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How to make a business plan, how to decide where to spend time online for your business with

How to make a business plan

You are confused.  There is just SO much information and you are drowning with all of the knowledge and opinion on where to focus on when you are starting or growing your business.  Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Email list, Blog, Snap Chat.  On and on.  This can be completely frustrating because you can’t be everywhere all the time.  Don’t worry, I get it.  I’ve been there and I want to show you how to swim through all of these platforms to help you focus and stop wasting all of your time.

How to make a business plan, my business workflow, how to decide where to spend time online for your business with

Here’s the plan

  1. Give you a brief overview of all of the platforms.  What they are and how I use them
  2. Show you a function chart to show you where everything fits
  3. Help you make a plan for your business.

By the end of this blog post, my goal is to help you have a clear plan of action on where you should be focusing your attention and why.  (And can I tell you, it might be that you spend less time on social media, pretty cool, right?)

Platform Overview:

The Blog:

Having a blog is a must. It is the home base of your business.  A place to have all of your information on there and a way to turn followers into customers.  I use my blog to organically attract new readers through Pinterest and Google and to add value and content for my current audience.  All of the content I create is either pointing people to my free or paid products.  My free products because I want them to get on my email list or my paid content so that they can take my courses. (You can take my free branding course here.) Your blog is also a way that you can use affiliates to make money on what you are creating.  You can create a blog in 30 minutes or less by following this step-by-step guide to setting up a blog.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing is how I am able to maintain real followers because the email addresses I get from my followers are mine.  I don’t own my followers on social media.  So, if Facebook changes the rules or decides to ban me, then I’m done.  An email list also is THE best way to get in front of my audience because people are more likely to see and act on emails than on a social media post (there is a lot of data to prove this).

You have to work with an email service which is a program that collects and manages all of the emails that you collect.  I use Ontraport because it hosts everything for me!  (emails, sequences, automation, landing pages, password protected parts of my site, affiliate, really everything.  Convert Kit is also a great option if you need less functions.)

Social Media:

Social media is the way that I regularly share my personality online.  It is a quick way to stay in front of my audience and to create relationships and seek out collaborations.  The whole goal of my social media is to get people to my blog and email list.  I create content and offerings that my social media audience needs and wants and that drives them to my blog and freebies.


Pinterest is a search engine, just like Google or YouTube.  I know, you thought that it was just a wonderful place to collect all of your ideas, but no.  Pinterest is a place where customers go to research, learn and buy.  I create my content with Pinterest in mind so that my content can be used and seen over and over again and I’m constantly getting traffic to my new and old articles.

Function Chart:

How to make a business plan, how does everything work together in my business, how to decide where to spend time online for your business with


Social media, Pinterest, using SEO all should point to your blog and/or email list.  Once people are on your blog, they should find your products or be able to join your email list.  Once on your email list, they should be put on a series of emails that helps them make a good decision on whether they purchase your product.  If they choose no, then you continue to nurture them with your emails and blog posts so that when they are ready to buy, you are a trusted source.

How to make a business plan, where should I grow my business online with

Business Plan:

Now that you know the different types of platforms.  You get to decide which ones you will use to best reach your audience.  Ask the following questions:

How will people find my content? 

If you want them to find you through searching Google and Pinterest then you will need a blog that you keep current.  You can use your blog to create fresh content that will be seen by your audience.  (If you want help knowing how to set up a blog you can see this blog post for a step-by-step guide and if you have a blog and are ready to really understand how to use it for your business, I’ve got a course for you here.)

Where is my audience right now?

Are most of your audience on Instagram?  Great, then don’t spend much time on Twitter.  Choose the place that best fits your idea client.  You do not need to be on all of the social media platforms, just the ones that your people use.

How to make a business plan, do I really need a blog to grow my business a step-by-step walk through with www.IamMichelleGifford.comWhat do I already having going for me right now?

I always say, start where you are then take the next step.  What are you already doing great?  Start there and build what you already have, then choose the next platform to tackle.  In our Maskcara Beauty Girl business, we spent the first six months getting really good at blogging.  My biz partner blogged twice a week and now we are seeing great results.  And since we are seeing results and feel like we have really gotten that under control, we are planning to up our YouTube game.

Which platform will make the biggest impact?

When people first start their business, they tend to do the easiest thing first: social media.  This isn’t a bad thing, but a lot of time there is a too much time wasted building a platform that isn’t going to make you money.  I recommend making sure that you have your blog and email list set up because then you have a place to send your social media followers.  This might seem out of reach for you and that is why I created my blogging course.  It walks you through step-by-step in how you create a website and use your website to establish yourself as a business and create content that attracts idea customers.  You can get it over here. 


Hopefully the goal was achieved and you have a clearer picture of where you should be spending your time online.  Start where you are and then move toward where you can make the most impact.  You got this!  And if you want to discuss how this applies to your business, head on over to my Biz with Michelle Facebook group now. 


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