How to Get Ahead of the Marketing Game with a Long-Term Strategy

Is Instagram still the best place for you to grow your business? I’m sure you have noticed the shifts in Instagram over the last couple of years. And these changes have made it harder for creators to be seen organically. While I am still a huge advocate for Instagram, I wouldn’t let that be your main strategy for your business. Here’s how to get ahead of the marketing game with a long-term strategy.



When social platforms are first created, the creators’ original goal is to cater to the users so they can get more and more people on the app. Once the social platform becomes mainstream, the goal changes to selling products through ads. We’ve seen this time and time again with other social platforms. And that’s exactly what Instagram has been/is shifting towards right now. 

That’s why I talked about TikTok a little bit ago because it’s easier to have your content seen organically by potential customers right now. TikTok is growing its app like crazy and it’s still more user-friendly as the creators work toward making TikTok more mainstream. 

TikTok is just one example of why it’s good for influencers and creators to jump on social platforms early. If you’re on there early enough then you will have a solid foundation for your brand so when that first wave of ads and shifts happen, you’ll still be growing without having to pay for ads.

So, as social platforms keep changing, your business should keep adapting to those changes. That’s why I want you to have a strong social media strategy and make adjustments to it as needed. Having a strategy in place will make all the difference for your business. You can learn more about how to create a social media strategy for your business HERE

But, let’s jump into why you clicked on this post! Here’s everything you need to know about how to get ahead of the marketing game with a long-term strategy.


how to build a long-term strategy for small business owners.


How to Get Ahead of the Marketing Game with a Long-Term Strategy

One of the biggest benefits of a long-term strategy is the long-term reward. You can create a blog post or a YouTube video, for example, and make money from those for years and years without you having to do a single thing once it’s posted! Like many things in life, this amazing reward requires some hard work. 

If you’re new to this long-term strategy idea, there are two things you need to understand as you are building your business. The first is SEO becoming a more integral part of your business as you continue to grow and market it. The second is knowing that putting a long-term strategy in place requires a long-term commitment. The good news is that there are more help and resources out there to help you reach these goals now more than ever!


2 tips you need to know when setting up your long-term strategy for your business.


Long-Term Strategy Tip #1: SEO will become more and more a part of your business.

SEO (search engine optimization) is not just used in blog posts and YouTube videos anymore. It’s coming into our social media platforms too. So, as you’re creating content you always need to take the search engine into consideration A.K.A. use keywords that people search for in your content. Click HERE for a more detailed guide on how to include SEO in your Instagram content.

Outside of social media, there are three long-term search engines that we need to be utilizing as much as possible. These are YouTube, Pinterest, and Google. Focusing on these long-term search engines is a game-changer for your business! 

Take YouTube for example. I was not creating content for YouTube consistently until about two years ago. However, a couple of the videos I created at the beginning were about how to create reels (because that’s when they first came out) and now those videos have gotten almost tens of thousands of views. 

The point is, I am growing my business and making money today from a video I created two years ago without me having to do a single thing! (That would never happen on TikTok or Instagram!) That’s why a long-term strategy is so important because the reward lasts for years and years. And having that strategy in place is what helps you build a long-lasting business.

So, if I were starting my content strategy over, I would start with YouTube. I would create a YouTube video, take the transcript and turn it into a blog post (this hits Google and Pinterest), and take the audio from the video and turn it into a podcast. With this strategy, you are hitting every long-term search engine, and then some. Click HERE to learn more about how to repurpose your content and stretch it across multiple platforms.


everything you need to know about long-term content strategy.


Long-Term Strategy Tip #2: Setting up a long-term strategy is well worth the time and effort.

I’m not going to tell you creating content and spending time on your long-term strategy is quick and easy. Quite frankly, it is hard and requires a long-term commitment. In a recent chat I had with Kristin from Six Sisters, who is the YouTube expert of the bunch, said you have to commit to two years before you see any real reward. It will be at least six months before you see consistent traffic. 

With that being said, I totally get why influencers and creators spend the majority of their time on Instagram growing their businesses. It’s fast, easy, and gives instant gratification. And those are the same reasons why I love social media too. But I promise you, investing in a long-term strategy will be your answer when you are burnt out from showing up day in and day out on social media. You can make money while you sleep with long-form content–you can’t do that with Instagram or TikTok. 

I know just thinking about creating all of this content is overwhelming and you may not even know where to begin. So, if you are at all in a place to hire help, go for it. My agency could totally help you out. We take whatever piece of content you create and stretch it across all of the places that you need to be. The platforms include YouTube, blogging, Pinterest, email marketing, Instagram, and Facebook. 

We post on every platform because we don’t believe one platform will be the game-changer for your business. For instance, the people who view your Instagram content will not be the same people who watch your YouTube videos. Spreading out will help your people find you faster! If you’re interested in what we can do for you, click HERE to learn more about my agency.


how to set up a long-lasting strategy and business.


How to Get Ahead of the Marketing Game with a Long-Term Strategy

I hope this post is helpful for you! These tips are really how to get ahead of the marketing game with a long-term strategy. Going forward, I want you to think about how you can make your business a long-term success. Think about where you are willing to invest and where you are willing to show up. Deciding on these things will make all the difference. Making the decision to commit to your business and figuring out all the things that go with it along the way will be what gives you that wildly successful business you’re hoping for. 

If you are ready to get serious about your business, I’m here for you. I know I say that a lot, but I want you to remember I will always be your cheerleader and your business coach! If you haven’t joined Money Makers yet, we’ve still got room for you. It’s my business coaching group where you get access to all of my courses, and twice-a-month coaching sessions with me. Plus, you get to be a part of a group of fellow entrepreneurs who totally get it. 

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How to Get Ahead of the Marketing Game with a Long-Term Strategy

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