How to Save 10+ Hours Editing Video

Video content is where social media is headed, so if you want to stay current you’ve got to make video a key part of your content strategy. But video content has a huge downside–it takes hours upon hours to edit. It can be a real pain, especially when you’re first getting started. However, I’ve got the secret that will teach you how to save 10+ hours editing video per week! 



Descript is one of my absolute favorite products that I use for my business. I use it to record my podcast episodes and my YouTube videos. Descript has seriously changed my life because I used to spend way too many hours every week editing my podcast episodes and videos after they were recorded. I’d have to listen to the recording over and over again to take out filler words, pauses, mess-ups, etc. 

The editing process was just so awful and I hated how long it would take me to edit each recording. If you’re a business mom too then you don’t have time to waste. We have literally hundreds of other things we could be spending our time on, so how we spend our time is super precious. That’s why I love Descript. 

Descript is an editing software that is affordable AND super easy to use. And lucky for you, you can get started for FREE by clicking the link HERE. And keep reading, so you can get a quick tutorial on how to save 10+ hours editing video using Descript! 


how to save 10+ hours editing video per week.


How to Save 10+ Hours Editing Video 

Getting Started with Descript 

To get started, you will download Descript to your computer. Instead of going to the website every time, you will be able to have Descript available on your desktop, or wherever you store your apps. Once you sign in, you will click “New Project” to start your recording. 

A new page will appear where you can then title your project. There will be a list of options for you to choose from. You can either upload a video from another source or you can record directly in Descript. I usually record in Descript because that’s what works best for me. 

Once you click the record button you will have three options. You can choose between audio only (you may want to use this option if you’re recording for a podcast), camera (for a talking head video), or screen recording (when you’re wanting to do a tutorial type of video and your head will be in the bottom corner of it). 


the best video editing tool for influencers.


Descript Editing Tutorial

Seconds after you’ve made your video/audio recording on Descript, you’ll get a full transcription of it. Your transcript will act as a Word document that you can go through and edit. You can highlight the sentences/words you want to change and options will pop up. You’ll have the option to either correct the sentence, “overdub” it–which means to talk over that sentence with a new one–or to delete it altogether. 

And guess what is the coolest thing about editing this transcript? As you go through and edit this written version of your recording, it is editing your actual recording! So, no more having to repeatedly listen to chunks of your recording until it is just right. You can just edit it in the transcript and it will follow suit in the recording. This is such a big deal, right?! 

Another cool thing about Descript is that it has stock images and videos that you can use in your recordings. All of them are included in your subscription. And it’s literally a few clicks to get your stock video (or whatever you decide to use) inserted into your recordings. (You can check out my video at the top of this post to show you how easy this process is!) 

The most impressive tool on Descript is the one that takes out filler words of your recording with one click. It even has the capability to let you control how long of a pause there is between sentences/thoughts. For example, let’s say you don’t want any pauses longer than 3 seconds. You can set that up with one click and Descript will edit your entire recording for you to match that filter!


quick tutorial to show you how to save 10+ hours of editing video content per week.


How to Save 10+ Hours Editing Video

Are you just blown away by Descript? I was too! If you are wanting to start a podcast or make video content more regularly, Descript is the best place to start. And remember, I have a free trial for you HERE! So, make sure to check that out when you’re ready to begin. If you liked learning these tips on how to save 10+ hours editing video and want more advice, follow me on Instagram @iammichellegifford. I am constantly sharing the best tips and tricks you need to know to promote your brand online. Good luck, and I hope to chat with you soon! 

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How to Save 10+ Hours Editing Video

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