Branding behind the scenes: Why you should hire a branding consultant.

Branding Behind the Scenes: The Power of a Branding Consultant


Branding Behind the Scenes

Do you ever wonder what it’s really like to hire a branding consultant and photographer? I’m going to take you behind the scenes with one of my recent clients. I’ll show you how much fun it is to work with me, and what a qualified branding consultant can offer you and your business.

Branding behind the scenes: Why you should hire a branding consultant.

Meet Veronica Peterson, a Riverside California Realtor and creator of where she shares all things that are Best in Riverside, CA where we live.  She came to me with an idea and a vision for her business and we have worked together for the last few months to make it happen.

But first, a little back story. Remember that time that I felt prompted to sell my house and buy a house up the street?  It seemed like an impossible task, but Veronica was the Realtor that made my dream home a reality.  Like, for reals.  I couldn’t have done it without her.

By the way, if you are in Southern California and looking for a Realtor, she is your girl.  Check her out here. 

So, it was an honor to help her create a brand for her business.

Our branding goals with Veronica were to:

-Create a website for her where she could share her reviews of local businesses and serve her community

-Gain exposure for her real estate business and become better known in her city

-Create a website that reflected her brand and her love for Riverside

-Create an easy to implement content creation system that won’t take over her whole life

-Build a strategy to grow her Instagram and online presence


Don’t forget the branding visuals!

When creating a website for Veronica, we really wanted to capture her fun and classy personality while maintaining an air of professionalism.  She chose a color scheme and then we created a logo and website to go with it.


Check out her Best in Riverside site we created here


One of the reasons why it’s important to work with a qualified branding consultant is that a big part of creating an online presence involves being focused on the visual aspects of your brand.  And guess what, sister?  You are a part of your brand!  Getting professional pictures of yourself is a big deal and a complete necessity if you are wanting to up your game online.

The best part about having a professional branding photographer take your pictures is that you can set aside a few hours and create months worth of content in one session.  That is what we did here.  I got some headshot pictures that she can use throughout her website and social media, but we also mapped out her content for the next few months and got shots for her upcoming features.


10 tips to getting great branding photos:

1-Bring a lot of outfits.  You want to make it look like you didn’t take all of your pictures in one day.  Having different looks helps you get the most out of your pictures.

2-When choosing outfits, make sure that the colors are consistent with your brand.  They need to fit seamlessly with your overall aesthetic and this is one easy way to get a cohesive social media feed.


3-Plan out your content for at least a month.  Look ahead and think about the type of photos you will need for social media and your blog posts.  Make a list and be sure to get the shots.

4-Hire a professional.  I know, I know.  It costs money to hire a branding photographer, but investing in your business is a must.  Plus, you can trust them to get the most flattering angles and to get better quality images.

5-Go to different locations.  Don’t just stay in one place, location hop and get a variety of pictures.



6-Start with a strategy.  This goes back to the planning it out tip, but make sure that you know the type of pictures you need to present your brand in the most authentic way.  For example, I knew that Veronica wanted to have pictures of her working as a professional, but she also wanted more personal pictures.  So, we went to her house and took pictures of her working from home.

7- Bring snacks!  I’m all about the snacks, friend, and this can be a long day.  Pack snacks and fuel up.


8-If you are in a public place, don’t be awkward, just get the pictures you need.  If you happen to take pictures in a local business, ask permission and always give them credit when posting on social media.

9-Let the photographer know what you need and then let them do the artistic work.  Trust them to get the shots that you need.

10-Have fun and think outside the box!

Why I love working as a Branding Consultant

I love working with businesses as a branding consultant to get their online presence set up from scratch.  Veronica has an amazing business and is the realtor I trusted to sell and buy my houses.

The best part of all of it was to see Veronica’s vision come to life!  She is doing big things in our community and I’m blessed to be a part of it.





The online business principles that I teach here, on my podcast, and to my clients do not just apply to people who are starting a business online.  They apply to every kind of business that wants to use an online presence to grow and make more money. Hiring a branding consultant may seem out of reach for small business owners, but the investment is well worth it. I love working with small businesses and online influencers to increase their online presence and create quality content that converts. Have you worked with a branding consultant before?

Ready to create content that converts? Click HERE to start my FREE 5 day challenge now! 

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Why you should hire a branding consultant.




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