Best-Kept Sales Secrets You Can Implement Right Now

How confident are you in selling your products? If you just shuttered a little bit then you’re in the right place. I chatted with my friend, Brooke Casanovas, who is the master of sales. She shares practical steps you can implement right now on your next pitch to sell your products or services. AND her best-kept sales secrets you can implement right now.




I used to be really weird about money. I felt guilty for asking people to buy my products and was so hesitant when I did. I’ve done a ton of mental work on this subject and have come a long way! It comes down to whether or not you believe in your business and really want it to be a success. If you’re at all uncomfortable with money then Brooke is an amazing person to learn from. She teaches you how to have a good relationship with money and to make more of it in a way that you are comfortable with and proud of. 

Brooke’s business is about helping owners of 6-figure businesses ready to scale to 7-figures. And helps them do this through sales, mindset, and network. Brooke absolutely loves talking about money, sales, and especially people. And she believes there’s a way to be motivated by these things without seeming egotistical or greedy. (Doesn’t this sound like the best thing ever?! It is. Just wait until you read what’s next.)


everything you need to know to finally make more sales in your biz.


What Keeps You From Making the Sale

Before we jump into the best-kept sales secrets you can implement right now, first, we need to identify what keeps us from making the sale. 

Time and time again Brooke has seen people who think they are on their way to making 7 figures and then they are shocked when it doesn’t happen. This instance happens when the owner is not aware of the amount of work it actually takes to get there and what needs to be in place in order to reach 7 figures. There are certain things that need to be a part of their identity, sales systems, marketing, and audience. 

Sales Rep Perspective

From a sales rep perspective, you need to help your client take personal ownership of their past and their future. Ask them what success they’ve had so far and what work has gotten them there. Help them identify what has and hasn’t helped contribute to it. And help them identify why they are only at x amount of money when they want to be at a higher amount. 

On any sales call, Brooke’s goal is to help her client see things as they actually are and how they will be. And the only way to have this happen is to help her client take responsibility for what has happened in the past and what work they need to do in the future to meet their goals. 

Customer Perspective

From a customer perspective, when they do not buy from you it almost always comes down to 3 things:

  1. They don’t trust themselves
  2. Lack of trust in you and your vehicle to get them to their desired outcome
  3. They don’t believe their time and money are worth the investment

If your customers do not trust themselves…

The reason people do not buy from you is almost never because they don’t have the time or money to commit to it. It’s usually because of the insecurity they have with themselves. So, if you’re selling to someone who is hesitant to buy, your job is to help them see why they are insecure about themselves and to build their trust in themselves. 

Helping your potential buyers build trust with themselves should be your #1 priority on a sales call. If this person doesn’t trust their ability to change or commit to this purchase then there’s nothing else you can say to convince them to buy.  

If your customers do not trust you and your vehicle to get them their desired outcome…

This is when you change your customers’ beliefs about your program and why it’ll work compared to the other options out there. You do this by sharing success stories from others your customers can relate to. 

If your customers don’t believe their time and money are worth the investment…

Whenever people say they don’t have the money to buy, that’s always a lie. People will always find the money to buy something they want. When your customers are hung up on whether or not their time and money are worth the investment, this is when you remind them of the security they now have with themselves with your product and then tell them that any amount of time and money will be worth the results they’ll receive. 


3 Factors for Getting to a Place Where You Are Unattached to the Outcome (A.K.A. where you don’t care whether or not you close the sale.)

Factor #1

Go onto sales calls knowing you don’t need them, they need you. If you’ve put in the work to create an amazing program where you know what it can do for people then there’s no way they won’t want to buy. And you’ll be way more confident in selling because you are passionate about the product you’ve created and helping people transform into better versions of themselves by using it. 

Factor #2

Exercising daily gratitude. This isn’t something you just practice every day–daily gratitude is a state of being. Gratitude is what will manifest all the good things in your life whether you want them or not. 

Being in a state of gratitude is what will draw the most people to you. On the flip side of that, being in a state of scarcity is what will repel the most people from you.

Factor #3

Get your customers results. You do this by understanding where they are coming from and using the same words that they would use to describe their problems. When you can explain their problem better than they can they will automatically trust you.

Bonus Biz Pro Tip: Sales calls are the fastest way to learn your market. Whenever you are on a sales call, you want to take notes on how your customer thinks about their problem, talks about their problem, and how they feel about their problem. You take those phrases and infuse them into your marketing messages. How your customer talks is how your audience talks too, so when you can meet them where they are at and then bridge the gap with your product then they will be more likely to trust you and your product to give them the transformation they are looking for. 


best-kept sales secrets you can implement right now.


3 Frameworks to Use When On a Sales Call

There has already been so much quality content shared so far, and these 3 frameworks are the icing on the cake! These are seriously the best-kept sales secrets you can implement right now. 


Sales Framework #1: Establish a relationship with the person on the other line where you are the authority. 

Establish a relationship where you are the authority and design the call where if you know this isn’t the right fit, you can get off the call as quickly as possible. You do this by creating an overview of how the call is going to go and what you expect to happen. 

