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This episode of the Michelle Gifford podcast is a little different from the usual ones, because I am sharing the story of our recent home buying and selling! No, we were not looking to buy a house but when the right one comes up, sometimes you have to take a leap!

We took a day to think and pray about it. We got the confirmation and less than 24 hours later we knew we needed to take the leap! The owners agreed to accept our offer if our house was listed. They gave us 17 DAYS to sell our house! Yikes!

Staging Your House

We had to get the house perfect, staged, photos, clean and ready for showings and open houses every day. This was the last two weeks of school so it was really wild trying to keep it all perfect with 5 kids. I was gone speaking one weekend and committed to another event on another weekend. My husband was gone another weekend.

Our realtor was awesome and gave us a list of all of the things we should do to make people want to buy our house. But the list was so expensive and I did not want to put all of that money into a house we were selling.

Gotta Have Faith

Once again I just prayed to know what to do. Our realtor came back in less than 10 minutes and said there were people interested in it just as it was. Thankfully, the owners of the house we wanted to buy, gave us an extension and we were able to find the right buyers.

The Roller Coaster of Buying a House

Through speaking events, termite tents, scout trips, five kids, open houses and riding the real estate roller coaster we made it. It was one wild ride but so worth it!

If you want to hear all the details, including how this fulfilled some of the work I had done at the beginning of the year with my life coach, check out the full podcast episode or this post here!

Do you have any crazy buying or selling house stories?

– Michelle


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