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How to Get Started With Metricool

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How to Get Started With Metricool

Do you ever feel like social media is more work than it needs to be? You’re not alone!! There are so many social media platforms that I use to run my business. Being able to manage my entire social network in one place makes it so much easier. I have looked for a really long time for a content scheduler and manager that I like, and that isn’t a million dollars. Enter Metricool. It has been a great way to manage and schedule the social networks I use for my business and it is affordable. Keep reading and I’ll show you how to get started with Metricool so you can better manage your business’s social media too. 


Find out how to use Metricool for you 6-figure business.

What is Metricool?

Metricool is a tool that manages and schedules all of your social media, for any platform, in one place. Metricool allows you to analyze, plan, and schedule each of your individual social media accounts easily and cohesively. I have loved how simple Metricool has made managing my business’s social network. With so many social media platforms, it can become overwhelming and stressful to know what and when to post. Metricool is the perfect solution for easing that stress. Planning my content, monitoring engagement and activity, and sharing links has never been easier thanks to Metricool!  


Metricool Features

Metricool has some really great features that have helped me and my business a lot. It has been great to have everything I need for all of my social media platforms in one place. My go-to features on Metricool are the Analytics, Planner, Smartlinks, Hashtag Tracker, and the Competitor Analyzer. These features have helped my stress with social media disappear. Having the ability to track my social media is also very important. Knowing what to post and when to post it has made content scheduling so much easier. These features and many more are exactly why I chose Metricool. I am so excited to share how you can get started with Metricool’s amazing features too.


Analytics and Reporting

Metricool has great analytics and reporting features. There are a ton of social media platforms that we use on a regular basis, so monitoring engagement can be a very large and overwhelming task. Metricool allows you to easily track the data that comes from your social media accounts. This includes monitoring reach, comments, performance, engagement, followers, views, and any other data that you need. This allows you to understand what is happening on your social media.  Data like this helps guide your future content plans and helps further your reach on your social media accounts. 

The Analytics feature also allows you to create reports of your social media data in a very easy-to-understand way. No matter your skill level when it comes to reports and analyzing data,  Metricool has made it simple enough that anyone can understand what they’re reading. These reports are an easy way to see how your social media is doing. It shows you how each individual post is doing, what content is performing well, and which platforms are getting the most engagement. This can help so much when you are planning content and working to grow your business online. Having the right data can also direct you to focus more of your marketing dollars on posts with the highest engagement and largest reach.


Social media content planning

Every business owner knows that creating content is one of the most important things you can do. There is no reason that anyone should be spending more time trying to plan out their content for all of their platforms than the time it takes to make the content. Metricool has a super cool feature that allows you to plan out all of your content for every social media platform in one planner. The Metricool social media content planner has been such a lifesaver for me.

 I have found that being able to plan out all of my content in one place makes posting feel so much easier. With Metricool’s content planner, you are able to plan anything: posts, Reels, Carousels, Stories, TikToks, Pins, or anything else you might need. It can all be planned, scheduled, and edited in one place. 

Another really great feature that Metricool’s content planner has is that you are able to see when the best times to post are. No more blindly posting and praying! This is something I have found to be so helpful for me and my business. It is a great way to know what to post, when to post, and where to post. This has been a great way to increase my engagement and reach with my posts. I love having the ability to plan and track my content in a way that I know is going to be best for my business. 



Metricool is the perfect tool for your growing business!

Competitor Analyzer

The competitor analyzer is actually one of my favorite features that Metricool offers. I can research competitors, see what’s working in my industry, and create content based on that information. There are so many different businesses that are posting content every day. It is important to know what your competitors are doing and how they are performing on social media. This can be a great way to see how your content is performing in comparison to your competitors. It can be really beneficial to know what your competitors are doing that is working and what is not working. This also helps in creating content that is going to be successful.


Hashtag Tracker

Since I’m talking about how to get started with Metricool, I have to include this awesome feature, the Hashtag Tracker! Hashtags are an important part of your content on social media. Hashtags can be very beneficial to the amount of reach and views that your content is getting. I have seen firsthand how good hashtags can make a difference in my own business. Hashtags have brought so many people to my business.

Did you know Metricool has a live hashtag tracker? This tracks how your hashtags are doing before, during, and after you post. This data and information can be really beneficial to the success of your business and the growth of your social media presence, especially on Instagram. I also have an Instagram Course that can help you learn more about hashtags as well! Knowing which hashtags to use, what hashtags are doing well, and having that information at your fingertips is really great. 



It is no secret that every business owner wants their social media and content to translate into revenue. We all want our followers to become customers. It is important to have an easy and simple way for followers to find your products. With Metricool’s SmartLinks, you can add links to your other social media platforms to gain even more followers. More followers mean more potential customers! Having a link in your bio that can get those followers to exactly where they need to be is a great way for followers to become customers. Metricool’s SmartLinks does exactly that. SmartLinks allows you to put all of your links in one place. Your followers can have access to everything they need in one simple link. 


How I use Metricool for my business

Metricool is one of my secret weapons for creating a cohesive and effective money-making content strategy. Metricool allows me to be able to keep track of what’s actually happening in my business with my social media. I can connect all my social media accounts to it so that I can look at all of my stats in one place. I love Metricool and how it has been beneficial to the growth of my social network. With a constantly growing business and social media always changing, I am able to analyze and manage all of my social media.

I also love how affordable Metricool is. There are so many different content planners out there, but most of them are very expensive. I found Metricool, and it has everything that my business needs, for a very affordable price. I love that there is a website that I can use to plan and analyze my content no matter what platform it is on. It really has helped to make all the difference in my social media and make it more cohesive and strategic.


Why I recommend Metricool

I love Metricool and everything it has to offer. It has made managing my social media accounts and growing my social network so much easier. The content planner has made scheduling a breeze. I love how the Competitor Analyzer has helped me stay relevant. The Analytics feature has helped my engagement improve so much, and the Hashtag Tracker is a great way to help with that as well. I also love the Smartlinks feature and how that has made converting followers into customers so easy.

I know that you are going to love Metricool just as much as I do. It has everything that I need to easily manage and analyze all of my social media accounts. It takes so much stress away to be able to have all things social media in one place. I have seen so much growth in my social network, and I am so glad that I have Metricool to help me manage and maintain the growth. If you’re wondering how to get started with Metricool, click here

There’s never a better time to start efficiently managing your social media! Get started with Metricool today!

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