How to Take That Next Big Step in Your Biz

Are you at the point in your business where you are ready to take your biz to the next level? Maybe you feel like it’s time to go bigger or get more serious, but you aren’t exactly sure what the actual next step should be. Well, I know what it should be! Here is how to take that next big step in your biz. 



A couple of weeks ago I took my kids to the beach for spring break. We had been there a while, so we started to pack up our things when I saw my 13-year-old, Hudson, with his arm around my 9-year-old, Lark, walking in from the water together. 

I took their picture because they looked so sweet together! But as they got closer I realized something was wrong. Lark was screaming in pain saying she was going to die. She said she stepped on a stick and it hurt SO bad. 

I cleaned it off and put ice on it because that’s what you do when you get an injury, right? The pain wasn’t going away so we headed home. Lark screamed the entire car ride home–almost 2 hours. I gave her Ibuprofen before we left, but it didn’t help at all. I thought she got stung by a jellyfish, but I was confused why the pain wasn’t going away after so long. 

As soon as we got home, my brother-in-law said he didn’t think she stepped on a stick, but a stingray. So, I looked up how to treat it and it said to put her foot in hot water. As soon as she put her foot in the bowl of hot water I made her she had immediate relief and stopped screaming. Wow. That was all she needed to feel better.


how to take that next step in your business.


How to Take That Next Big Step in Your Biz

This was quite the experience for me and my daughter Lark. Afterward, I started thinking about how we’ve all been Lark at one time or another in our businesses. Maybe you’re in this place right now. That’s why I created my Money Maker’s Coaching Group.

Lark and I suffered for way too long after her injury because we didn’t know enough to make the right move sooner. And because no one stopped to help me, or knew how to help me, we all suffered way too long for it. But once we got the information we needed, the actual solution was pretty simple.

I want you to have the information and support you need to move forward in your business. You’ve done enough suffering on your own trying to grow your business. And while you’ve probably done an amazing job, you can have so much more success (and enjoy a lot more of it) if you join Money Makers!


money makers business coaching group.


How to Take That Next Big Step in Your Biz: 3 Things You Need

There are three things you need to take the next step in your biz. Those three things are courses (or education), coaching, and community. (You know how I love alliteration!) You can get all of these things in my Money Makers Coaching Group. Let’s take a closer look at each one and how they will accelerate your business growth. 


What You Need to Take Your Biz to the Next Level #1: Courses

Taking courses has been one of the most helpful things for me on my business journey. I’ve learned so much in a short amount of time (and far more than I would have on my own). Education is pretty amazing, but it can sometimes be pretty costly. That’s another reason why I created Money Makers.

If you join Money Makers, you get access to all of my courses which are worth thousands of dollars! But you would get access to all of them for the Money Maker price which is only $347 per year. I’ve tried really hard to make this affordable for new business owners because I know a lot of you are raising families while growing a business too. 

My courses will give you that jumpstart you need to take your business to the next level. And we haven’t even gotten to the coaching and community part yet that comes with Money Makers. Just imagine what you’ll be able to do with all three resources at your fingertips. Let’s keep going!


how to take your biz to the next level.


What You Need to Take Your Biz to the Next Level #2: Coaching 

With Money Makers, you get 2 monthly coaching calls with me. We do this as a group and I usually give a 10-15 minute training on something all of you are wanting. And then I take some time to answer some questions you all have submitted beforehand. We usually have breakout groups too, so you can report to your group and brainstorm things together that you’re facing in your business. 

So, think of my courses as teaching you WHAT to do and the coaching teaches you HOW to do it. It can be one the most discouraging things to not know what to do next. But joining Money Makers will help you stop running into those obstacles. I know it because I’ve seen it time and time again with the other entrepreneurs who have been in my coaching group before. I want this for you too!


What You Need to Take Your Biz to the Next Level #3: Community

Our community of Money Makers is really something special. You will have the opportunity to relate with so many other entrepreneurs who are in the thick of growing a business just like you. This is something I wish I had when I first started my business journey (15 years ago). I didn’t have anyone to talk to about what I was learning and I felt alone. 

But today there are so many more resources out there for you. You shouldn’t have to do business alone. I heard someone say recently that if you are the only one running your business then you are dreaming too small. You need to let people in and let them help you. And Money Makers is the perfect opportunity for you to try it out. 


how to take the next step for your biz.


How to Take That Next Big Step in Your Biz

I have seen my Money Makers Coaching Group completely transform businesses and their owners into ones that are built to last. It has been miraculous to watch. I am so grateful and humbled that I get to be a part of your business journeys and chat with you on a more personal level in my Money Makers group. 

So, what do you say? Now that you know how to take that next big step in your biz, are you ready to take it? We need you! There are women (and a few men) in this group who are ready to cheer you on. Are you ready to join us and make your business bigger than you ever imagined? Join Money Makers HERE.

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How to Take That Next Big Step in Your Biz

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