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How to nice down your business IamMichelleGifford.com

Finally Find Your Niche and Start Growing Your Business!

Business Tips, Content Creation

Finally Find Your Niche and Start Growing Your Business 

There is a secret to niching down for your business. When I first start talking about growing a business, we always start with niching down. And the problem that usually comes up is that people are a little bit scared to niche down. They’re not sure how they should do it, and they don’t know why they should do it. I want to help you finally find your niche and start growing your business on social and beyond.

Part of why niching down feels a little bit scary is because it seems easier to talk to everyone at once. That’s what we don’t want. We don’t exclude anyone or keep anyone out. We want to talk to everyone. Well, niching down is the first step. It’s what I do with all of my clients. And the reason why we do this is that it will grow your business better and faster. 

I’m going to tell you why niching is so important and how to do it. I’m also going to share with you my secret that most people skip over when they’re talking about niching down and making sure that your niche is a success.

Why it’s important to niche down

I want to make sure that you understand why niching down is so important. The reason why niching down is always the first step is that it is the fastest way for you to grow your business. You need to help people understand who you are, and make it easy for them to talk about you. Let’s say I talked about the weather, news, business, fashion, and accessories. Then it would be hard to talk about me or to tell a friend why they need me. But when I niche down to, “Hey, I help business moms grow their businesses online.” That’s a very specific niche. My target audience is women in business who have kids who are growing a business alongside motherhood. That makes it very easy for anyone to understand exactly who needs my content.

If we just talk to everyone, then it’s going to take a long time for us to grow. That is the other reason why we need to do it. When we niche down, it helps us be really laser-focused. People can talk about us and it also helps with search engine optimization (SEO) and the algorithm.

Niching down helps with searchability

Social media is becoming more and more searchable. Instagram’s becoming more searchable. TikTok is super searchable, and it had more searches than Google did last year. Google, blogs, and YouTube are all searchable. Podcasts are getting better. All of these places are searchable.

If we create a lot of content that is about a ton of different topics, then it makes it hard for that search engine to understand what kind of content we create and who to put our content in front of. But if we niche down and really focus on one type of content, then the algorithm and the search engine can get to know who we are and what type of people like our content. And they’ll put our content in front of those people more often. 

You’ve probably noticed that this is very important on Instagram. They’re putting more content in your feed from people that you don’t follow. That’s because it’s getting better at searching. And niching down will really help improve your Instagram and the way that you show up there.

Niching down helps you focus on content

The other reason this is important is that it’s going to make it easier for you to create content. When you have the option to create content about everything and anything under the sun, then it’s very stifling. But you can find out exactly what your niche is and start speaking to them. Then what happens is you’re thinking, “Oh, I know all of their problems. Cause I get that. And I can talk about this all day.” And so that gives you a lot of power when you’re creating content.

Niching down for small business owners - IAmMichelleGifford.com

Niching down helps you make more money! 

Niching down can make your business more profitable. When people specialize in one specific topic, they beget a lot more expertise and a lot more authority. Because they are creating content about one specific thing. People know exactly what they’re good at and who to call when they need them. Niching down is really going to help you grow faster because of the algorithm. It’s also easier to talk about just one thing. And when you’re creating great content, it’ll be easier to make money because of all of that.

One of the biggest things people talk to me about is that they don’t want to just talk about one thing and I totally understand that. But what I would recommend is to niche down at the beginning and get really honed in. There’s a principle in business called the Sheehan’s wall principle. If you talk about one topic until you become the expert, people will know you and know to come to you. Then you can start talking about whatever you want. 

How do we do it? It’s actually easier than you think. 

Step #1 to Finding Your Niche: Choose Your Industry

The first step is to choose your industry. Think about this. Are you in the beauty industry? Do you focus on health or business? Are you in marketing? Figure out what your industry is. Next, you’re going to go a lot deeper. 

Niching down and growing your biz online - IAmMichelleGifford.com

Step #2 to Finding Your Niche: The Four Ps

When I am helping people with their brand messaging, I always go through the four Ps: 

  • Person
  • Problem
  • Product
  • Promise of Transformation

PersonWho is the person you are appealing to? Let’s say that you are in the beauty industry. What kind of person do you help in the industry? Do you help women over 40? That is a great niche. 

