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How to Batch Your Content for Summer

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How to Batch Your Content for Summer

Are you feeling all this summer happening? It’s here! I want you to enjoy a really fun summer with your kids and with your family. And I still want your business to grow. And it might take a little bit of preparation, but you will be singing hallelujah by the end of it! Here’s my complete guide on how to batch your content for summer. 



This guide is not going to just get you by for the summer, but it is actually going to help your business grow. Yes, it is possible to create a content plan that grows your business while you are off having a wonderful summer with your family. But like I said, it’s going to take some work upfront. Are you willing to give it a try? Let’s do this!

Before we jump into how to batch your content for summer, it’s important that you read through my last two posts. This post is actually part three of a 3-part series. So part one is about setting up your content framework and part two is actually creating a content marketing plan. So, make sure to read through those because they will set you up really nicely for this post on batching your content!


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How to Batch Your Content for Summer

Batching your content means that you set aside some time to create your content, specifically the same type of content all at once. For me, I know my core piece of content is my podcast. So I spend several days recording episode after episode trying to get all of those in place. Once those are done I work on stretching that content to other platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

If you gain one thing from this post, I want you to remember to not let content marketing overcome you. I know many of us would say that content marketing makes us feel exhausted, but part of that exhaustion comes from not having a plan. We need to have some strategy. So, remember, we don’t stress. We strategize. 


Step #1 for Batching Your Content: Schedule a time to batch create your content.

Now that you know what your pillars are and the actual content you want to create, and where you are going to show up, (referring to my last two posts) you’re ready to sit down and start creating the content. 

I recommend batching the same type of content all at once. For me, it works to create as many podcast episodes as I can in a few hours. I do it all together because I can stay in that same brain space. Does that make sense? It would take a lot more brain power to create a podcast episode and then jump to creating a reel and TikTok video on the same subject. It’s better to focus on one platform at a time and then move to the next when you are ready.

It’s also important to be realistic about what you can get done in the set amount of time you have to work on batching your content. I know I could not record 10 podcast episodes in one day. My brain is fried after about four or five. So know your limit and be OK with where you’re at right now. 


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Step #2 for Batching Your Content: Set up reminders for when you will still show up live.

When batching your content, you are creating the bulk of your content that you will post over the next few weeks/months. However, you probably still want to show up live every now and then on your stories or Instagram live. So, I just set myself reminders for when I want to go live about a certain topic. 

For example, if I know I’ll be talking about tools that I like to use for my content planning in my podcast on a certain date, I’ll set up a reminder to talk about those same tools on my Instagram story live on that same date. So I’m still showing up, but the actual content has already been created for weeks. 

Those are really the only two steps for batching your content! But there are a few tools that I have to tell you about that will make your content batching SO much easier. Let’s get to it.


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Favorite Tools that Help with Batching Content

Content Planning Tool #1: Descript

No matter what kind of content you create, Descript makes your experience so much better. If you have a video as your core content–that could be an Instagram Live, YouTube video, or even just audio like a podcast–you can use Descript to screen record and get a full transcript of your recording. 

Some of my favorite features from Descript:

  • You can edit the sound like you edit a document. What I mean by this is after you have your recording and your transcript, you can click one button and it will take out all the filler words from your transcript and your recording! That’s nuts, right?
  • You can take smaller clips from a video meant for YouTube and easily create an Instagram reel or video for there.
  • You can use your transcript to easily convert your podcast episode or video into a blog post. 

I am in love with Descript. We should definitely be hiring technology for different parts of our business, and Descript is a no-brainer for me. If you want to try it for yourself, I have a link here for you to get a free trial. I know you’re going to love it!


Content Planning Tool #2: Monday is where I organize all of my content. You can create boards for your content topics and from there build out your content plan for each topic. Monday makes your content planning SO much easier. 

Just to give you perspective, every time I finish my podcast episode on Descript, I go to Monday and find my board for my podcast and on the task I have labeled for the next episode I paste a link in the notes to my Descript recording. Then I can set a due date and tag the people from my team who will then be notified to help get my podcast, Instagram content, and blog ready to go from that recording.  

If you’re thinking, “Michelle, I don’t have a team.” Remember, my team can totally be yours too. Wouldn’t it be so cool to have a team of people help stretch your content and help plan your content strategy? I’m just so grateful that I can create my content and then have a team and the tools to put my content where it needs to go. 

Anyway, I love Monday because it’s how I keep track of things all in one place–all the links I need, affiliates, my clients’ content, and so much more. If you want to try it for yourself, use my link here


Content Planning Tool #3: My Content Template Pack

My content template pack is very inexpensive and it is such a game-changer for your content plan. You should not have to recreate graphics every single time you post. Having these templates will help you build a better brand that is more cohesive and appealing to your audience. 

In my content template pack you get templates for:

  • Pinterest
  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Once you get my content template pack you will be able to access them on Canva. From there, you can edit them according to your content and brand colors literally in seconds. This will help you batch your content so much faster and just create your content in general.

I think sometimes we hobble along trying to piece everything together for our business and it takes forever. Instead, we should spend just a little bit of money and save ourselves hours and hours of work–and have better quality content as well! Buy my content planning sheets here!


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How to Batch Your Content for Summer

Alright, those are my secrets on how to batch your content for summer. Don’t forget to check out my part one and part two of this 3-part series to get the whole picture for batching your content! I know you can do this. If you commit yourself for the next week or two to focus and batch some content, you will feel like a rockstar by the end of it. 

And guess what? You’re going to be more creative by trying this technique. I’ve noticed that as  I free myself from the pressure of creating instant content I’m able to have more creativity. I show up in better ways and create better products. I want you to do that too. Alright, come follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford for more biz tips and tricks and send me a dm to let me know how things are going!

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