a group board

By now, you are itching to join one or 10 group boards, right?  How do you join a Pinterest group board?

At the top of the group board will be a short description of the board and an email address to contact to join.  Simply email the owner of the group board and ask them to let you in.  That’s it!

Ready to join some group boards right now?  Check out my boards here:

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benefits of group pinterest board how and why to use them for I am michelle
benefits of group pinterest board how and why to use them for I am michelle

benefits of pinterest group boards

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