ProblemNow that you have the person in mind, what is their problem? Do they want to go gray naturally? The problem that they have is they don’t know how to go gray. 

ProductWhat is the product that you have to solve that problem? I give them tips and tricks for looking young while having gray hair. 

Promise of Transformation And then what is the promise of transformation? How are you going to help this woman over 40 with naturally gray hair feel confident in that gray hair? You’re going to give her styling tips, products, and how-tos so that she can be confident. Now you have a very, very, very specific niche.

A lot of people don’t talk about the product, but the product is how you make money. So I usually have a free product and also a paid product. The free product is some kind of content that you create. It could be a podcast or YouTube video.

And then, what is that product that you think someone would need to buy to get you paid? It could be a course, a coaching session, a service, or even an affiliate link. Now you understand what your niche is. You know the industry you’re in (the beauty industry) and who the person is (women over 40).

What’s the problem? She has gray hair, but she doesn’t know what to do about it. And she wants to still feel young. And what is the product? It is your tips and tricks and how-tos about how to go gray beautifully. And what is the promise of transformation that they’re going to have? That they will feel confident in their gray hair. 

Then you have a very specific niche, so it makes it easy for people to talk about you. Let’s say I have a friend who wanted to go gray but didn’t know how to do it. And you’d say, “Oh my gosh, I know this girl. She is on YouTube. And she’s always giving you tips and tricks about going gray naturally and beautifully. And here’s her stuff.” That makes it very easy to talk about you.

Step #3 to Finding Your Niche: Focus on the product

So let’s spend another second on the product because usually, people don’t talk about the product enough. They just want you to start creating content for that person. But I need you to understand that how you create content is going to help you get paid. So plan that out. If you create a YouTube video, how are you going to get people to your email list?

Do you understand how that email gets you to the product and is making you money? Think about that. For example, this is a free blog post you’re reading. If you want to get all of the worksheets for this post, you can click here and sign up for the Business Mom School. Tuition is free, but you have to do the work. You will get an email with all of our worksheets and videos that we do every week. So that’s an email opt-in. I know how to solve the problem and how we help people in the future and get people to our products and our services.

If you need help with your niche and your brand message, you can hire my marketing agency. My team will help do that for you. 

Learn how to increase your sales online by niching down - IAmMichelleGifford.com

Step #4 to Finding Your Niche: Do the Research

The next step is one that a lot of people miss out on as well. And this is to do the research. Once you have a niche and you feel really good about it, you know that you can create content around it because you like the content.

Then you need to do some research. I do research to make sure that there’s actually a market for the content I’m creating. I don’t want you to just create content and there not be anyone searching for that content. So we do a couple of things to make sure that our niche is good.

If you’re on YouTube, one of your first stops should be TubeBuddy. It’s an extension you can plug in. I use this to test out the different topics that I am going to be creating. You can see who else is creating content on that topic and how many people are watching. Search volume is the number of people searching for the topic and competition shows how many other people are creating content on that topic. If it shows up as green that means to go ahead and create content for that topic. It will also show you common keywords or video tags to use. 

The next site I recommend is Keywords Everywhere. It is a free extension for Google. Whenever you type in anything it will show you the history of the search term. If there is a steep curve up then you know that term is on the rise. I can look at the traffic and related keywords and what people are searching for.

Lastly, I would go to Pinterest. I would type in my search term and see if there is content being made and which ones are doing well. I can also see which ones I can improve upon.

So now you’ve done your research. Congratulations! That’s a big deal.  

Step #5 to Finding Your Niche: Don’t Get Stuck

My last piece of advice is don’t get stuck. A lot of people get stuck in this niche part because they’re afraid to get it wrong. You’re not going to get it perfectly right the first time.

But the more you create content, the more you serve your audience. And the more you start understanding them and what they need, your niche gets stronger and deeper as you go. So please don’t stay stuck on this. I want you to get my worksheets. You can get them by signing up for Business Mom School online or by texting “BMS” to 951-309-7885. I want you to fill out the worksheets and choose your niche.

You can change, you can pivot, and you can grow with your audience. But choose a niche now and start growing faster and become more profitable. 

Those are my tips for finally finding your niche and start growing your business! You can follow me on YouTube and Instagram for more videos and social media insights.

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