You might say something like…

“In order for you to get the value you need from this call and that I understand the nature of your problems there are three things I want you to know.”

  1. Understanding and admitting to your personal ownership is really important and will give us clarity on how to solve your problems.
  2. This phone call itself will not fix you. I can give strategies all day, but this phone call is not your solution–it is the beginning that will put you on a trajectory to get you the results you’re looking for.
  3. Be decisive. Those who make decisions and take action are the ones who bring in the big bucks and make miracles happen. So your answer is you will do this or you won’t do this. It will never be, “I will think about it.”


Sales Framework #2: Understand the nature of their problems. 

Your goal is to understand the nature of the problems your customer is having. You do this by asking them questions that you preface with specificity. For example, instead of asking them a general question about the problems in their business, you’d specifically ask them, “What are the top 3 issues in your business that are preventing you to get what you want?” 

Once they give you that answer, you are going to dive into super detailed follow-up questions to help understand why those are their issues. You may ask questions like…

  • Why is that your issue?
  • What personal beliefs do you have about this issue? When did these start and why?
  • What evidence do you see that this issue is serving you? Not serving you?
  • How do you want to change this issue and why? If you did change it, what would that mean?

The key to asking all of these follow-up questions is not only for you to understand, but for them to understand where they are and why. Serve them by helping them get clarity on the truth of their situation. Most people do not have friends–or anyone–who does this for them. You can be that person and they will thank you for it. 

As they talk about their issues, this is where you can insert what Brooke likes to call the Memoir Method. This is where you share testimonials and stories from people who have participated in your program or bought your product. This method is tying back to that third reason why people do not buy from you that we talked about earlier. Sharing these stories builds your rapport and helps your customer trust you and your product.


Sales Framework #3: Recap & then create a disparity between where they are and where they want to be. 

The purpose of the recap is to repeat back to them what they didn’t even realize they said. And this recap will also create the disparity between where they are and where they want to be. And then, you tell them you are 100 percent confident that you can help them–but it will take them putting in work and effort into the program every day. 

Then, you ask them if you can share the x amount of things that you’ll do to help them right now. This is where you share your offer. And Brooke says that offers increase in value when they are put into steps, so break down your offer into steps to help your customer understand everything that is included. 

After your offer, ask them if this is something they think can help them get where they want to go. You want them to be completely honest with you and with themselves. This is where your detachment from the outcome comes into play. You want them to be honest because while you know how valuable your product is, it’s not going to work for them if they are not confident and willing to put in the work to make it valuable to them. (However, by the end of this conversation they should be in a place where they feel absolutely ready to agree to the offer.)


how to become a confident sales genius with these 3 easy steps.


How to Close the Sales Call

After you’ve completed sharing your offer with them and they agree that this is something they want, ask them if they have any other questions. They will either say no and then you end the call or they will ask about the cost of your offer.

Brooke has this ideology of the difference between cost and investment. Cost is when you spend the money and get little to nothing in return. Investment is when you spend the money and get double or more in return. Brooke notes this difference with the customer and then tells them the price of her product. And then she waits. She does not ramble on and on about it.

One of the biggest sales mistakes is to interrupt the buyer’s thought process after giving them the price of your product. When you interrupt them you are ruining the narrative you worked so hard to get them to. Just let them think through it and come to a conclusion. 

If they start to come up with objections, walk them through those by referencing everything they just shared with you on the call. They will either have legit reasons for saying no to the offer or they will want to say yes but are scared to commit. If they are scared, you can walk them through that and remind them that you will be working just as hard as they are and are 100 percent confident that you will make their investment worth it. 


Bonus Tip on Money Mindset

Brooke’s advice for overcoming your fear to sell your products is to go invest a crap ton of money in yourself. The fear of selling comes from your integrity because it’s something you’ve never done before. Make sure that you’ve bought a couple of products at the same price you are selling yours for. 

Doing this helps you know that it’s worth investing the money in experts who know more than you and can coach you on what you need. And you know that you do gain back everything you spent and more. 

Also, do everything you can to switch your mindset into an abundant one rather than a scarce mentality. When you have an abundance mindset then you will attract the same type of people who are willing to spend a large sum of money because they believe in the investment and in the principle of everything flowing to you as you give things away.


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Best-Kept Sales Secrets You Can Implement Right Now

Are you in awe of Brooke’s best-kept sales secrets you can implement right now? There’s just so much valuable content in this post that came from Brooke’s experience. She is truly the master of sales, so make sure to follow her HERE to keep in touch and keep learning from her. You can also follow me @iammichellegifford if you don’t already! 

Right now, Brooke offers a 12-week mastermind to help you get to a 7-figure business. The mastermind includes three types of training. The first one is offer refinement. Second, training and hiring an in-house sales rep to sell your product for you. Third, using the people in this mastermind network to share referrals and connections with each other. If you’re in a place where you’re ready to scale to a 7-figure business then don’t pass up this amazing opportunity to work with Brooke, an absolute sales genius!

Best-Kept Sales Secrets You Can Implement Right Now

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